Human rights develop to humanitarian business


Posted on November 24, 2018 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The natural law forces the human, aminal, and materials to comply strictly, not any the items above escape the common rule. The wood, metal couldn’t avoid the destruction by the time, the people couldn’t live forever. The wasted organic stuff including human excrement transforming the manure. So human rights have been transformed to the other form after the long-term applied.


Nowadays, the term of HUMAN RIGHTS turned to HUMAN WRONG when the false refugees exploit humanity to invade the other countries, nevertheless, the United Nations always endorse the refugee and encourage or impose the numerous refugee into the members.


    Obviously, the asylum seekers and refugees are the same statuses as the python and tiger snake are the reptiles, but tiger snake could kill anyone by the venom. The misunderstanding and innocent people couldn’t distinguish the difference between the refugee and asylum seeker, it made the critical mistake cost the national security risk, the social problem and many consequences happened after the false refugees resettled.


The Human Rights could help the people smuggle making a million dollars while the taxpayers spent multiple billion dollars to take care of the false refugees into the detention camps, nevertheless, the left parties as Greens, Labor, Socialist Party support the asylum seeker because they want to get the ballot from the ethnic group. The asylum seeker’s wave shattered Europe, it divided the European Union, that is among the causes of the United Kingdom voted to Brexit. French President Emmanuel Macron knew the terrorist inserted into the asylum seeker’s wave, he knew the terrorists activate in his country, but he doesn’t want to lose the ballot from the former asylum seekers, so he criticized Italian government refused to allow the boats accessed the Italia’s soil. Certainly, President Macron saw the coffin but he doesn’t cry yet.


The human wave’s tactic conspires to shatter the US by the migrant caravan, so President Donald Trump must act with the border protection’s order despite Democrats and their legal thugs as a district judge Jon Tigar in San Francisco issued the so-called court order to stop the presidential order. The judge stands alongside with the invader labeled under the cover of human rights. The real face of the legal thugs appeared for every presidential order to protect the border and national security. They are the virus laid in the US legal system.


The asylum seeker globalizes as the epidemic outbreak, the invaders labeled refugees have been endorsed by the innocent people, the hypocritical components, the left parties, the extremists, the criminal gangs and the malicious states plus the cunning politicians. Nevertheless, the United Nation to be cornered by the rivals, so the US, Israel, Czech, Hungary, Austria, Australia, Estonia refused to sign the new immigration act of UN.


The asylum seekers become the disaster in Australia, therefore, Australia Labor Party, Greens, and the so-called Refugee action Group support. After many times the terrorists rammed the vehicles into the crowd, Europe states, the United States of America and Australia have to set up the concrete bollards at the central cities and the government places as parliament houses. If there were not asylum seekers, the countries needed not to spend the money and getting more police officers plus the security agencies to deal with the terrorists.


However, the asylum seeker could make the long-term profit for the lawyer. As the example, in Australia, the lawyer’s career is the competitive job, the difficulty of the job seeking conducts the lawyers distort the career and easily turning the dishonesty. The dishonest lawyers are like the robbers with the paper knife. The justice straying for the making profit, more money could hire a higher lawyer’s level. While the Down Under country has a population about 25 million, but there are many lawyers. According to the information of the Law Society released on October 2016, there were 71,509 practicing solicitors in Australia. Nevertheless, annually, there are 12,000 graduated lawyers join the legal market. The lawyer’s career is legal services, not productivity while the country does need the technologic skill. The total personnel of the Australian Army is under 80,000, but the country inflated the numerous lawyer, the government need to overhaul the law school and reducing the unnecessary legal services while the skill currently shorted, the government granted the visa for the foreign worker. The national human resources wasted, the wrong training policy raises the problem of the labor market and economic development.


The numerous lawyers make the profit is not much, actually, the Q.C lawyers could guarantee a good job while the major lawyers have to find the client or any legal affairs for income support. The asylum seeker is the good business, the so-called human rights lawyers have not served free, but the Australian taxpayer cover for the legal cost of the non-citizens invading under the label of refugee. There was just a year from 2015 to 2016, the government spent $AUD 72 million legal fees for the human rights lawyers and the law firms. Under the era of Labor Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard, annually, the Australian taxpayers spent a hundred million dollars for the illegal migrant’s legal fees. Nevertheless, the law firm Slater & Gordon got the great affairs, their human rights lawyers succeeded the case of Nauru’s asylum seeker, the Australian taxpayers compensated $AUD 70 million and Slater & Gordon earned $AUD 20 million. The Australian people question the judge and lawyers about this case.


After the Melbourne terror’s incident occurred on November 9, 2018, the Coalition government plans the new anti-terrorism law. In the formality, Australian Labor Party support, but they don’t want to lose the Muslim voters, so Labor accused Home Affairs Peter Dutton politicizes the anti-terror law. Therefore, the people have not convinced Labor claims, actually, the Shadow Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus who raised the hypocritical voice:” Labor would always act in the best interests of national security”. Moreover, the Australian people knew Australian Labor Party and Greens party caused of the asylum seeker’s disaster under the era of Labor Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard, within the period from 2007 to 2013, there were more than 50,000 asylum seekers entered, it cost the taxpayers tens of billion dollars.


The new anti-terrorism law could threaten the lawyer’s job, the terrorists will be stripped the citizenship, they will not be eligible for the legal aid, the taxpayers saved. As the new executive order, whoever accesses the prohibited conflict zines, they will be lost the citizenship they are the foreign fighters being stateless. President of the Law Council Morry Bailes argued: “challenge key legal principles on which our democracy was founded, and therefore demand very careful consideration”.And he continued:” The proposed automatic loss of citizenship and subsequent administrative action do not provide sufficient safeguards to accord with the rule of law, the presumption of innocence, the right to a fair trial and the right of appeal,”. The reaction of President of Law Council Morry Bailes doesn’t reflect the national security, the people safety, but the legal fees will be lost if the terrorists stipped the citizenship, not a court appearance and the lawyers will lose the legal affairs. The people understand the human rights lawyers will be lost income when the new anti-terrorism bill becomes the law, but the lawyers must respect the people life and national security. Therefore, the terrorist has not excepted the lawyer, the Café Lindt terror, barrister Katrina Dawson killed.


The Human Rights transformed into a humanitarian business, the democratic countries woke up, the time to overhaul the immigration policy, so the United Nations need to reform the immigration act, if not, the numerous nations refused to sign the act will increase./.







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