FBI is touching the necks of Hillary and Obama


Posted on December 6, 2018 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The most scandals in the US have not solved yet while the seriously suspicious felons still snub the US legal system and Constitution, instead, they lined up and activating as the super gang in the shadow, it is like a form of the unofficial Mafia in the US’s government’s system. Nevertheless, there were a hundred secret deaths without investigation or waived, even strayed the cause of death as accident, suicide, robbery…it coincides, the victims related, worked or investigating on the Clintons.


President Bill Clinton illegal received the finance from China communist’s espionage agents in two presidential election campaigns in 1992 and 1996, although he was the US president, therefore, President Bill Clinton served for China’s interest in 8 years. Almost, the bonanza of China occurred under the era of Bill Clinton. The Most Favored Nation’s policy repaid for Beijing’s favor in the elections. President Bill Clinton sold the US national interest to exchange his individual interest and the presidential ambition. Moreover, President Bill Clinton helped China closed the gap between the US and Western, so he activated and promoted the so-called CLIMATE CHANGE’s hoax, it curbed the Western’s productivity during China was free to release the dioxide. The cunning conspiracy cheated the world at least three decades and now, the hoax’s climate change continues to trick the people, actually the innocent component. The leftist parties are the comrades of Bill Clinton, they have exploited the climate change to gain the ballot, it is the political game labeled climate change. Nevertheless, President Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama were the humanitarian heart, both pardoned a thousand serious criminals, certainly, the felons, family and the gangs are grateful two Democratic presidents. On the other hand, President Bill Clinton is the most global cheater, he deceived everyone on the planet. Climate change is the greatest mess in human society.


Mostly, the clever wrongdoers of the Donkey’s Head Party and its faction prepared the safety net by pointing the Democratic judges from the district to federal court. The Democratic judges and the other legal firms become the evil force hiding in the shadow, they have driven the US legal system to serve for their favor and conceal the crime. Even though under the era of President Barrack Obama, the Supreme Court became the tool for his government, he exploited the Democratic Justice to impose the same-sex-marriage legislation to 50 states.


The vestiges of Democrats left over into the legal system, the intelligence agencies are FBI, CIA, National Security Agency and the court’s system, all helped the suspicious felons avoid the indictment. The classified violation, treason, money laundering, terrorist supported and financed, actually, the other serious crimes to be covered up, the Democratic faction rejected to investigations and ignored the law-order. The case of FBI director James Comey didn’t indict Hillary Clinton twice during the presidential election campaign in 2016 that is the hard evidence proved the US legal system has been cornered by the Democrats. The US’s democracy crashed and ruined by the domestic thug.


President Donald Trump becomes the most important target of Democrats because he vows to drain out the White House’ swamp. The Donkey’s Head Party fear the doom day is coming, and it has to come, so they have tried to remove President Donald Trump by the impeachment with the henchmen as James Comey, Robert Mueller… However, almost the cunning conspiracies failed. After nearly two years, President Donald Trump makes America great again and also makes the law-order returning the fair and justice. The US people and the world recognized the monstrosities appeared in the White House’s swamp, it is the time to clean up.


On December 1st, 2018, FBI raided the workers who related with Clinton Foundation, the investigation seeking any pay-to-play of the hoax charity firm that engaged the politics and the other secrets occurred under the era of President Barrack Obama and Secretary of States Hillary Clinton. It is also in the investigation, the Hill released the report from John Solomon provided the information of FBI director James Comey drafted the investigation on Hillary Clinton’s emails but he waived, actually, the anti-Trump’s FBI agent Peter Strzok colluded with boss James Comey to avoid the indictment against Hillary Clinton. The impact of emails waived attempted under the collusion of former President Bill Clinton and incumbent Attorney General Loretta Lynch of Obama’s administration. The cheat system cornered the US law and the investigating firm.


After President Donald Trump getting the office, on December 2017, Attorney General Jeff Session ordered federal prosecutors of the Justice Department has starting to investigate and collect the evidence about 20% Uranium sold to Russia under the responsibility of Secretary of States Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s administration. Therefore, the investigation thwarted by Obama’s vestiges being presented in the investigation’s body. Instead, Democrats strayed the target, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein pointed Robert Mueller to set up the Special Counsel for investigating the fake dossiers falsely accused Russia meddled the US presidential election in 2016. Mr. Robert Mueller takes the role as the Constitutional terrorist and created the smog to cover the Uranium’s incident and the other scandals of Hillary Clinton. The most investigation’s cheat of Democrats and Robert Mueller cost the taxpayer more than $USD 20 million. The horse face man has tried to deceive the public, he created the witnesses and wicked hunt to linger the taxpayer worm’s job.


