The communist paradise in China becomes the aids paradise


Posted on October 2, 2018 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The socialism is the sibling of poverty, corruption, cruelty and now China’s mainland becomes the paradise of HIV/AIDS. Since Chairman Mao Ste Tung took over the mainland in 1949, China communist party established the Red dynasty and they always vow to build the socialism, nevertheless, China communist also prided to win over the capitalist, therefore, the socialism failed badly then China stole the economic management of the capitalist with the ugly pattern:” socialism is led by socialism”. The steal is the traditional character of China communist, even Karl Marx’s theory made in China to be re-named Maoist.


The communist paradise is like a quote of Boris Yeltsin:” Communist was just an idea, just pie in the sky”. In the reality, the communist paradise just deserves for the communist member, actually, the high profiles in the central communist party are the wealthy persons, they are millionaires and billionaires of the US dollar, the assets spread in the country and overseas. Therefore, the major population is poverty, the slave of the regime, nevertheless, the communist paradise is the hell of a free speech. The communist paradise is a farce of a demagogic policy, in the reality, the paradise contradicts with the situation in the mainland and it becomes the hell of an environment. The rapacious ambition plus the global hegemony hit back China as a saying” China’s sword stabs Chinese”. The so-called Chinese dream has not done yet but the mainland has been faced the disaster:

- The mainland has 50,000 rivers, there were within 2 decades, 28,000 rivers vanished that means the large basin area gone then it affected a hundred million people’s life. Nevertheless, there are more than 500 million Chinese people have no clean and drinking safe water, so the tourist and foreign worker to be influenced the health problem.


- The carelessly industrial development advocates the arms, space and economic race of China that cost more than 450 cancerous villages across the country. The numerous patient increase.


- The pollution in China raises the grave concern for the communist government, mostly, the people often wear the mask or” China Burqa” when they get out from home. Annually, the smog killed more than 1.6 million people, the industry, car and 350 million smokers plus the environment ill-concern of government.


China communist regime doesn’t care its people, so they destroyed the environment many countries in Africa, South America, Asia as Vietnam.


Nowadays, the socialism in China increases the people living with HIV/AIDS, the deadly disease comes from multiple reasons are such as transmission through the sex and blood. In 2017, the numerous HIV/AIDS patient was about 100,000 but in June 2018, the number is more than 820,000. In the reality, the number could be higher than the report. The HIV/AIDS has no discriminate everyone and it becomes the social problem, the virus’s enemy increases the attack into every Chinese people in the mainland. Nevertheless, the HIV’s army has threatened the citadel of socialism. The invisible thug appalls the communist government. Even the health sector is not safe, in 2015, state media warned a circumstance of a 5-year-old girl struck by HIV while the hospital carried out the blood transfusion during an operation for congenital heart disease.


The HIV doesn’t cause from the counter-revolutionary vestige and the capitalist brings in the mainland, actually, the HIV has never come from the regime of Chiang Kai Shek left over from 1949, but the deadly disease comes from the communist paradise. In the future, China will be listed in the HIV countries and Beijing will need the US billionaire Bill Gates helps.


China’s health system still traces behind the” capitalist” country, despite China communist considers the democratic countries are the main enemies but when a high profile deals with the serious illness, they often come to the most counter-revolutionary countries as the US for the” counter-revolutionary doctors” treat and save the life.


The HIV becomes the new enemy of China’s communist while China has been facing the economic problem, the environmental disaster, it aggravates the worst situation. The foreigners including the tourists have to consider carefully when they visit China, actually, the acupuncture has not guaranteed safe the other services could contract the HIV. Nevertheless, the food, vegetable and fruit export from China could carry the virus HIV, moreover, the China food is famous the poison and contamination.


The war fighting against the global economic terror comes from China causes the potential damages on the domestic economy, the currency Yuan lost the valuation and China has been struck by the Virus HIV. So Chinese people in the mainland could stay away from the domestic agricultural product, instead, they could find the US although the high prices after China government imposed the retaliatory tariffs on the US import that means Chinese people have to pay more. The virus HIV destroys China’s tariffs then Beijing would receive more damages, the Red evil has been attacked by the virus HIV./.







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