No one authorizes to sell the National Assets


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The Pope is the highest religious leader of Catholic, although the Pontiff rules for life, the Pope couldn’t authorize to sell, lease, auction any assets belong to Catholic. A hotel manager just takes care of the business but couldn’t sell any room without the consent of the owner.


The president and prime minister are the national managers, actually, the term-limited. The term national leaders couldn’t authorize to sell the national assets like land, port, farmland, and anything belongs to the nation, the people and history. Therefore, some countries neglect the policy, the national leaders went too far, they misused the power and promoted themselves as the owner of the nation, then sold the land, farm, port…the misused power appeared at multiple government levels from federal, state and local. The foreigners, actually China communist exploited the loopholes and the lacking control of the government, so Beijing silently bought the offshore assets in the capitalist countries. However, mostly, the Western and democratic countries ignored the silent invasion of the Red Empire carried out into their soil. The offshore assets of China have threatened the national security and national interest.


Australia sold and leased some national assets, actually, Darwin Port is the strategic position in the region where located the military bases of the US. Obviously, Chief Minister of Northern Territory Adam Giles secretly deal with China communist company is Landbridge Group with the lease was $AUD 506 million in 99 years. During Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s era, he agreed, but after the people and national security concern raised, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull kept quiet as a stone, the people doubt about Prime Minister’s family, he has the daughter in law comes from China’s hardcore communist family. Therefore, Treasurer Scott Morrison warned and he also cited the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB). According to the law, any lease is up to $AUD 250 million, it has to pass the FIRB, but the Darwin Port sank down in the rule of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. Therefore, China is malicious, the Landridge Group hired the former Trade Minister Andrew Robb with annual salary is $AUD 880,000, he manages Darwin Port under the commanding of China communist.


In Western Australia, from 1993, Merredin Airport leased to China in 100 years with one dollar, this airport has become the training pilot’s base without thousand trainee pilots come from the mainland. Moreover, the multiple government levels sold the national assets to China as the busiest location is Port of Melbourne could sell to China Investment Group with the price is near $AUD 10 billion, the biggest power network Ausgrid in New South Wales was going to sell to China’s state owner Grid Corp, but federal government blocked. In 2013, two ports of larger city Sydney sold $AUD 5 billion. However, the Australian people and national security raise the alert when China gently bought the Australia land was up to 14 million hectares or 2.5% of agriculture land. Nevertheless, China communist develops the Giant Garden with 363 hectares located at city west of Melbourne (Victoria state), China invests more than $AUD 400 million. The resident of Giant Garden could have about 20,000 to 25,000 residents, actually, Chinese people migrate from the mainland. Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad scrapped the Forest City’s project of China, it cost $USD 100 million, so the Australian government wakes up.


The silent invasion of China could exploit the misusing power of the local government to buy the national assets as port, beach and the others. The city council is led by the mayor, they are the manager of a small era in the limited term. Mostly, some mayor and councilors went too far, they easily voted to sell the national assets then China communist bought, the city council ignores the national interest, but the local interest creates an opportunity for China occupied the national assets.


The national assets don’t belong to anyone including the president and prime minister, any selling is illegal, actually, the city council has not authorized to touch any national assets, they just manage, not have the rights to sell or lease. In Vietnam, communist party illegally sold the Spratly archipelago for China by the diplomatic note of the communist party’s pointed Prime Minister Phạm Văn Đồng on September 14, 1958, even Hanoi regime could cheat the people with the sole parliament, therefore, the people have never mandated for Vietnam communist party sold the land or leasing any national assets to great master China. Recently, Vietnam communist intends to lease three Economic zones to China are Vân Đồn, Bắc Vân Phong and Phú Quốc in 99 years. Whoever sold the national assets to foreigners, they must meet the referendum, if they sold the national assets without the people consent, they are the treason../.







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