Robert Mueller makes America wasted money again


Posted on September 11, 2018 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



Former director FBI Robert Mueller is in charge the investigation Russia meddled the US election in 2016. Nowadays, his Special Council spent up to $USD 20 million with nothing and has never concluded. It is just the office of Special Council spent $USD 7.7 million, what did they use the taxpayers for?. The investigation based on the fake dossiers created by a former British Intelligence agent Christopher Steele and Hillary Clinton paid.


Mr. Robert Mueller has to know the investigation conflicts against the FBI’s career and cheating the legal system with the Justice Department. Despite the deceived investigation abuses White House and terrorizes the national interest, but Special Council has tried to attempt the evidence to remain the taxpayer’s worm. Mostly, the target aims to the former campaigners of President Donald Trump. Among the hopeful witness, there are a coffee boy names George Papadopoulos, he is a rant, but boasting the needed information about Russia that responds to the investigation of Mr. Robert Mueller and Democrats. A coffee boy George Papadopoulos lied about his relationship with an European professor links to the Russian government. Therefore, his position couldn’t promote a frog to dinosaur if he didn’t have some high profiles, the left media, actually, Mr. long face man Robert Mueller involves. The cunning conspiracy couldn’t interest the public because the presidential election occurred under Barrack Obama’s rule, so the bosses of intelligence are such as James Comey, John Brennan, and James Clapper found nothing Russia interfered the election. How could a coffee boy hold the most important information? On the other hand, Democrats and the henchman as Robert Mueller are not smart enough to play a cheat game.


The former coffee boy in Donald Trump campaign is George Papadopoulos met the former Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer at a wine room in London. The reputation of Alexander Downer helped Robert Mueller accesses the investigation and the left media as The New York Times involved, actually, they believe Mr.George Papadopoulos is the rescued float for Special Council and Democrats.


After the incident, the name of coffee boy George Papadopoulos becomes well-known in the world, nevertheless, former Foreign Minister Alexander Downer to be used for the malicious conspiracy, but he was happy to appear on the left media. What is going on?.


FBI testified and investigated, eventually, FBI found out Mr. George Papadopoulos lied, despite after the US court sentenced a rant 14 days in prison, fined $USD 9,500 and 200 hours for community services.


However, the left media misled the public, they promoted a coffee boy in Donald Trump’s campaign George Papadopoulos is” Donal Trump’s campaign adviser”. Indeed, Special Council, Mr. Robert Mueller, and Democrats have lost the fake witness, Mr. George Papadopoulos provided the bullshit fake news that killed the Democratic hope and Robert Mueller. President Donald Trump twittered:” 14 days for $28 million-$2 million a day. No collusion. A great day for America”.


President Donald Trump makes America great again, he created the job, save the taxpayers and paid the deep debt of Barrack Obama left over after ended the second term” yes we can make the deep debt and destroy the US”. Therefore, Mr. Robert Mueller does nothing for the country, instead, he terrorizes White House, national interest and attacks the potential commander in chief. Where is Mr. Robert Mueller stand for?. Actually, Mr. Robert Mueller makes America wasted money again, it is 14 days in the prison of a rant, but Mr. George Papadopoulos is the key witness of the cheat investigation, the US taxpayers wasted $USD 28 million. Nevertheless, the left media couldn’t lie and overturn the case of George Papadopoulos strayed from a coffee boy to Donald Trump’s campaign adviser./.








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