Lawyer Michael Avenatti should not know the law


Posted on October 24, 2018 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The legal service’s line couldn’t avoid the dishonest lawyers, they protect the profit than the justice and becomes the garbage of the law and order. The dishonest lawyers are like the robbers with the paper knife, it causes the loss of prestige of the honest lawyers, the courtroom to be exploited as the legal business with the bullshit lawyers. Nevertheless, if the dishonest judges distort the juridical career as the robbers with the wooden hammer, it is the social disaster. The dishonesty lawyers and judges cause the public distrust the legal system, actually the courts.


The lawyer of pornstar Stormy Daniels is Michael Avenatti emerged as the excellent legal practitioner in the US and the world, his lawyer’s career promoted like the bubbles being puffed by the air blower. His face appeared on the left media’s terror firms in the US with the extraordinary announcement to accuse President Donald Trump as his client hires and requires. When a client wants, a lawyer does, but whatever, the case wins or loses, lawyer loses nothing, instead of the legal fees couldn’t lose. A person stays at middle has never lost the blanket.


    In the US, the attorney surpassed 450,000, moreover, every year, the law schools have 34,000 new lawyers. Therefore, the total numerous lawyer reaches 1,220,000. But the famous lawyers are not much, mostly, the iconic lawyers make plenty of money. The senior lawyers Bill- Hillary made billion dollars from the hoax charity Clinton Foundation, lawyer Robert Mueller spent more than $USD 20 million of the taxpayers with the hoax investigation on Russia meddled the US election, lawyer Barrack Obama spent $USD 100 million for vacation and now his asset estimates tens of million dollars….Therefore, it is an abnormal circumstance with Lawyer Michael Avenatti is famous from the case of Stormy Daniels, it is the very good case that he believes to make a good money and the career promotes.


The lawyer’s career serves for a special client Stormy Daniels, it is a good business for lawyer Michael Avenatti, he must do the best for a client, even showing the illiterately legal knowledge to the public. Lawyer Michael declared to apply the case of Stormy Daniels to indict President Donald Trump. Therefore, the Justice Department lawyers confirm the sitting president cannot be indicted and the test to bring an indictment that can be reviewed by the Supreme Court. Certainly, the low-level court couldn’t indict the US president, even the Supreme Court just review. If lawyer Michael Avenatti can lodge the legal action to indict president at any court, so every lawyer can abuse the US president when someone falsely accuses, even the Democratic fan. If it is possible, there are just 1% among 1,220,000 lawyers take the legal action with the false accusation, it can make Mr. President has no time to serve for the country, instead, the US president has to appear the court for every case.


Lawyer Michael Avenatti has to know the authority and limit in the legal practice. Therefore, he seems not understood the job, so he wants to indict the incumbent president with the false accusation of pornstar Stormy Daniels. His law school may grant the degree for an under level lawyer and they may overhaul the lawyer’s qualification of Michael Avenatti. Nevertheless, the American Law Society may expel lawyer Michael Avenatti out from the lawyer line because he doesn’t understand the law, it is like a medical doctor doesn’t know the virus and pathology. Moreover, the Justice Department may question about the license of lawyer Michael Avenatti.


The wonderful case of pornstar Stormy Daniels didn’t happen as the believing of lawyer Michael Avenatti. Nevertheless, pornstar Stormy Daniels has lost the defamation’s case and she must pay the legal fees. The legal failure pursues Lawyer Michael Avenatti faces the problem as a saying” sow the wind and reap the whirlwind”. On Monday, October 22, 2018, a California judge orders Michael Avenatti has to pay the $USD 4.85 million debt that he owed to his former Newport Beach law partner is a lawyer Jason Frank. Nevertheless, the office of lawyer Michael Avenatti closed due to 4 months didn’t pay the rent.


Lawyer Michael Avenatti is a legal rant, therefore, he invested into a wrong case and false plaintiff, so the case lost and he couldn’t have enough money to pay the debt and his office.


The US people have never forgotten lawyer Michael Avenatti boasted with Democratic fan, he could kick out Donald Trump in the election 2020./.







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