The Black House confronts White House


Posted on September 17, 2018 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The US people vote for President who manages the White House in 4 years term and limited the second term. The US history is rare a president had the third term as President Franklin Roosevelt, that was due to the especially national situation. Therefore, the first black President Barrack Obama does love the job that has too many privileges as vacation paid by the US taxpayers, he and family have never forgotten the luxury trips, the US taxpayers spent more than $USD 100 million for his family’s enjoyment, but, the golden time is gone. Despite, 2016 was the last year of the second term, therefore, President Barrack Obama attempted to have the third term, but he failed because the violence of anti-Trump and Black Live Matter didn’t have enough the national emergency’s requirement.


In the US history, Mr. Barrack Obama is the worst president, he made America nearly bankrupted, the social divided, the gender war separated the natural couple and a homosexual couple, the racial war dug up the civil war, the nation shattered. But he succeeded the Karl Marx’s theory to brainwash the US people in 8 years and used the Supreme Court to impose the same-sex-marriage legislation into 50 states, he destroyed the US army by the homosexual permission and created the toilet for transgender. Nevertheless, President Barrack Obama made Islamic State strong again, he used the taxpayers to fight the terror, therefore, he created an opportunity for Islamic State founded after withdrew the troop from Iraq as Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden wanted to, he also used the US taxpayers to pay $USD 400 million the ransom for terrorist, it was a form of finance for terrorist. Do not trust anything Obama talks, let watch he did.


Former President Barrack Obama is famous rhetoric, big mouth, but he did nothing to serve for the country, so after leaving the office on January 20, 2017, the US people don’t want to see his face appears in the public with the bullshit speech as the kid licks ice cream. Therefore, former President Barrack Obama has not given up yet the ambition, he intends to challenge President Donald Trump is the election of 2020, he has no shame and snubs the US people and the world about President Donald Trump did the great achievements those come from Barrack Obama’s legacy. The tongue of Barrack Obama should be made of plastic and his mind and brain meet the Karl Marx confirmed the communist ancestor in the book” Historical Materialism”. Mostly, the human being recognizes the wrong and right, but Obama doesn’t, he promotes himself to have the license to lie, the shameless patent and the rights to cheat.


Former President Barrack Obama has no sign to step back the politics, he earns the pension for life, still gets the secret agent’s protection and the US taxpayers funded his office where is like the Black House of the shadow government, although the US people don’t know the members in cabinet, therefore, the high profiles are such as Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, Valerie Jarrett (former top adviser), the left media stand alongside with the Black House into the psychological warfare with the fake news and fabricated story.


President Bill Clinton pardoned 456 felons in 8 years, on January 20, 2001, before leaving the office, Bill Clinton set free for 140 serious criminals. As the same manner, President Barrack Obama pardoned 1,700 felons in 8 years including the final week, he signed the released order 330. The felons and the related persons are grateful Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama, so they support the Black House. The loyal supporters could do anything as the rescuer requires.


The forces of Black House could have the Liberty, the Democratic attorney an lawyers, the left academics as some Professors, Doctors, Psychiatrists, lawyers of Harvard and Yale University…the Democrats back Black House, they have the members on Capitol Hill in Congress and Senate. The left wealthy persons and Hollywood leftists are the financial sources of Black House. Actually, the illegal migrant plus the Extremist as Hezbollah endorse the Black House. Nevertheless, Mr. Robert Mueller is the actual hand to terrorize the White House and commander in chief Donald Trump.


The US people have never elected the President of the shadow government, the Constitution has no consent from the Black House or any form of a Shadow government, so any underground government is illegal. Therefore, the Black House gathered the deposed Democrats, they oppose White House of President Donald Trump. The function of Blach House versus White House as the enemy, the hostility of Black House exposes into every policy of the White House, actually, the mid-term Congressional election will be held on November 6, 2018, former President Barrack Obama who considers as the commander in cheat of the Black House, he joins the campaign of Democrats


The most activity of Black House is secret, therefore, former Secretary of State is John Kerry is like the shadow Secretary of State, he illegal met with Iran, but White House scrapped the nuclear deal. Mr. John Kerry undermined the US government into the Paris Agreement, the hoax climate change.


The Black House is a form of illegal organization or underground government, it gathered the losers, they always oppose and undermine the national security, border protection, the national interest, the economic growth and the peace that President Donald Trump who represents the White House to ease the tension in Korea peninsula after the Korea war ended in 1953.


The Black House doesn’t want White House fights against the global economic terror comes from China, they want comrade China colonizes the US and transforming to the economic vassal of China. The FBI, National Security agencies may eye on the Black House, they oppose the national interest. Nevertheless, the office of Barrack Obama paid by the US taxpayers but they fight against the US interest and attack the White House for every policy.


President Donald Trump revoked the clearance to the high profiles of Barrack Obama are former director FBI James Comey, former CIA boss John Brennan, former National Security Agency James Clapper, former Obama administration National Security Adviser Susan Rice, former National Security Agency Director Michael Hayden, former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates…they should link to the Black House of former President Barrack Obama.


The US people warn the Black House of former President Barrack Obama, they operate against the country and the national interest. The Congress may overhaul the funding for Obama’s office../.







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