The carcass of left media could not revive


Posted on October 29, 2018 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The left media or the media terror hides into the mainstream as the extremists being inlaid the Muslim and China has carried out the silent invasion under multiple forms into the counterparts, actually, the label of trade ties, free trade agreement become the implement for the Den of thieves and the hub of counterfeit invaded and using the economy with finance to transform a country to be an unofficial vassal. The global hegemony is the China communist.


Every global thug applies the flexible tactic to the target, so in the Western, the left media couldn’t apply fully the propaganda as a communist country, the tactics could cheat the innocent people and also the public:

- The fake news: it is the key career of the left media, the professional fake news’s journalist causes the social complication and the misleading public


- The fabricated story: the left media also the fabricated story’s technician, they could make any story is the order of someone commands in the shadow.


- The news publishes haft and apart, but the main theme concealed: it is the cunning tactic to cheat the public.


- Mixing between the true and false: it is the job of left media into the propaganda.


- Creating the false poll to rig the election and political purpose as using the cheat poll to activate the public.


The left media tactics could conclude in the formula: 3F=3FRAUDS=False poll+Fake news+Fabricate story.


In Vietnam, the famous physician, academic and scholar Lê Hữu Trác or nickname Hải Thượng Lãn Ông born on December 11, 1720, and died in 1791, he advised the reader:” finding the good in a book is helpful, but finding the negative that is the best”. The most left media couldn’t trust, because the thug of people and media is malice, it is better, do not read the left media to avoid the misleading and keeping the mind transparently. The left media gathered the biased journalists, the localism limits the brilliant idea and the objective stance. It is the media disaster in the Western when the media’s implement hold in the hand of the big mouth journalists but small mind.


    Nowadays, the left media tactics killed by high technologic communication, the internet has too many sources could help everyone accesses free. The lie and misleading are no longer to exist. The left media has lost the credibility since the Vietnam war and after the US presidential election 2016, the cheat polls badly failed, so some media companies placed for sale, it tells the golden time of fake news is gone.


President Donald Trump has launched the war against the left media terror, the DEATH CERTIFICATE granted the” fake news and fabricated story” to the left media companies plus the journalists without a brain, the reporters have no heart, the columnist without conscience, the T.V hosts have no mind.


The carcass has never revived, actually, after the dead body buried in the cemetery then the dead person has the last document is the death certificate. The left media companies and the left journalists, reporters, columnists, T.V hosts couldn’t restore the creditability from the public after the lied, cheated, misled the public many times. The cheat pollsters couldn’t trust and the left media companies have been boycotting by the readers, audience. Their faces are no longer interest, certainly, no one respects a liar to be recognized. It is the disaster time for the left media.


The fake news’s title has never removed in the people heart, it is the consequence that the left media must pay. They are the media carcasses and couldn’t revive, except the left media companies place for sale, change the owner or shut down is due to lose the profit. If the government media as ABC in Australia, the left staffs have to go and the new staffs will restore the people trust, but it will take a long time. The left journalists, reporters, columnists, and T. V hosts have no creditability, they are the cause of more damages if still doing the media career. So the media companies and the mainstream media need to expel the media carcasses as soon as possible if they want to restore the prestige.


The declination of left media could recognize on the famous media companies like The New York Times, The Washington Post…the online news published the articles are short as the comments on  Facebook, so the people have nothing to read./.







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