Obama has no shame talking the garbage


Posted on September 9, 2018 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



Foreword: Barrack Obama is the worst president in the US history, he destroyed the country from A to Z, actually, the economy shattered. Everyone recognizes the worst consequence left over after Obama ended his second term. Therefore, some Democratic fan exposes the stupidy, they claim the great achievements of President Donald Trump comes from Obama’s legacy. When a house burnt down, the new owner rebuilt, but the old owner claims the beautiful building comes from the legacy. The funny argument couldn’t convince the people. But Obama and its fan lie the people, the phony propaganda failed.


When a dog has done something wrong

An owner angers then exposing the prompt action

The dog puts its tail behind two legs

And trying to hide the head

In the same circumstance

When a suspicious criminal appears to the public

They always hide the face

While the camera try to catch

The people and animal have the same act

However, former President Barrack Obama doesn’t like that

He has no shame to talk in the public

And favors appearing on the left media

Certainly, Barrack Obama is not proud of the USA

He is the worst president of America

After eight years of rule, he made the country crashed

The national economy shattered

The border unleashed and national security risked.

Barrack Obama activated the gender war.

The same-sex-marriage legalization imposed in fifty states

He is the pupil of Karl Marx

The Historical Materialism that confirmed his ancestor

His top advisor Valerie Jarrett is the same

They are the socialists

Obama sparkled the racist

Black and White excited the hatred

He did nothing to serve the country

The motto” Yes we can” that overturned to garbage

The debt was up to twenty trillion

Obama was the era of ghost towns

The factories shut down

But Obama often raised the big mouth

After two terms, the people knew how

The US is going to bankrupt

He created an opportunity for an Islamic state

The US troop withdrew as Osama Bin Laden wanted to

Obama did

He and family enjoyed the tax paid

Hundred million dollars for the luxury trips

Every time he played golf that the people’s sweat

The Obama’s story is a saga

President Donald Trump makes great America

But the worst made by Barrack Obama

He should bear in Kenya, not America

President Barrack Obama has no shame

The left media often promoted a man destroyed America

Every time Obama appears the public

He talks garbage and the bullshit speech

The people feel vomit

But he is proud

Then raised the boring sounds

The most disgraced clown

Or the fetch regrets he golden stage

The people hate his speech

As a kid lost the lolly

Despite Obama was the former White House boss

He seems exhausted

The commander in thieves and also commander in cheat

The personality doesn’t fit

He acts as the idiot

And the Democratic decoys clap

The people hate his chat

The people’s ear and eye has been raped

No one wants to watch

Former President Barrack Obama speaks

All garbage and bullshit.

God bless President Donald Trump

Satan blesses Barrack Obama and Democrats ./.







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