The Media Terror is the highest level of terrorism


Posted on September 1, 2018 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The extremist hides into Muslim to appall the people by the terror, mostly, the suicide bomb, stabbing, car ramming into the crowd. The terror raises the bloodshed, damaged the materials. The last purpose aims to control the people and establish the Muslim empire with Sharia law and the other Islamic practices, moreover, the extremist wants the Muslim is the only religion on the planet.


The economic terror aims to use the economy and finance to corner the world, actually, the Western. China is the perpetrator of the global economic terror, they have attacked the world for more than a half-century. The last purpose colonizes the world or economic vassal.


However, the media terror is the highest terrorism, the media terrorist strikes the people’s mind and using the mind to act as the terrorist wants to. It is like the bacterium Neisseria Mininqutidis or termed Meningococcus infiltrates the human brain, it could kill the patient quickly or if survival, normally, the amputation should be. The mind terror couldn’t expose in the scene, but it is dangerous than the other terror forms.


The media terror attacks the people mind by the psychological warfare, its terror’s form applies on the fake news and fabricated story. The media terrorists are the left journalists, the left reporters, the left columnists, the left T.V hosts and their bases are the left media companies. Obviously, the media terrorism transforms the lies to truth, black to white and the wrong turn right. When the public mind to be tamed and the mind is controlled by the fake information, the victims act as the robot and become the implements of the left media.


The left media terrorists succeeded in Vietnam war, the innocent people in Western blindly supported terrorist Vietcong, their mind to be commanded by the left media and the anti-war movement developed the propaganda for action, sometimes rioted. So the terrorist Vietcong expected as the patriotic organization, the genocide (Ho Chi Minh killed 1,700,000 people), rapist and famous pedophile Ho Chi Minh to be adored as the icon. Nowadays, the left media terror still affects, so in the UK, the town of Newhaven, Mimasaka city in Japan and a dozen places honored Ho Chi Minh’s statue. On the other hand, the media left terror has left the consequence in long-term.


The left media terror has applied the mind terrorism into the democratic country, the media terrorists use the newspapers, online news, radio, television to attack the people mind. In the most election, the media terrorists activate to conduct the people vote for a party or a politician. The democracy has been terrorized for a long time, it is the worst situation in the Western countries. The left media terrorists are the kingmaker, they control the government through propaganda, so when President Donald Trump unmasked the fake news, the left media terrorists react as the virus has struck by antibiotic medicine. The left media terrorists violate the election, the propaganda promotes the political party, a candidate that is a form of the rigged election. Nevertheless, the false poll is the cunning tactic of the left media terrorists into the psychological warfare.


The media terrorists hide in the mainstream media, they exploit the free speech and media career to terrorize the people mind and using the people mind to serve their purpose. The extremist terror and economic terror could use the force or tariffs to fight, but the media terror appears everywhere, the terrorists cover under the marks of journalist, reporter, columnist and the media companies. They act as extremist, mostly the media terrorist snoop and snipe the targets. The sharp weapons are fake news and fabricated story plus the truth concealed or half true-half. The media terror could stop when the people boycott that causes the loss of advertising, the declined profit could ruin the media terror and mainstream will restore the prestige./.







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