The country needs a potential politician than a professional lawyer


Posted on August 26, 2018 Hoa TruongPosted in Published Articles



The legal career trained a lawyer could stand with a plaintiff or defendant, it belongs to a case and legal fees. The lawyer has many levels, actually, the high level charges massive legal fees, so when a lawyer reaches to Q.C, high court, they make plenty of money. Every job and career have the honest and dishonest, actually, in the lawyer, the dishonest perform the career as the Robber with the paper knife.


However, some lawyers involve the politics, they become a politician in the political party, they should distort the career in the politics, so in the leadership spill or the bill introducing, the politicians have lawyer’s background could not trust, they could change the mind in a short time, even stabbing in back their leader and following a new leader for the individual interest. There is not of all lawyers distort the career in the legal services and in politics, but some lawyers in politics did something wrongs and damaged the country, society and the legal system.


In the US, lawyers Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama, Michelle Obama, James Comey, Robert Mueller…are the circumstances in the US’s politics. In Australia, lawyer Malcolm Turnbull became” Malcolm Turncoat” after the inappropriate coup 2015, he has the close lawyer Julie Bishop who was the key of the coup. Therefore, the coup shattered Liberals and its party lost the ground support of the Liberal loyal voters. Lawyers did the crisis in Australian politics in both main parties. Labor had lawyer Julia Gillard who did the coup to remove her close comrade Kevin Rudd in 2010 and in 2013, Kevin Rudd retook the top job after the power challenge.


Lawyer Julie Bishop is a senior politician of Liberals, she is the prominent face in Western Australia and also the federal government. Representative Julie Bishop did a good job until the coup 2015, she lost the people sympathy after stabbing at the back Prime Minister Tony Abbott, that helped she held Deputy leader of Malcolm Turnbull and Foreign Minister. In the US presidential election 2016, Julie Bishop officially endorsed Lawyer Hillary Clinton for a simple reason is a woman. Indeed, a concerned politician must keep the neutral attitude of the other countries, actually, the US is a long-term ally, the trade ties, security share and the related other national interests. Therefore, candidate Donald Trump elected and he became the US president after January 20, 2017.


Once again the leadership spill on August 24, 2018, Julie Bishop joined the contest, but she just had 11 votes including her lawyer colleague Malcolm Turnbull. Now, new Prime Minister Scott Morrison forms the new cabinet, the most frontbenchers supported Peter Dutton remained the portfolio, therefore, Julie Bishop is uncertain, she lost Deputy leader and also Foreign Minister. She is forced to give up the job on a twitter:” Today I advised the Prime Minister that I will be resigning from my Cabinet position as Minister for Foreign Affairs, It has been an honor.” (August 26, 2918). Julie Bishop aims to remain the backbench and she also likes to be the next Governor-General../.







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