Muslim Ilhan Omar is the model of Democrats in the House


Posted on November 12, 2018 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The reason getting more seats at the House of Representatives and Senate that causes of Democrats recruit anyone, including the Sharia Law’s activists. Despite, the world recognized the Sharia Law completely conflicts against human rights, actually the Universal Declaration of Human rights of the United Nations. Therefore, Democrats and the left parties ignore it, they accepted the politicians are keen to support the Sharia law. The left parties destroy the democracy and the social value of its country, they aim to the rival and individual purpose than the national interest and human dignity. The real face of the left parties unmasked by the Sharia Law’s makers elected into the Democratic member line.


In the US, Democrats have some Sharia Law’s representatives in the House. The model Democratic politicians represent as Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar who took the place of Democratic Representative Keith Ellison from the election 2016 and now she joins the Democratic House of Representatives. Certainly, she hates the national security and the border protection’s policy of President Donald Trump. The enemy infiltrated and standing into the lawmaker range. Nevertheless, the Sharia Law’s politicians of Democrats suit the hostile stance of the Donkey’s Head Party.


    In December 2009, Rep. Ilhan Omar married with her own brother is British citizen Ahmed Nur Said Elmi and they officially divorced 2017. The marriage’s reason still remains unclear, but it is possible the immigration and the student loan fraud. Moreover, the personal record of Ilhan Omar covers the secrets, therefore, she became the member of Democratic House of Representatives.


It is just a case of a Democratic politician as Ilhan Omar that reflects the character of Democrats, its political party turns mess. The multiple cultures have two faces, therefore, the danger threatens the democracy and the society when the migrants want to impose their culture and the religious faith into the adopted countries. The Sharia Law activists elected into the parliament houses and the multiple government levels could conflict the national security, the social valuation and it is possible the untold civil war occurring between the native people and migrants and the religious war. The numerous politicians increased into the highest agencies of government could complicate the nation when the minority misuses the power to impose their stance into the major population and the unpopulated law applies to the country.


The left parties are the wonderful places for the Sharia Law activists promoted. Indeed, the Sharia Law’s activists couldn’t elect into the parliament houses with the minor vote, but the donkey voters of the left parties were helpful the Sharia Law’s lovers become the lawmakers or hold the important position as the first Muslim London Mayor Sadiq Khan. The British and the world knew Mr. Muslim London Mayor Sadiq Khan carries out his job as the United Kingdom Prime Minister, he bragged to ban the US President Donald Trump visit and protested as the kid game while President Donald Trump coming. Who cares the Muslim London Mayor.


The presence of Sharia Law’s lawmakers in the parliament houses signs the democracy downgrades, every time, the Sharia Law’s maker could introduce the bill if both houses controlled by the left party, the Sharia Law will pass and the inhuman law impose the country./.








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