The declination of left media is inevitable


Posted on November 17, 2018 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The supermarket worries when the major numerous customer doesn’t want to come, a church reduced the followers, a Buddhist temple has no visitor that could cause the followers to dislike the monk or priest even the faith has not changed. The left media has been faced the disaster when the reader, the audience doesn’t want to read, buying the newspaper or watching the television after a long time to be cheated and misled the information. The phenomenon of the media companies merged, some for sale is due to the loss of profit, the employees sacked….that shows the golden time of the fake news is gone.


The numerous reader and audience decide the advertising that deeply affects the profit, it is the vital fact to remain a media’s company. The left media has to pay consequence after many decades cheated, lied, misled the public. The false polls, fake news, and fabricated story cause the loss of credit from the people. Nevertheless, the Death Certificate” Fake News” that President Donald Trump granted for the thug of communication, the enemy of people that aggravates the worst situation of the thug media. The mainstream loses the creditability that comes from the dishonesty of the left media companies and the left journalists, it is like the extremist hide into the mosques, Muslim communities, the terrorists attack that affects the true Muslim’s faith. China joined WTO, it causes the problem and mayhem of the global market.


The left media is the high level of terror, the left media has terrorized the people’s mind since the Vietnam War. The victims of left media’s terror are the Vietnamese people lost the freedom after the beloved comrade of left media is Vietcong occupied South Vietnam on April 30, 1975. Vietcong caused by million Vietnamese people died on the way to find the freedom, Vietcong concentrated more than 800,000 members of the South Vietnam army and public servant, the revenge policy killed more than 165,000. The allies fought in Vietnam war have been suffered the bad treatment of the people by the misleading public of the left media, the toxic propaganda of left media affects more than the nuclear’s radioactivity. On the other hand, the crime of left media is a form of genocide, therefore, the International Court has not recognized yet. The major left media companies share the responsibility of the victims in Vietnam War are CNN (Communist News Network), The New York Times, The Washington Post, CBS, and the others, in Australia has ABC (Australia Broadcasting Communist), Channel Seven…those media terror’s bases have never shown the remorse, even they continue to lie, cheat the public by the fake news and fabricated stories.


The newspaper reduced the printing copy and sacked the journalists, reporters plus the other employees, it signals the worst time ever of the left media. Nowadays, the left media dethroned the master’s position of news and the most central information, instead, everyone could access free on the internet with the multiple sources provide the news, it costs nothing. The left media couldn’t lie, distort and conceal the news when the internet kills the media cheat. Some left media’s companies have tried to survive by the entertainment, actually, the cooking shows, but the situation has not improved the difficulty.


The advertising declines that signals the worst time of the left media into the communication market. Nevertheless, the social media as Facebook takes more the people involved without payment. The finance is the key to remain the media company and the job for a journalist, but they couldn’t change the situation, even the major left media asks the reader pay few dollars a week if whoever wants to access, they have done the wrong business into the wrong time and the wrong customer. However, the left media has nothing to read, the trust lost, they must pay the consequence.


The poor articles published on the major media as The New York Times, The Washington Post and the others showing the left media ruined themselves. The articles have nothing to read, those are like short comments published on social media, so everyone could do the job of a journalist. Certainly, the left journalists lose the lie, cheat, the fake news and fabricated story, those are the key to write as a dishonest loses the target.


It is very hard to believe the famous media above published the comments replace the articles. The impact contributes more loss of reader, the left media couldn’t survive by that solution as a cancer patient could treat the deadly illness by the common cold tablet, the problem being contained inside the media company and the left journalists are the cause to lose the media business. The time by time continues to ruin the left media, the worst situation aggravates while the people reduce or stay away to access the left media. How could the left media survive during the hard time pursues?


The left journalists, reporters, columnists, and T. V host have the lying record, the fake news and fabricated stories published. Those faces lost the people’s sympathy and trust is zero. They contribute more loss of reader, audience, and also the advertising, it is the main problem contains inside the media companies. Initially, the media companies may avoid the disliked faces appear and trying to rebuild the credit, but it will take a long time.


The left journalists are the virus of media and the left media companies are the cancer of communication. The mainstream media needs to take out the virus and cure cancer as soon as possible. The concerned journalists need to protect the credit and restore the people’s trust, while the Committee to Protection Journalists (CPJ) established in 1981, so the COMMITTEE TO PROTECTION JOURNALISTS PRESTIGE (CPJP) need to found in the media disaster’s time. Its committee will save the media career and protect the honest journalist. The concerned journalists let’s unite to fight the thug infiltrated into the mainstream media./.







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