President Donald Trump dumped the thugs


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Foreword: the America billionaire Donald Trump sacrifices the wealthy life for the country, he volunteers to serve the US without salary. His patriotic heart plus the capacity that defeated the enemy including the turncoat Republicans. The domestic thugs to be dumped, the offshore enemies fear, the allies respect and the economic growth… President Donald Trump puts the national interest first, but Democrats are keen to sacrifice the country to exchange the individual interest as Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and the other high profiles of the Donkey Party. President Donald Trump makes America great again, instead, Democrats make the rivals and individual rich again. Below, the poem deserves for the losers.


It has started from the presidential election

Obviously, Donald Trump beat sixteen heavyweights of Republican

There was the first step of nomination.

The crucial battle faced Hillary Clinton

She is arrogant to pride the long-term involved in politics.

And always promoted herself to fit the commander in chief

But Donald Trump is just a businessman.

Democrats claimed Donald Trump doesn’t fit the commander of the US army.

And they claimed Donald Trump couldn’t manage the government properly.

Therefore, the people recognized.

President Barrack Obam was the commander in thieves

If Hillary Clinton elected

The US would be placed for sale

She suits the commander in cheat

Donald Trump took over the obstacles.

Dumping the selfist Republicans

There are Jeb Bush and his brother George.W. Bush

Including the turncoat Republican John McCain

Who overturned the stance

To oppose the repeal of Obamacare

The left media failed to propagate

The false polls unmasked the thug of people

The false polls showed the cheat of left media.

The election’s outcome proved the people’s opinion.

Donald Trump dumped the wonderful dream of Hillary Clinton

To the nightmare

Democrats go to the trash

They crazily to react and attack

Developing the Constitutional loopholes

The professors, doctors, and psychiatrists of Harvard and Yale

The label of Donald Trump mental health illness

All failed

The impeachment turns ugly

Democrats ignore the democracy

Actually, they snub the people and Consitution.

The legal monstrosity Special Council born

With former FBI boss Robert Mueller, a long face man

The cheat investigation based on the fabricated dossiers

The US people feel so sick

When Robert Mueller insults the justice

The bullshit investigation wasted tens of million dollars of the taxpayers

Robert Mueller is the vanguard of Democrats to attack the national interest

During President Donald Trump makes America great

What do Democrats do for the country?

Almost, the domestic thugs crashed

The New York Times, CNN, ABC, CBS..MSNBC

And the other media stand on the left

They do the media career as the thieves

Snooping and waiting an opportunity to snipe

To strike White House

Almost the cunning tactics get lost

The smear propaganda has launched from the presidential election

All conflicts the great achievement of President Donald Trump.

He dumped the thugs ./.







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