President Barrack Obama recruited 6 Muslim advisors, while the US leading the world fighting against the terror. In the formality, President Barrack Obama raised the loud sounds to fight the terror, indeed, he fuelled $USA 400 million of the taxpayers for terrorists labeled the hostage exchange. Nevertheless, President Barrack Obama silently carried out the willing of Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden by withdrawal the US troop from Iraq, that created an opportunity for Islamic State founded, so the death of Osama Bin Laden doubts. Former President Barrack Obama is the political magician, he could do anything, including the birth certificate being controversial. Nevertheless, in December 2017, the Politico revealed the project called Cassandra backed the terrorist organization Hezbollah. The Cassandre project flagged Hezbollah activated the Cocain’s syndicates in the United States and South America. The drug traffic was worth a hundred million dollars and money laundering. Moreover, Obama’s administration removed 5 boxes of” Muslim files” that linked the classified covered under the unclassified personal materials. The dossiers to be destroyed, it hampers the investigation. Under the era of Barrack Obama, Iran could access the US treasury, the Muslim advisors should help the enemy entered into the most important firm of the US. There are just icebergs floats while many secrets still are hidden in the shadow and the evil has used the legal system to cover up the serious crimes including the treason.


However, the Benghazi incident occurred on September 11, 2012, it has not solved, that coincided on the same day as the terrorists attacked the US. In the commemoration day on September 11, 2016, while the US election campaigning, Hillary Clinton collapsed, it should be the psychological shock when she remembered the incident of Benghazi? The terror on September 11, 2001, came from the deep cause of President Bill Clinton, within 8 years, the negligent security’s policy helped the terror cells trained in the US’s soil. Once again, the terror on September 11, 2001, is a great job of Bill Clinton. The FBI, CIA, National Security may review the incident of September 11.


The US embassy in Benghazi being endangered while the terrorists were surrounding by the terrorists, despite the Ambassador and the officials called more than 600 security requests reached Secretary of State was Hillary Clinton. Therefore, she and Obama’s administration ignored. Eventually, the embassy failed and the terrorists killed Ambassador to Libya is J. Christopher Stevens with the US Foreign Service Information management Officer Sean Smith and two CIA agents.


The militant group recognized Ansar Al-Sharia carried out the attack. The deaths of Benghazi doubts and covering the mystery as the death of John. F. Kennedy Jr, the son of President Kennedy killed by the plane crashed into the Atlantic Ocean on June 16, 1999. His wife Carolyn Bessette and sister-in-law Laurence Bessette were on broad, no one survived. The rescue seemed slow or willing to delay, it suspected the role of President Bill Clinton, actually, the son of President Kennedy inspired to run the Senator in New York while Hillary Clinton wanted to take the Senate’s place. The death of John. F. Kennedy Jr created the facility for the first lady Hillary Clinton became the Senator in New York from January 3, 2001, to January 21, 2009 (she held Secretary of State). Therefore, in the presidential nomination of Democrats, Senator Edward Kennedy and his fan abandoned Hillary Clinton, instead, they endorsed Senator Barrack Obama. The impact should come from the death doubts of his nephew John F Kennedy Jr? If not, Hillary Clinton accomplished her last dream from 2008.


President Barrack Obama is the Allah adherent, he recruited 6 Muslim advisers, so the most foreign policies created the facilities for the Muslim countries. The Iran Nuclear deal did under the era of Secretary of State John Kerry that was the benefit for Teheran. President Barrack Obama ordered the US troop to withdraw from Iraq that matched the will of Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden and the Islamic State founded. In the formality, President Barrack Obam must raise the mouthful speech to fight against the terrorism, indeed, he provided the finance to the terror carried out under the exchange’s hostages, he helped the terrorist $USD 400 million from the taxpayer.


The four deaths in Benghazi thwarted the investigating because the top panel was Democrats, it started on May 2014 and officially closed on December 2016, the taxpayers cost $USD 7 million. The administration of Obama plus the Democratic Congress and Senate supported Hillary Clinton to waive the Benghazi’s incident. On November 24, 2018, the breaking news released from the Fox news confirmed CIA running arms smuggling team in Benghazi during the embassy being attacked. The people knew President Barrack Obama used the national security, intelligence agencies as the tool of President and Democrats. So it should be the CIA officials receive the order from the director CIA or President Barrack Obama to help the terrorists attacked the US embassy in Benghazi?. The rumor spread about the local security guards were the member of the terrorist’s organization?. The people doubt the death of Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden, so the Benghazi incident is hidden in the mystery.


The US Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens could hold the information about the linking between president Barrack Obama and the terrorists, so should President Barrack Obama destroy the witness before the ambassador reports to the Congress? The deaths of Benghazi raises the questions with Obama, Hillary Clinton, the people and family of the victims want to know the truth.


After nearly two years, the US government has been faced the evils being activated into the legal system, the investigating bodies. The US people believe the justice is going to come, the most suspicious felons and the treason must pay the consequence. The newest incident is touching the necks of Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama, it will conduct the other high profiles as John Kerry, Loretta Lynch, Bill Clinton, James Comey, Robert Mueller… the people want the justice decides the fate of felons and treason./.







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