Europe Awakens after spent the long nightmare of socialism


Posted on August 19, 2018  Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The communist movement and its brother is socialism has affected the wealthy continent at least a century. Almost the communist followers and left parties have not much the communist experts, they just know communism on theory and its paradise as a former communist’s high profile of former the Soviet Union is Boris Yeltsin said:” Communist was just an idea, just pie in the sky”. Nevertheless, the communist follower and leftist ignore the important principle on the knowledge, if you don’t know why did you believe and support? It is like a person invests the unknown company, the money to be risked.


Karl Marx’s radioactivity has rotted the innocent mind from the most dangerous theory appeared on the planet. The genocide was clear to recognize the real face of communism, since October 1917, Lenin transformed the crazy theory of Karl Marx to reality. The dire consequence was more than 100 million people killed and a billion people lost the freedom. The Karl Marx’s pupil in Europe has seen the coffin but they have not cried yet, actually, when the left party or socialist party rule the government, they often applied the demagogic policy for retaining the government in the next election, so the debt added up, nevertheless, the socialism failed when applying to the free market.


From the colonial era to now, Europe has been sinking down into the quagmire of socialism. Almost, the Europe countries face the debt, moreover, Greece is the lesson of the left party rules government. The left or socialist parties could not lead the country to the wealth, instead, the debt and the negligent immigration policy aggravated the social problem and security being unsafe.


After the Second World War, Europe lost the economy’s potential position, nevertheless, the threat of Soviet-Union and Eastern Communist Bloc caused Europe slowed down while the US emerged as the new superpower. When China joined the free market but Beijing has never given up the socialism, nevertheless, China has bluffed the innocent people in the democratic countries by the economic pattern:” the free market is led by socialism”. It causes Europe to be trapped by the fresh interest of the most malicious communist regime on the planet. The fair trade ignored, instead, the trade ties and free trade agreement have transformed the counterparts to be China’s vassals.


The selfish European and mostly the innocent leaders distanced the US, moreover, Europe lined up and collaborated with the den of thieves and the hub of counterfeit, even some countries of Europe exposed the hostile attitude against the US while the US and Europe are democratic patterns, during China is the communist regime. From many decades ago, actually, since China joined the free market, Europe countries deeply involved the economy and money with China. The differently economic characters conflicted, so the European Union has been struck by the cancerous economy. The effort uses the identity currency is Euro that couldn’t strengthen Europe, instead, the Europe states shattered when the country facing the problem as Greece, Spain, and the others. Nevertheless, the demagogic policy of the left and socialist parties distorted the Human Rights to Human Wrong, it created an opportunity for the people smuggle rings making the profit, the asylum seeker plus the terrorist infiltrated. Nowadays, Europe lost the safety and wealthy continent, nevertheless, the illegal migrant’s wave ruined Europe and provided the people.


President Donald Trump applies the fair trade to adjust the tariffs imposed on the global economic terror. Obviously, the steel and aluminum tariffs affected Europe, so France and Germany anger because they lost the profit. The time to escape the economic peril and the illegal migrant is the prominent policy. After the nervous status showed by the panic, Europe seems to get back the confidence and also awakens the long nightmare of socialism. Actually, the national interest and the major people opinion revives. Some nations as Austria and Norway banned the burqa when those countries recognized the danger of the negative religion’s practice, and the Italian government doesn’t allow the asylum seeker to enter their land. Europe has been shattered as after the Second World War, the domestic enemies and the socialism cause the disaster, now the time to get up and rebuild ./.






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