Planet America of ABC to impeach President Donald Trump


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It is very, very and very good and also great news alerts Democrats, Islamic State, Extremist, China communist, the media leftist is the shit of mainstream. The show Planet America of ABC’s television is going to impeach President Donald Trump that thumbs up in Australia’s media and it is going to conclude the impossible investigation opposing against the US people, the national interest.


How could two disgraced clowns John Barron and Chas Licciardello of Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) impeach President Donald Trump?


Russia meddled the US presidential election in 2016 is making the history, the US taxpayers and Democrats spent a lot of money, but the Donkey Party failed badly. Nevertheless, the election campaign occurred under the rule of President Barrack Obama who held in hand the intelligence facilities, actually Obama had the henchmen were director FBI James Comey, director CIA John Brennan, National Intelligence director James Clapper plus the modern intelligence’s implements. Therefore, they collected nothing despite Hillary Clinton, Democrats had tried to find Russia interfered the campaign and disqualified candidate Donald Trump out from the White House race. After President Donald Trump inaugurated from January 20, 2017, Democrats have attempted the impeachment by the cunning conspiracies including the legal technic of the senior lawyer, they are the legal loophole’s professionals. Unfortunately, the Democratic dishonest lawyers failed to testify a clue, so the people recognize the dishonest legal servants are the ROBBER WITH THE PAPER KNIFE. When the justice is driven by politics that turns the legal system to garbage with the bullshit dishonest lawyers.


Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein arranged his lawyer’s colleague Robert Mueller, former FBI boss to investigate with the Special Counsel. However, the investigation based on the fake dossiers created by a former British Intelligence agent Christopher Steele who was hired by Hillary Clinton. The bullshit investigation wasted more than $USD 20 million taxpayers. Nevertheless, 26 Dogtors of Havard University and Dogtor Bandy X Lee of Yale University based the” medical assessment certificate” on 25 Amendment, not the medical rule, they tried to prove President Donald Trump is the mental health illness. Eventually, Rear Admiral, Doctor Ronny Jackson unmasked the Dogtors. The Dogtors above need to see Doctor Phil for help and assistance. They are the serious mental health patients, not President Donald Trump.


The Democrats and the professional of medical, legal experts have never found a clue linking Russia meddled the US election. Despite Robert Mueller grabbed a coffee boy in Trump campaign is Mr. George Papadopoulos and former Australia Foreign Minister Alexander Downer, both leaked the most important information to impeach President Donald Trump at a wine room in London. The key impeachment of President Donald Trump is George Papadopoulos jailed 14 days, but the US taxpayers wasted $USD 28 million.


Recently, the Planet America of ABC has found Russia intervened the US election in 2016, the hottest witness is a British music publicist Rob Goldstone talked with two disgraced clowns John Barron and Chas Licciardello on Planet America of ABC.


The hottest news displayed email and tape of Mr. Rob Goldstone and Donald Trump Jr. Therefore, the tape just talked about the help in the campaign as everyone could expose the option, it is the free speech. Moreover, there is just a Brtish, not a Russian while Mr. Robert Mueller and Democrats plus the thugs need the tape of Russian President Vladimir Putin or an official of Kremlin.


Whatever, two disgraced clowns of Planet America to consider themselves as the most powerful men, they believe to use the key witness Rob Goldstone to impeach President Donald Trump. The illiterate Constitution is like a deaf person doesn’t fear the gun’s sound, so two disgraced clowns of Planet America don’t know the Democratic Congress and Senate couldn’t impeach President Donald Trump.


The extremists hide into Muslim communities and the mosques to propagate the hatred, they are the enemies of the people, including the Muslim, nevertheless, the terrorists have not discriminated the Muslim countries like Indonesia, Pakistan, Iraq…In democratic countries, the left media terrorists infiltrated the mainstream media since the Vietnam War, they have applied the psychological warfare’s weapon to terrorize the people’s mind by the fake news and fabricated stories and misleading the public, the left media is the thug of the people as extremists, so the mainstream media needs to eliminate the media terrorists have activated into the media companies.


ABC is the national media of Australian government, the taxpayer’s fund, therefore, since the Vietnam War, ABC has become the lair of left media, they have misused the taxpayers for communist propaganda, not communication as the function of ABC. The Planet America is among the hated Donald Trump’s show. ABC has the anti-Trump and support” comrade” Hillary, the well-known journalist Chris Uhlmann attacked President Donald Trump at G20 Summit.


However, the impeachment’s President Donald Trump is impossible, therefore, the Planet America could apply the magic in Harry Potter, author Jane Rowling applies the magic, she boasted using a Spell contains 6 words” You tiny, tiny, tiny little man” to destroy President Donald Trump.


The Australian government needs to overhaul the programs of ABC as Planet America, Q&A and the left journalists consider ABC is their asset, so the left journalists, reporters, and the T.V hosts snub the public with the bullshit broadcast./.







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