Pornstar Stormy Daniels and Democrats get lost


Posted on October 20, 2018 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The US pornstar Stormy Daniels emerged into the left media as the brilliant star, unfortunately, she applies the wrong career and also a wrong place, actually, the politic sector doesn’t like a porn movie and later she becomes a fallen star and so far that causes she faces the consequence in America.


The false accusation aims to humiliate President Donald Trump who had sex with her before as a whore accuses some clients in a brothel. Therefore, the circumstance copied from the case of Democratic President Bill Clinton with Monica Lewinsky. Therefore, the two cases are quite different, the case of President Donald Trump is nothing, so the impeachment has never happened. As an Asian quote:” Sow the wind and reap the whirlwind” or Australian people know when a thrower missed out the target, the boomerang hit back.


Pornstar Stormy Daniels has no political experience and she couldn’t measure the outcome if the false accusation failed. She just listens to the Democrats stand behind to excite and the propaganda of the left media terror’s bases as CNN. She doesn’t know her position, actually, the desperately legal business could help her lawyer Michael Avenatti earns the profit, certainly, the lawyer has no responsibility if the case loses then Stormy Daniels loses anything including the public sympathy.


After the false accusation failed, Democrats and her lawyer are Michael Avenatti change the tactic, they snoop as the thieves then developing every impact including a word of President Donald Trump writes on the Twitter. The good opportunity came, President Donald Trump called Stormy Daniels is the horse face, certainly, her face is long form as former Secretary John Kerry and Mr. Rober Mueller. It is not defamation, but the language reflects the reality the human face. The West has no mention it, but the Asia country, actually, the Buddhist believes the evil has the buffalo head and horse face. Probably, pornstar Stormy Daniels and her lawyer applied the Buddhist into the legal system, nevertheless, the US court is not a Buddhist temple and a judge is not a Buddhist.


Once again, pornstar Stormy Daniels failed into the defamation’s lawsuit after a federal district court judge in California dismissed the case and ordered Stormy Daniels has to pay the legal fees. The failure of a stupid pornstar is also the loss of crazily anti-Trump’s component, the numerous supporter for legal fund estimates 16,000 persons, they donated about $USD 600,000, but now, this amount pays for the legal fees of the fallen plaintiff. The world laughs Democratic fan and Stormy Daniels.


Pornstar Stormy Daniels lost the case and also losing her public sympathy, therefore, Democrats lose nothing, they just threw the lemon’s skin after the emptied juice. Nevertheless, the false accusation committed suicide, she claimed to have sex with Donald Trump before, so her husband is Glendon Crain filed the divorce’s case on July 18, 2018, in state district court in Kaufman County, South-East of Dallas. Therefore, he knew the trouble is waiting ahead when Stormy Daniels loses the case, obviously, the legal fees are expensive, not including the compensation for Mr. President and family. A day, Judge Brett Kavanaugh should lodge the lawsuit against Doctor Christine Blasey Ford, so Dogtor will face the trouble as Stormy Daniels. The crazy and stupid fan of Democrats must learn the lesson of Stormy Daniels../.






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