Hillary Clinton faces the big troubles


Posted on November 19, 2018 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



Everyone recognized the two terms of First Lady, a former Senator, former Secretary of State and the fallen candidate of White House race is Madam Hillary Clinton 2016 who has the terrible record, mostly, the unsolved stories have not investigated yet. Nevertheless, there were a hundred mysterious deaths probe of Bill Clinton’s servants, friends, and the others being unexplained. In the US history, President Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama pardoned many serious felons, they have never forgotten the favor that two Democratic Presidents helped.


However, the 34,000 emails are the hard evidence to investigate and indict, but during the presidential election’s campaign, FBI director James Comey colluded with former President Bill Clinton and Madam Attorney General Loretta Lynch to waive. Now, the House Judiciary Committee is prepared to subpoena  Madam Loretta Lynch and former FBI boss James Comey to appear, they will face the question of the Committee about the emails and the other scandals covered.


After the midterm Congressional election, Republicans control the Senate, it is the backbone of the nation, so Democrats fear, President Donald Trump could nominate the high officials without the abuse of Democratic Senators. Attorney General Jeff Session fired and Matthew Whittaker replaced. This nomination reacted by Democrats, therefore, they seem not to understand the Constitution, new Attorney General Matthew Whittaker who is eligible for the head of Justice Department because he served in Justice Department over 90 days. Democrats and Hillary Clinton have the reasons to fear, in 2017, Mr. Matthew Whittaker advised President Donald Trump about the investigation of 20% Uranium that Hillary Clinton sold to Russia under the era of President Barrack Obama.


The change of the top jobs in the justice department affects the Special Counsel of former FBI boss Robert Mueller, the people question Mr. Robert Mueller about the fake dossiers to be used for Russia meddled the US election in 2016, actually, the cunning conspiracy cost the taxpayers more than $USD 20 million. Hillary Clinton also the perpetrator, she hired a former British Intelligence agent Christopher Steele fabricated the fake documents. Nevertheless, Mr. Robert Mueller should link the death of Columbia University professor Jesus Galindez in 1956, the victim disappeared and later his body founded. While the investigation was going on, but Mr, Robert Mueller blocked.


On Wednesday, November 14, 2018, a federal judge Emmett Sullivan orders Hillary Clinton must to answer the question within 30 days, the questions subject on:

-Who decided to create Clintonmail.com

-When was it created

-Why was it created

-Who set it up

-When did it become operational


On October 22, 2015, Judge Emmett Sullivan ordered Hillary Clinton to explain about 4 deaths in Benghazi after she told to the House of Representatives select Committee the Benghazi being contained in her email of foreign department’s system. As the court order confirms, If Hillary Clinton refuses to answer the question, she will be charged. The US people and the world are waiting for the doom day is going to come with Madam Hillary Clinton. Actually, the other high profiles of Democrats worry after Hillary Clinton’s investigation./.








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