Jin Yong sent the untold message to Chinese people


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The Fung Fu writer Louis Leung Yung has the pen name Jin Yong born on February 6, 1924, he is a well know author of Hong Kong and the Asia countries as Vietnam, Taiwan…he wrote 15 books fascinated a million readers and many books made movies. His books sold a hundred million copies and became among the best sellers. The reader and audience could enjoy the Fung Fu’s novel and movies and also could understand what the author wants to tell something inside for every story and the protagonist.


Author Jin Yong comes from a wealthy and an intellectual family in China. Therefore, after Mao Ste Tung occupied the mainland in 1949, China communist party applied the socialism. Obviously, the social purge carried out by the Landlord Reform campaign, the bloodshed spread throughout China, the genocide labeled revolution occurred in the mainland by the revolutionists, almost, they were illiterate and low educated peasant activated the crazy Maoist to kill the people and rob the asset. In the bloody massacre, Jin Yong’s family to be attributed the counter-revolutionary element, so Jin Yong lost the contact with family in the mainland since 1950. As the most communist’s victim, author Jin Yong has never forgotten the culprit, the mental wound has never healed, despite he didn’t have an opportunity to revenge the inhumane regime, but, he has tried to do something. His effort carried out into 15 martial art books, those sent to untold message to Chinese people:


1-The orthodox gentleman Chinese: Author Jin Yong respects the honest, so his gentlemen’s concern exposes on the morality and the virtue. The heroes display on the good behavior of the top- class martial arts recipient that reflects the righteous protection and eliminate the dishonest. The gentleman of Jin Yong is not as Chinese conqueror taught the people of the occupied land” do not beat the people fell from the horseback”. The fake morality poisoned the native people when the invader defeated, the conqueror could return homeland safely and next time, the invader will come back.


The orthodox gentlemen’s concern of Jin Yong advised the Chinese people has to know how to revenge. Almost, his martial arts stories describe honest people’s behavior, after the enemy defeated, they must fight for the survival and finding the master to learn Kung Fu. When they have enough the martial arts skill, they will find the enemy. The spiritual revenge could pass to the descendant if they failed to do.


After the nationalist failed at the mainland, Taiwanese fought the” master” to learn the Kung Fu from the Western. Honestly, Taiwanese developed themselves the technology and the democracy, so nowadays, Taiwan is among the Dragon in Asia. Japan fell in the Second World War, the Japanese gentlemen recognized the mistake in the past and they carried out the development the technology and Japan became the high technologic nation in the world.


In China, the mean persons in China communist party as Mao Tse Tung and now Xi Jinping covered the fake gentlemen’s face is as a fake gentleman names Yue Lingshan in a book of Jin Yong. China communist didn’t learn the” technologic Kung Fu” as Taiwanese and Japanese, instead, China is keen to steal the technology and Intellectual Property from the Western. China communist is shameless, therefore, the dishonest prides the stolen technology develops the products as the ugly economic pattern” free market is led by socialism”. So China communist becomes the Den of thieves and the hub of counterfeit.


2-The Important Secret of Martial Arts: Author Jin Yong listed 82 Important Secret Martial Arts in his books, therefore, the  Heaven and Earth Great Shift’s secret martial arts is the lost wisdom of the Ming Sect in the West, nevertheless, the  Heaven and Earth Great Shift’s secret martial arts strictly learn and train. Totally, the Heaven and Earth Great Shift’s secret martial arts has 7 levels, a normal person should spend at least 14 years for each level, but a top- class of Kung Fu’s recipient could complete 7 years. In the record marked many Ming Sect’s leaders killed when training this martial arts’ skill, mostly, they have never completed 7 levels. Therefore, there is only Zhang Wuiji just spent a night, he completed 6 levels because he succeeded the Nine Yang Manual’s skill and a year after, he succeeded the last level and becomes the 34th leader of Ming Sect.


The Heaven and Earth Great Shift’s secret martial arts based on the mind, if a learner mind complicated, it causes the self-harming the body and died. The essential metaphor’s method is flexible the power in the body. The body force maximizes and also attract the enemy’s power then transforms to own power. When the Heaven and Earth Great Shift’s secret martial arts pass to someone else and defeats any enemy, so its Important Secret Martial Arts are the top fun fu’s skill.


Author Jin Yung sent the untold message to Chinese people, actually, his well-known novel” The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber” emphasized the Heaven and Earth Great Shift’s secret martial arts has already in every Chinese in the mainland, actually the opponents as Wei Jingsheng is the famous democratic activist, he succeeded the book” the courage to stand alone” and awarded Sakharov Prize, Olof Palme Prize, and more awards, the famous artist Ai Weiwei and the others. The Western people need to know the cunning tactics and conspiracies of China communist than listen to the communist’s accusers about the human rights violation happens in the mainland. The world and the major population knew the barbarous regime in Beijing, but the opponents didn’t respond the question that the Western wants to eliminate the evil communist and returning the democracy for the Chinese people. It is like a medical doctor warns the deadly disease but doesn’t show how to treat the illness.


Do not scare what the communist does

Let’s do any what the communist fears.


There is not only the Chinese opponents fled the mainland and enjoy the freedom in the US. The Vietnamese fake opponents are such as Cù Huy Hà Vũ, Điếu Cày (Nguyễn Văn Hải), Tạ Phong Tần…just accuse Vietcong regime, but they didn’t show the US and the world know about the cunning tactics of Vietcong and the tactic to eliminate the Red evil./.







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