Obama aggravates the Democratic campaign in midterm


Posted on November 4, 2018 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The SATAN’s era of” yes we can” became the worst off ever in the US history of the mouthful speech President Barrack Obama that is gone. Therefore, his terrible consequence remains in the US and the world. Nevertheless, President Barrack Obama was the global warmaker:

- The gender war conflicts between the major natural couple and the minor homosexual couple, Obama shattered the society, he destroyed the religious faith and million years of human history.


- The Racial war applied in the presidential election 2008 and 2012 with the Racial shield’s tactic in the campaign. After getting the office, President Barrack Obama dug up the Civil war, he urged the social hatred between the Black and White and the Black discriminates White appeared under Obama’s rule and around the world. The racial war of Obama conducted the White farmers in Zimbabwe, South Africa to be robbed and killed. In Australia, Muslim woman Yassmin Abdel Magied exposed the racist against the White after the leadership spill on August 24, 2018.


- President Barrack Obama did the will of Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden by withdrawal the US troop, that created an opportunity for Islamic State founded. Nevertheless, President Barrack Obama provided $USD 400 million of the US taxpayers for the terrorist labeled under the ransom’s payment for a hostage exchange. Therefore, in the formality, he called to fight against the terrorist. President Barrack Obama flagged Hezbollah running the drug syndicate and money laundering in South America to support the finance for terror. It is a farce when the terror’s supporter calling to fight against the terrorist.


Chinese ancient strategist Sun Tzu wrote” the Arts of War” proposes the tactics in the war by Thirty-Six Stratagems. In the days of yore, the conquerors used the Arts of War to invade the other countries in the region. Nowadays, President Donald Trump wrote” The Arts of The Deal” to avoid the war, Donald Trump is the Peacemaker, in 2018, he succeeded to ease the current tension occurred in Korea peninsula since 1953, therefore, the Nobel Peace Prize’s Committee ignored. Certainly, President Barrack Obama made the arts of the mess, so there were just in 8 years ruled the US, he left the heap of mess to the US and the world. However, the Nobel Peace Prize’s Committee chose Barrack Obama in 2009 despite he did not have the peace record.


The Nobel Peace Prize’s committee made many mistakes as the famous terrorist of Hanoi regime was Lê Đức Thọ in 1973 (he refused the prize) but Henry Kissinger received and Vietcong invaded Saigon on April 30, 1975, then the human disaster caused the death of million Vietnamese people. An opportunist was former Vice President Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 for the hoax climate change and now he is a millionaire. The mistakes made that downgraded the Nobel Peace Prize, so its prize could classify as the same kind with the Confucius Peace Prize made in China. The Confucius Peace Prize chose the winners were: Lien Chien in 2010, Vladimir Putin in 2011, Kofi Anan and Yuan Longping in 2012, Yichang in 2013, Fidel Castro in 2014, Robert Mugabe in 2015, Shen Liangliang-Yang Shupeng-Li Lei in 2016 and Hun Sen in 2017.


The US people and the world obsess the terrible record of the global war maker Barrack Obama, actually, the US people don’t want to see his face and hear his speech. Therefore, the left media has raped the eyes and ears of the people. Democrats and Hillary Clinton made the critical mistake in the presidential election 2016 with the appearances of Barrack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama in the campaigns, so Barrack Obama was among the causes of bad loss of Hillary.


Democratic candidates in the midterm Congressional election have not learned yet the mistaken lesson in 2016, the present of Barrack Obama raises the mouthful speech in the campaigns that counteracts. Nevertheless, Obama snubs the US people, he claims the great achievements of President Donald Trump comes from Obama’s legacy, certainly, he could tell a newborn baby, but the most voters are adult. Former President Barrack Obama has no shame, he is the disgraced super liar, so his campaign doesn’t help Democratic candidates, instead, the people hate his face, nevertheless, the former jobless expose the wrath after Barrack Obam pushed them to the food stamp’s recipient. While the SANTA’s era of President Donald Trump created the job, cut the tax to worker and company, the economic growth.


The US people have never supported Obama who unleashed the border and the illegal migrant invaded. Democrats will face the same disaster as the election 2016 when Republic goes high and Democrats party goes to the trash ./.







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