Robert Mueller is the most cheater in the legal history


Posted on September 17, 2018 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The Special Counsel’s main investigation aims to Russia meddled the US presidential election, but it unmasked the deception of Democrats that trashed, the investigation based on the created dossiers, without a clue and never concluded that becomes the most cheat in the US legal history. Former FBI director Robert Mueller takes the job as the vanguard of Democrats to strike the White House and terrorize the government by the legal system. The bullshit investigation wasted the US taxpayers more than $USD 20 million, therefore, Democrats need Robert Mueller abuses the White House and President Donald Trump while the mid-term Congressional election is campaigning. Nevertheless, Mr. Robert Mueller also lingers more time for his profit. Democrats and Robert Mueller have the same purpose, so the Special Counsel still remains to take a cheating investigation under the endorsement of Democrats in the Congress and Senate.


The most vital witnesses failed, the coffee boy George Papadopoulos to be upgraded the Trump’s campaign adviser has jailed 14 days, fined $USD 9,500 and 200 hours served in the community. The investigation of Robert Mueller on” a coffee boy’s rant George Papadopoulos that wasted $USD 28 million. Pornstar Stormy Daniels declined the false accusation. Recently, Paul Manafort was Trump’s manager in the campaign, he held this job for just 2 months (from June 2016 to August 2016) becomes the hottest witness of Robert Mueller.


The global media, including in the US propagated the” good news” for Special Counsel after Mr. Paul Manafort agreed to co-operate with Mr. Robert Mueller. Actually, Mr. Paul Manafort pleads guilty, but what for?. As the cheat tradition of the left media, they concealed the content of the investigation, it doesn’t relate Russia meddled the US election in 2016.


When the news of Paul Manifort agreed to collaborate with Mr. Robert Mueller has released, the Liberal celebrate the time to impeach President Donald Trump will come, the innocent people and public puzzle. However, in the reality, Mr. Paul Manafort just pleads guilty with Special Counsel about the personal issues on the tax evasion, the properties forfeit. But the investigation doesn’t relate Russia interfered the US election.


Once again, the US taxpayers wasted. The Special Counsel misuses and distorts the career, instead, the police, and FBI authority to investigate the personal issues, not Special Counsel. The US audit, the Justice Department and Congress may top the spending of Paul Manafort’s investigation and require Mr. Robert Mueller refunds the cheat investigation./.







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