Robert Mueller made by Democrats and backed China


Posted on November 30, 2018 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



So-Called Russia meddled the US presidential election in 2016, it is the cunning conspiracy of the Donkey’s Head Party and the offshore enemies as China, extremist. The fabricated dossiers wrote by a former British intelligence agent Christopher Steele, Hillary Clinton hired and Democrats used the henchmen as James Comey, Robert Mueller transformed the fake to real.


Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein helped his lawyer colleague Robert Mueller to set up the Special Counsel to abuse and terrorize the US President with the multiple purposes of Special Counsel are the presidential impeachment, stop or scrap the war fighting against the global economic terror comes from China, stop the investigation on Hillary Clinton, ease the war against the terror, reduce the damage of the war fighting against the left media with the fake news and fabricated stories…Mr. Robert Mueller also received the strong support of the left media into the propaganda into the psychological warfare.


The taxpayers wasted more than $USD 20 million for the malicious conspiracy of Democrats and the offshore enemies. Democrats have used the US taxpayers to terrorize America and the national interest. Nevertheless, a former FBI boss Robert Mueller wants to make the profit and Democrats plus the offshore thugs want to reduce the potential damages, so President Donald Trump and White House’s administration are the targets.


The actual henchman Robert Mueller has tried anyway to keep a good job and good payment, so he has found the clues as a whore at Thailand, a coffee boy in campaign George Papadopoulos…actually, the targets of Mr. Robert Mueller are the persons worked with Donald Trump in the presidential campaign and business as Paul Manafort, nevertheless, the longtime lawyer Michael Cohen could help Mr. Robert Mueller remains the job as long as he can.


On November 30, 2018, lawyer Michael Cohen confirmed to lie with the Congress about he did the business real estate deal in Russia. It is a farce because the business and election are different, actually, billionaire Donald Trump is the businessman. Therefore, the horse face man Robert Mueller applies the communist rule in the investigation. As the manner applies in the communist government recruits the public servant, security public guard, police force based on three family generations, even in the education, the rule” family history wins over the talent”. The so-called counter-revolutionary family finds very hard to get the government job when the regime reviews the three generations.


The incident lawyer Michael Cohen helps his lawyer Robert Mueller lingers the job and it also carries out the secret deal with some shadow enemies of the US, China communist should involve. According to the Wall Street Journal, President Donald Trump described the circumstance of the fixer Michael Cohen is as” a BULL IN A CHINA SHOP”. In the Business Insider wrote:” However, it appeared that Trump did not want his personal attorney to join him in the Oval Office. Trump had decided that bringing the 51-year-old Cohen to the White House would be too much of a risk. Trump has privately described Cohen as a “bull in a China shop” because he sometimes breaks more china when asked to handle an issue for Trump.”. Actually, President Donald Trump didn’t trust lawyer Michael Cohen since he worked with Trump Tower.


After lawyer Micheal Cohen works for someone else, including the enemies of United States of America. The Special Counsel of Mr. horse face man Robert Mueller would do nothing to find any dossier releases from Russia Vladimir Putin and Kremlin to intervene the US election in 2016. Indeed, Mr. Robert Mueller must know well about the fake document made by Christopher Steele and Hillary paid. The document of Putin and Kremlin are the keys to conclude, unfortunately, Mr. Robert Mueller just get lawyer Michael Cohen who worked for Donald Trump in the business but he didn’t serve in White House after the election’s outcome. President Donald Trump said about lawyer Michael Cohen:” he’s a weak person” and” even if he was right, it doesn’t matter, I was running my business, I wasn’t trying to hide anything”.


The lawyer career allows standing alongside with a plaintiff or a defendant, even a client is the serious felon, but the defendant’s lawyer always advises plead not guilty. The honest lawyer protects the justice, instead, the dishonest lawyer works for the pocket and the other purposes, the dishonest lawyer is like the robber with the paper knife.


Lawyer, Michael Cohen could have two faces in his career, he was an attorney for President Donald Trump in the business and also he should earn the profit or privileges from somewhere else, even the enemy of his former boss Donald Trump or the offshore thugs.


The left media develop the” good news” to remain the taxpayer worm of the horse face man Robert Mueller. They feel gloating when lawyer Michael Cohen has done the job of a professional lawyer who has two faces, the left media terrorize the mind of the people by propaganda the news about” Donald Trump getting trouble” after Michael Cohen distorted the career and turning the face to stab in back President Donald Trump and Mr. horse face man Robert Mueller grabs a rotten float to save his job. However, after the midterm election 2018, Ms. Nancy Pelosi retains the Democratic leader in the House of Representatives, she confirmed the Democrats shouldn’t impeach President Donald Trump by the politics. What will Mr. Robert Mueller do the next step? Therefore, the new Attorney General Matthew Whittaker could disband the Special Counsel anytime and the Justice Department should investigate more than $USD 20 million spending of Mr. Robert Mueller, it is the real trouble as the saying:” sow the wind and reap the whirlwind”.


Whatever, former lawyer of billionaire Donald Trump could distort the career to make a profit. Unfortunately, lawyer Micheal Cohen provided the unnecessary clue to impeach President Donald Trump, actually, Mr. Robert Mueller couldn’t conclude the most cheat investigation in the US history because Donald Trump’s business didn’t relate the presidential election in 2016. The testimony of lawyer Michael Cohen is like a person who considers the sheep and goat are the same kinds, the fresh water, and brine are the same stuff.


However, the Special Counsel has used the taxpayers to terrorize the national interest, Mr. Robert Mueller snipes the US commander in Chief Donald Trump who serves the country without a salary and makes America great again while Mr. Robert Mueller aims to help Democrats and the offshore enemies to topple a man who serves the country with the patriotic heart.


The incidents Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, James Comey, Michael Cohen…should made by Democrats and backed by China, actually, the Donkey’s Head Party is the main base to launch the terrorization attack the national interest and the US people./.







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