Obama devastated the total system of the government


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After 8 years ruled the US, the people awoke and understood the slogan” Yes we can” devastate the US from the government to society and eradicated the US valuation. The slogan” yes we can” make the US ruined and the United States of America” goes low” but China communist” goes high”, the allies distrusted and the global thugs snubbed, President Barrack Obama who destroyed America from A to Z.


The first black, communist and Muslim US President Barrack Obama devastated total system of government, he made the US worst off ever in history. In the formality,  President Barrack Obama couldn’t change the original color of White House, but he dyed the most national symbol by the rainbow color for activating the same-sex-marriage legalization. Nevertheless, President Barrack Obama used his Justice in Supreme Court to impose the same-sex-marriage law to 50 states. Moreover, the Democrats also faced the potential damages ever of the Donkey’s Head Party to be unmasked with the formula is 3 D =Demagogy+Deception+Destruction. President Barrack Obama’s policy was as the confession of Democrats deceived the people, actually the innocent fan. Its reason causes the concerned and the waken Democrats to react by the Walk Away Movement rallied thousands of people at the strongholds of Democrats during the midterm congressional election 2018. The impact has never happened in the Democratic history after the long-term applied the demagogic propaganda to cheat the public. Nowadays, the real face of the Donkey’s Head Party’s high profiles such as Bill-Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and the other Democratic politicians appeared to the people. The ugly icon of Barrack Obama represents the character of Democrats, they act like the thug of people, the enemy of national interest.


The US government’s system shattered just in 8 years under the era of President Barrack Obama since the United States of Ameria founded on July 4, 1776. The US donkey voters elected Barrack Obama, they made the terrible mistake, there was not one, but two terms to elect a man who destroyed the country, the bloody lesson has never forgotten in US history. President Barrack Obama devastated the US on total aspects:


1-The army: he was the first commander in chief permitted the homosexuality in the US army. President Barrack Obama transformed the most powerful army to the Rainbow army, he destroyed the tradition of the US army.


2-The government: he recruited the top advisor Valerie Jarrett, she comes from the hardcore communist’s family in the US, although FBI favored investigating, therefore President Barrack Obama used the presidency to thwart and stop. Ms. Valerie Jarrett advised President Barrack Obama applied the method of Pavlov, the US people to be brainwashed throughout 8 years. Nevertheless, the other 6 Muslim advisors helped the extremism, terrorists, and Iran developed the terror and threat. Its reason proved President Barrack Obama created an opportunity for the Islamic State founded after withdrew the US troop from Iraq, it also reflected the willing of Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden.


3-The Intelligence agencies: those are the most important firms to protect and serve for Democrats, rival and individual president, not national interest. The traditional manner of Democrats have applied into the public and national serviced based on the rival’s criteria. The most Democratic Presidents as Bill Clinton, Barrack Obama recruited the henchmen to hold the important positions in government. Under the rule of President Barrack Obama, the top intelligence agencies were the actual tools of Obama and Democrats. They were CIA director John Brennan, FBI director James Comey, National Intelligence Director James Clapper. The Obama’s intelligence agencies served for Obama and its Donkey’s Head Party concealed the wrongdoings of Hillary Clinton who sold 20% Uranium for Russia, the monetary collection worldwide of the hoax charity Clinton Foundation. Four deaths of Benghazi were Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, Information Officer Sean Smith, two CIA operatives Glen Doherty and Tyrone, the illegal ransom payment $USD 400 million that was a form of finance provided the terrorist. The dangerous collusion between Iran and Obama’s administration on the Nuclear deal carried out by Secretary of State John Kerry and President Barrack Obama…there were too many secrets covered up under Obama’s era, including the death of Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden doubts, actually, President Barrack Obama and his recruited Admiral William McRaven didn’t release the documents about Osama Bin Laden’s body, they just told its carcass to be dumped at sea. The intelligence agencies of Obama missioned to pursue the domestic components and offshore national leaders as French President Francois Hollande, German Chancellor Angela Merkel…President Barrack Obama used the national intelligence agencies as the communist regime applies into the dictatorial regime, so an agent of Central Intelligence Agency is Edward Snowden who fled from the US and lived in Russia, he accused the wrongdoings of President Barack Obama and his administration. The former heads of intelligence agencies above often attack President Donald Trump into the national security, border protection’s policy into the left media’s terror bases.


4-The legal system: President Barrack Obama and the previous President Bill Clinton inserted the Democratic judges, attorneys into the legal system and Justice Department. The viral judges are legal thugs to take the roles as the safety net to protect  Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the other high profiles of Democrats. The thug judges have driven the justice into the politics and rival’s services. Nevertheless, some judges secretly dealt with Democrats by multiple reasons as the death threat, privileges and the individual favor, they lined up under the untold order of Democrats, so some judges of Republicans pointed become the henchmen of the Donkey’s Head Party. Nowadays, the US legal system has been ruined and shattered when the justice lost the impartial function.


President Bill Clinton pardoned 456 serious criminals and President Barrack Obama had exercised his clemency to set free 1,927 felons to be sentenced with the federal crimes. There were two Democratic presidents sent back to the US society the massive numerous felons that equalize with a military regiment, but a regiment of criminal, mostly, they are the high profiles of the gangs and drug syndicates. Certainly, the pardoned felons and families plus the gangs are grateful for life the Democratic presidents, they also are grateful the Donkey’s Head Part.


    It coincided a hundred secret deaths of the people who worked, the close friends with Clinton’s family and even the people who were investigating Hillary Clinton. The people doubt the secret and unsolved deaths but the investigation seems slow or waive, the safety net of Democrats affected into the investigating agencies and the legal system.


The Democratic Presidents are such as Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama ruled the White House 16 years, it was enough time to insert the henchmen judges, the important positions in CIA, FBI and National Intelligence agency plus the police.


The Democratic vestiges have inserted deeply into the investigating agencies, the intelligence agencies, and actually, the legal system presents into the multiple level of courts and justice department, so the democracy of the United States of America has been devastated, certainly, the law and order drove by President Barrack Obama and Bill Clinton have carried out by the Democratic judges the other corrupted judges have appeared into the US government’s system and the Justice Department, the viral legal servants terrorize the justice and the democracy. Its reason concealed, hampered the investigation Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, James Comey, Loretta Lynch, and the other Democratic high profiles. Nevertheless, some Democratic and Obama plus the corrupted judges issued the court orders oppose against the presidential order on national security and border protection. The viral judges react against the national interest is like the insect struck by the insecticide stuff, it is the physical reaction, so the US people recognize the thugs labeled the judges, they attack the US by the unconstitutional court orders. The foe of justice couldn’t hide the face, the court orders confessed the thugs in the legal system.


Barrack Obama and Bill Clinton’s judges

They are the domestic thugs

To be inserted deeply into the legal system of the US

The Democratic judges unmasked../.






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