The Australian Government used the China spyware


Posted on September 13, 2018 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



Annually, the Australian government spent more than a hundred million dollars on cybersecurity. The most suspicious culprit comes from China, actually, Huawei is the giant telecommunication company owned by the People Liberation’s Army where the den of a hacker. Nevertheless, the China-owned company ZTE provide the technology and communication equipment is the national security concern. Huawei and ZTE operated in Australia soil at least 15 years, China communist has enough the time to array the cyber spy network and the national security being risked.


The innocent national leaders in Australia ignored the danger of China, actually the espionage network. Nevertheless, China could access the information from Australia and links to the US intelligence. So China is keen to activate the telecommunication companies in Australia. The intelligence of US could leak from the ally Australia when China involved and deployed the equipment provided the Australian government.


China has exploited the trade ties, free trade agreement, the wonderful relationship between Australia and China communist thrived when Australia being boomed the mining industry, so Australia deeply tied with China’s economy, even the Reserve Bank of Australia didn’t hesitate to sign the currency swap with People’s Bank of China in 2012, it is worth $AUD 40 billion or equal with 200 billion Yuan. When Yuan lost valuation, Australia dollar plunged. Therefore, Mr. Philip Lowe, governor Reserve Bank of Australia dodged the critical mistake made from many decades, he slammed the Australia currency lost by the US imposed the new tariffs on China product. Nevertheless, the Australian government used the most common products made in a China:


- NBN or National Broadband Network that becomes the National Broken Network. It is the brilliant idea of Labor Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, he speaks well Mandarin and has the son in law is Chinese. Sydney Morning Herald published an article by Richard Baker and Nick McKenzie on November 5, 2016, title:” Revealed: China’s Communist Party link to NBN”. The opening wrote:” More than 1 million Australian homes and businesses have been connected to the National Broadband Network by components made in a Shanghai factory controlled by China’s Communist Party”. Nevertheless, NBN makes a profit for China from the Australian’s taxpayer and the national security risks.


- It is also NBN’s national disaster, the rollout’s period has carried out under Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, the people recognize Malcolm Turnbull has the left stance, he has Liberals skin but Labor’s organ. It is like Kevin Rudd, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has the daughter in law comes from China’s hardcore communist party. The most telecommunication companies in Australia used the Router made in China. Moreover, the life of Australian people being risked when the Router disabled, the emergency calls as Ambulance, fire, police couldn’t access. Why did Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull ignore the life of people?


- The Defense Force used DIJ Drones made by China. After the military drill carried out between Australia and the US army, Australia resumed the drones of China. The drill occurred under Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s rule.


The national security alerts when the Australian government used the security camera made in China. Therefore, the camera made by China has used a long time, actually the important firms as Defense, Intelligence, parliament…The camera’s system made by China raises the serious concern for security. However, the government must spend the budget to replace while the country being faced the debt is up a trillion dollars. The critical mistake or the collaboration with China occurred under the previous prime ministers, now the consequence could be inevitable. Nowadays, Australia has being swan into the quagmire of China’s influence. The economy, currency, defense, and the national security has been threatened. How could the government fix the problem made for many decades…


The Australian government used the telecommunication and security equipment made by China, the national security being risked. China made the profit and also arraying the spyware into government, it is a better way to stay out any product made by China. The circumstance of Australia warns the other governments using the telecommunication and equipment provided by China./.






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