Robert Mueller is the legal terrorist attack the US


Posted on December 12, 2018 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



After the US presidential election 2016, the losers planned to revenge by the cunning conspiracy. The Donkey’s Head Party and the undercover of Democratic activist Deputy Attorney General Rod Jay Rosenstein fell in love, the political love’s story is like Evil in love with Satan, the political intercourse colluded between Democrats and the Deputy Attorney General of Justice Department born the legal monstrosity is Special Counsel with the former FBI director Robert Mueller. Its firm has used the US taxpayers to terrorize the US interest, actually, the legal terrorist Robert Mueller currently has used the paper weapon to attack the US commander in chief Donald Trump. The impact is like President Barrack Obama, he often raised the mouthful speech fighting the terror, indeed, he created an opportunity for Islamic State founder after withdrew the US troop from Iraq as Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden wanted to and Obama also fueled the money of the US taxpayers for terrorist carried out under the label of a hostage exchange.


The lawyer line couldn’t avoid the dishonest lawyers, the profit lovers and the distorting career of legal practitioners are like the robbers with the paper knife. Mostly, when the dishonest lawyers hold the top job in government or any important positions, it is the national disaster.


The successful lawyer in the politics in the US are such as Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama, Michelle Obama, James Comey, Loretta Lynch…and in Australia has lawyer Malcolm Turnbull, lawyer Julia Gillard, lawyer Julie Bishop, lawyer Julie Banks distorted the career of lawyer into the politics, the legal practice applies to the wrong place that is the national disaster.


Actually, lawyer Robert Mueller has been promoted by himself and the left media has propagated as the most powerful official in the United States of America. He often brags to impeach President Donald Trump for every time he grabs a witness, nevertheless, the persons worked for Donald Trump’s campaign is Paul Manafort, including a coffee-boy George Papadopoulos, the former lawyer Michael Cohen, a whore in Thailand…actually, pornstar Stormy Daniels represents the bad people in society, she exploited the presidential campaign to extort candidate Donald Trump. The patriotic heart of a man who wants to make America great again while the US has been shattered after 8 years of Barrack Obama, so billionaire Donald Trump sacrificed his money to pay for Stormy Daniels to avoid the attack of Democrats, it is his own money while the Congress paid $USD 17 million for the victims of sexual harassment, it is the taxpayer, according to Thebradfordfile twittered:

“ Is Congress going to release the names of everyone in Congress who has been implicated in a sexual harassment claim which was kept silent by a taxpayer-funded shush fund–before or after they try to impeach President Trump for using his own money for something perfectly legal?”


However, after Mr. Donald Trump getting the office, once again, pornstar Stormy Daniels exposes the dishonest character of the dregs in society, she colludes with Democrats to smear President Donald Trump, she aims to help Democrats to impeach President Donald Trump by the sexual scandal as Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, her lawyer Michael Avenatti bragged to run the US president in 2020, he believed the case of Stormy Daniels could destroy Donald Trump. Therefore, two circumstances are different, Bill Clinton’s scandal occurred while he was holding the US presidency, but Donald Trump happened before he sworn in White House. When a man visits a brothel and paid a whore, therefore, a dishonest whore extorts the money, she leaks the sexual story to someone including the wife of this person. It is the circumstance of President Donald Trump, however, the left media praise Stormy Daniels, she appeared on CNN and recently, on December 9, 2018, Stormy Daniels has interviewed on Channel Nine in Australia. The long face woman Pornstar Stormy Daniels represents Buddhism’s faith, the evil has the buffalo head and the horse face.


The people feel so sick, even vomit and say” bullshit” for every time Mr. Robert Mueller promises the investigation on Russia meddled the US election is closer to conclude, but he also promised the investigation will end before 2020. It is the worst cheat as a kid defecates the shit, he thinks the public all are stupid, so Robert Mueller snubs the people. Moreover, Mr. Robert Mueller exposes the professional lawyer, he could stand alongside with a plaintiff or a defendant, so he has the habit of talking and doing are different.


In reality, the Special Counsel belongs to the Justice Department, Deputy Rod Jay Rosenstein pointed his lawyer colleague Robert Mueller to set the Special Counsel, the legal firm is like an appendix of the Justice Department, certainly, it could be cut off anytime, actually when the appendix infected.


Whoever boasts the absolute power of Mr. Robert Mueller in the US, they are the illiterate law and Constitution including the left media. The Special Counsel is just an investigating body, Mr. Robert Mueller’s role is a prosecutor, he has no authority to sentence, it is the function of the judge in a court. Nevertheless, the presidential impeachment belongs to the Congress and Senate, the condition strictly requires, it is not the function of Robert Mueller. The impeachment is rare in the US history, there was President Richard Nixon resigned after the Watergate scandal and Bill Clinton in Monica Lewinsky’s trials, but he stayed White House until the second term expired. The United States shall remove president and Vice-president from the office if they convicted of treason, bribery. The hard evidence and the legal argument will take the time. Mr. Robert Mueeller is just like a frog in the US legal system but the left media and Democrats bubbled the dinosaur.


The other investigating body is FBI carries out the investigation and handles over the case to the court. FBI has no authority to sentence anyone. In the US presidential election 2016, FBI director James Comey denied indicting Hillary Clinton about the emails. If he did the right thing, Hillary Clinton would appear at a court and the judge decides her fate. Mr. Robert Mueller was the former FBI boss, he must know well the FBI and the job of Special Counsel.


Recently, Mr. Robert Mueller has faced the panic after the judicial circle is coming closer the Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama, actually, NSA’s whistle blower revealed all the deleted emails of Hillary Clinton restored. The physical reaction is like all kinds of insect struck by the pesticide that causes Robert Mueller rushes to grab the former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and former lawyer Michael Cohen. Once again, as the manner, Mr. Robert Mueller and the left media raise the mouthful news about the impeachment’s president Donald Trump is coming, some left media companies lie, they confirm the impeachment will come a week or the months, but the people want to know when?


The Special Counsel is the most legal cheat in the US history, it cost the taxpayers is up to $USD 30 million, the conclusion has never made. The investigation is just the cunning conspiracy of Democrats. The untold function of Robert Mueller is like the legal terrorist, he currently terrorizes White House, the US interest and President Donald Trump by the legal weapon.


Democrats and henchman Robert Mueller understand the presidential impeachment is impossible, but they currently create the problem to President Donald Trump to prevent the border protection, the national security and the war fighting against the global economic terror of China. Mr. Robert Mueller is a form of legal terrorist, he commits the suicide mission with the legal weapon. Unfortunately, the mission is impossible and the legal bomb will blow up to destroy the bomber.


The presidential impeachment is a dream of Democrats and its fan including the henchman Robert Mueller. However, Mr. horse face man Robert Mueller is going to be trouble when Dr. and author Jereme Corsi filed a massive $USD 350 million lawsuit against Robert Mueller, the documents filed in the District Court in Columbia. The allegation accuses Robert Mueller’s office leaked the confidential information regarding of Corsi’s testimony before the Grand Jury for the Special Counsel. The boomerang hit back a thrower, it is the case of Robert Mueller ./.







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