Hillary Clinton inspires again the presidential dream


Posted on November 22, 2018 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The wasted materials could recycle, actually, the plastic bottles, bags… therefore, the US’s Democratic history should not rewrite as a carcass buried in cemetery more than two years, but it revives and next two years, the political dead body will activate the presidential candidate in 2020. There is not any miracle or the top doctors on the planet could not make a skeleton returns the living human, it is impossible.


After the woe of loss in presidential election 2016, Democratic icons have not learned yet the lesson, almost, the Donkey’s Head Party’s high profiles have used the US presidency as the top subject after the impeachment’s tactic failed. The presidential candidate in 2020 blossoms as the epidemic outbreak or the bird flu. There is only a presidency, but Democrats have too many candidates vow to take the White House. They are the former Vice President Joe Biden, former President Barrack Obama who will make America worst off again if the people elect, his wife is Michelle Obama who quotes” we go high, they go low”, the deposed T.V host Oprah Winfrey, Senator Bernie Sanders promised to beat Donald Trump, Democratic billionaire Tom Styer reveals to challenge Donald Trump in 2020…therefore, among the presidential candidates, the former two terms of the first lady, Senator and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is the brilliant candidate.


The political carcass Hillary Clinton should return the White House as her wish and dream, but the time will answer and the US people will decide again, actually, the Democratic National Convention (DNC) is the final place to nominate the presidential candidate. The election day is far, therefore, there are many presidential candidates races. Despite the willing candidate Hillary Clinton is brilliant among her Democratic comrades, but the US people, including the Democratic supporters who need Hillary Clinton to clarify the serious scandals as soon as possible. The 34,000 emails, the Bill Clinton Foundation, 4 deaths at Benghazi and the others are the key to vote. However, the possible place for Hillary Clinton is the court, on November 14, 2018, a federal judge Emmett Sullivan has chosen Hillary Clinton is the selected candidate in the Courtroom, she has 30 days to answer the questions about email scandals. She does need the launch the campaign, but the justice helps.


The people doubt many presidential candidates appeared in the public while the election day has at least two years. Nevertheless, if any candidate appeals the election fund, it cheats, they do the presidential election’s business. Actually, candidate Hillary Clinton has the deceived record, the people have no trust.


The face of Democratic icons above are the disgraced clowns in the politics, although they know the people don’t want to see, therefore they have tried to appear into the left media companies. Hillary Clinton became the political ghost after her wonderful dream to be the first female president that turned to the nightmare on November 8, 2016. The ill fetch of Hillary Clinton doesn’t recognize the reality so she wants to revive the political career, she doesn’t fear the people boycott. The ambition has never died into the mind of Hillary Clinton, despite the people gave her the death certificate after the loss of the election in 2016. What happened’s book explains the failure, therefore, she still wants to have the second chance. The last hope for Hillary Clinton based on the Buddhist faith, the reincarnation should be able to help Hillary Clinton completes the wonderful dream to be the US president in the next life, but no body knows” what happens”. Therefore, she won’t know “ what will happen” after she left the human life ever as French saying” aller sans retour”. Certainly, she will not keep anything, including the Clinton Foundation and the presidential ambition. However, the communist paradise needs a first female president, the long-term residents are Karl Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao Ste Tung, Ho Chi Minh, Kim Il Sung, Pol Pot, Fidel Castro…will vote for the first female president./.







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