In God we trust but in Pope we doubt in Catholic


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The God and evil have never reconciled as hell and heaven, fire and water, wrong and right, black and white, honest and dishonest, communist and democracy, theism and atheism. The Vatican always adore the God, but communist adore Karl Marx, the mastermind of the most massive massacre on the planet with more than 100,000,000 killed and a billion people still lost the freedom into the communist countries are China, Vietnam, North Korea, Laos, and Cuba. The religious faith relies on God, therefore, the communist believes the killing and robbery, actually the hell called communist paradise.


The Catholic and the other religions as Buddhist, Christian have been oppressed in the communist countries, many priests, monks, and pastors to be sent to the hell of prison, the living condition worsened as the concentration camp of Hitler. There were many priests killed, nevertheless, the communist is malicious, the inhumane regime brainwashes the religions and gently replaced the priests, monks, pastors by the communist’s cadres. The atheism religious leaders could conduct the religions following the socialism and the bible mixed with Marxism-Leninists-Maoist-Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts. So in the communist regime, the religions to be cornered and the regime transforms the religions serve for a communist party. On the other hand, the communist changes the internal religion but the label still remains. Despite communist considers the religion as the dangerous enemy but the Karl Marx’s followers often exploit the region for cheat and making the profit.


After Lenin imposed the communist regime in Russia from October 1917, the Catholic spent a hard time in Russia, the Eastern Europe states and the other countries. Nowadays, the Catholic in China, Vietnam, Cuba, North Korea, and Laos still face the difficulty, therefore, in the formality, the communist regimes above propagate the religious freedom, but inside the religions, communist controlled and bluffed the Western, actually, the evil disguised priests with the monks, priests to cheat the people and Vatican for charity, money.


Catholic pride with Pope John Paul II, the follower’s respect, therefore, after Pope John Paul II died, Pope Federick 16 but he resigned then Pope Francis replaced. The Catholic has been faced with the child sex abuse, the highest priest is Cardinal George Pell has been investigated and appeared at court in Australia.


Pope Francis is considered as the socialism pope in the Vatican, it is like the Karl Marx’s pupil Barrack Obama became the US president in 8 years. Pope Francis visited Cuba on September 19, 2015, he had the historic meeting and photos with the evil Fidel Castro. Pope Francis also criticized Presidential candidate Donald Trump the border protection with the wall. Therefore, Pope Francis is not the global political leader in the US or somewhere else, he doesn’t authorize to command the US, except the Catholic churches.


On September 23, 2018, Pope Francis has signed a Provisional Agreement to confirm the priests pointed by China communist. The Agreement accepted 7 previous bishops selected by China communist. The communist priests would earn the privileges of the Vatican as the wage and the others, but they serve for China communist, so China communist inserted the cadres into the Catholic’s priest line. Cardinal Joseph previously called the Catholic to be sold and he refused to join the State Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association, it is the communist Catholic organization in China.


In the communist regimes as Vietnam, Hanoi regime trains the communist Buddhist monk and priest in Police Academy (or Public Security College). The Regime produced the atheism monks, priests as the police officers. The atheism monks and priests to be arranged at the Buddhist temples and the Catholic churches. Nevertheless, the Vietcong monks and priests also sent to overseas, the Buddhist temples and Catholic churches of Vietnamese community appeared the Vietcong’s police officers or the intelligence agents covered under the religious leaders. Certainly, Hanoi regime deserved the facilities the visa for the fake monks, fake priests migrated to the US, Europe, Australia, Canada….instead, the real priests and monks the to be oppressed and probated at the temples and churches in Vietnam. Moreover, Vietnam communist often sent the monks and priest to Vietnamese community overseas for propaganda and collection the money under the form of charity and reparation the religious firms.


The Western government may eye on the Buddhist monks, the Catholic priests come from Vietnam, China…they are the communist cadres disguised under the religions. Nevertheless, the religion is a good place for an espionage agent activates under the cover of monk and priest. In the Vietnam War, the Ấn Quang Temple at Saigon was the den of Vietcong’s undercover activity, so after South Vietnam lost on April 30, 1975, the Vietcong’ s monks as Venerable Thích Trí Quang, Thích Hộ Giác…Zen Master Thích Nhất Hạnh and many monks appeared the face.


Pope Francis surrenders the Red evil by the agreement, so the Red evil authorizes to select the priests and the Vatican approves. The agreement signed between Pope Francis and China communist will open the way for the communist countries as Vietnam communist to infiltrate the Vatican, now Hanoi arranged many communist priests in the churches. A day, the Vatican will have a communist pope made in China, it is possible. The deal between China communist and Pope Francis raises the grave concern about the global Catholic in the future, despite in God we trust, but in Pope we doubt./.








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