Robert Mueller applies the cunning escape technic


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So-Called Russia meddled the US election in 2016 has never concluded and found a clue, the shadow of cunning conspiracy unmasked that crashed the Special Counsel of the former FBI director Robert Mueller and the Donkey’s Head Party, it is the worst deception in the US legal history. The bullshit investigation based on the fabricated dossiers wrote by a former British Intelligence agent Christopher Steele and Hillary Clinton hired then Mr. horse face investigates. The cheat investigation has chimed and propagated by the left media, it spread worldwide, the US legal system has been distorted by the dishonest lawyers, they are like the robbers with the paper knife, the justice is driven into the factions and Democrats, it is so sad of democracy in the United States of America.


The taxpayers wasted more than $USD 20 million for Robert Mueller, not including $USD 24 million spent for a rant George Demetrios Papadopoulos, he was a coffee boy in Donald Trump campaign, but former Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer grabbed as the vital witness of Russia intervened the election in 2016 and Special Counsel developed, the left media propagated. In the high tide’s period of George Papadopoulos-Alexander Downer with the psychological warfare applied worldwide, the innocent people believed President Donald Trump would be impeached. Therefore, it was among the cheats of Robert Mueller and Democrats.


The cheat investigation unmasked, on July 13, 2018, Mr. Robert Mueller indicted 12 Russian agents, Deputy Attorney General Rod. J.Rosensteins announced the list, but the indictment did not include any accusation that Russia meddled the US election in 2016. It is a farce of Deputy Attorney General Rod. J.Rosensteins and Robert Mueller, nevertheless, President Vladimir Putin invited Robert Mueller coming to Russia for investigation, but he didn’t come. The indictment without charge is like a bank account without money, a monkey without hair, the air without oxygen, so Deputy Attorney General Rod. J. Rosenstein and former FBI director Robert Mueller insulted the Justice Department, the US legal system.


The investigation on Russia meddled the US election in 2016, it is the malicious game of Democrats to terrorize the US president and national interest, the legal terrorist is the horse face man who often attacks President Donald Trump. Despite the investigation is the most cheat in the US legal history, but Mr. Robert Mueller exploits it to make the huge profit from the taxpayers. The bullshit investigation takes as long as Robert Mueller can, it is the job of any lawyer. Normally, when a lawyer has a legal job (plaintiff or defendant), the time spread could make more legal fees, so Mr.Robert Mueller does his career of a senior lawyer than the justice and the function of an investigating body. Certainly, Russia meddled the US election has no clue, therefore, Mr. Robert Mueller has tried to catch whoever worked, false accusation Donald, they are the targets of Robert Mueller to seek. From Russia’s investigation strayed to pornstar Stormy Daniels, a whore in Thailand bragged holding Russia’s document…


Recently,  Robert Mueller promises the investigation will end before 2020, he continues to cheat the US legal system and also pinching the taxpayers for two years more. However, the Special Counsel belongs to Justice Department, now new Attorney General Willian Barr replaced Jeff Session, the job of Robert Mueller is uncertain. The Justice Department and new Attorney General may seek to disband this legal monstrosity as soon as possible.


The suspicious persons are announced by Special Counsel that totally failed Russia interfered the US election, actually, Mr. Robert Mueller has never found any document leaked from Kremlin and President Vladimir Putin orders to help Donald Trump in the campaign. Therefore, the judicial circle ties close Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama, when FBI investigates Clinton Foundation and the email scandals, it causes Democrats and Robert Mueller panic, they rush to do something before the indictment coming that will bring the suspicious felons to the jail.


The former short-term manager campaign of Donald Trump is Paul Manafort to be the hot witness, therefore, Mr. Paul Manafort confessed the personal issues as the tax evasion, he knows nothing the accusation of Robert Mueller wants to testify about Russia intervened the election. Once again, Mr. Robert Mueller investigates former Donald Trump’s lawyer is Michael Cohen, he is charged by lying and he should face the jail term. President Donald Trump twittered:

Michael Cohen plead guilty to two counts of campaign finance violations that are not a crime. President Obama had a big campaign finance violation and it was easily settled!”


The investigation found nothing, but the taxpayers wasted, the time lost, the White House to be terrorized by the legal weapon of Special Counsel and the legal terrorist is the horse face man. The US people and government question the role of Robert Mueller, actually, he must explain the investigation and the money spent. Nevertheless, 20% Uranium of the US sold to Russia by Hillary Clinton, it is the treason, therefore, Mr. Robert Mueller waived and concealed.


The escape technic of Robert Mueller is using the unrelated cases of Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen, they worked with Donald Trump in the campaign, but they have never provided any clue of Russia meddled the US election in 2016. The cunning tactic of Robert Mueller couldn’t prove the job to be done or concluded. Whatever the most cheat investigation in the US history has to end, Mr. Paul Manafort and Micheal Cohen are the sacrificed objects of the dirty game conspired by Democrats and Robert Mueller. His profit harmed and destroyed the life of Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen, a dishonest lawyer has no heart and without the conscience.


Two unrelated witnesses of Russia meddled the election could be charged as the farce of Special Counsel, it is the foe of justice, the garbage investigating body and the enemy of democracy. The people knew the cheat and have not interested any new witness of Robert Mueller refers in future. He may ask Satan provides the document relates Russia meddled the US election in 2016, but Satan has presented already in mind of Robert Mueller and Democrats.


The octopus often releases the black substance during escaping, it is the natural reaction of the animal. Therefore, the cunning tactic is applied by the senior lawyer, former FBI director and also in charge of the Special Counsel Robert Mueller when the cheat investigation unmasked.


The story of The Journey to the West written by a Chinese author Wu Cheng’en depicted the Monkey running and hiding after made the trouble in Heaven. The king of Heaven sent the three eyes General Guan Giang or Yang Tuan to hunt down with the dogs. The Monkey applies magic to transform his body becomes a joss. Therefore, the General recognized the flagpole located behind, it is monkey’s tail, normally, the flagpole places at front of joss, so he ordered the dogs attack, and the monkey appeared then running. It is like Mr. Robert Mueller escapes the cheat investigation by the sacrifice of Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen.


After the agent” double O Zero” role of James Comey, James Clapper, and John Brennan in the drama of Russia meddled the US election that totally failed, the mission is impossible’s drama has no interest the public. Three” Double O Zero” above held the intelligence and technologic implements during the presidential campaign occurred under the rule of President Barrack Obama, but they found nothing. However, a new role of the late” double O Zero” Robert Mueller becomes the disgraced clown. The Democratic playwrights must bow out the British author Ian Fleming who wrote James Bond 007./.







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