Donald Trump is the greatest strategist of our era


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Chinese people always adore their ancient strategist Sun Tzu, despite he lived from 544-496 BC, but his legacy is timeless. Among the great ideology, the Thirty Six Stratagems has become the handbook for the national leaders, military commanders, the business persons…The Thirty-Six Stratagems could apply to multiple circumstances, the successful score is high.


Nowadays, the US has President Donald Trump is the talent of our era, his record recognizes and proves Donald Trump is the greatest strategist of our era. In the days of yore, the military strategist Sun Tzu was considered as the master of tactic, a guru of the battlefield and the military commanders, the kings, he was the author of The Arts of War, although Sun Tzu was not the national leader (emperor). The historical record was not certain his involvement in the dynasty, therefore, Han’s dynasty historian Sima Qian concerned Sun Tzu held a minister to King Helu of Wu. However, the Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu was not a commander in chief, its position always reserved for the emperor, actually, he didn’t involve into the business. Instead, President Donald Trump is the successful business, his economic battle proved the commander in rich, he became a billionaire with hard work and facing many adversities including a time bankruptcy then getting up, Donald Trump experienced in the business battle, although the fighting without bloodshed but the commander in finance must be intelligent. Winning the enemy in a battle requires the potential commander, therefore, making a billionaire requires the excellent talent. The people study hard will gain a doctoral degree, an army officer promoted general must have the arts of commanding and experience in the battlefield. Therefore, making billionaire is very hard than any careers.


The capacity plus the patriotic heart are the facts to create the greatest strategist in our era. President Donald Trump is the author of The Arts of the Deal, he succeeded in the business and also in the political battle. Obviously, he joined the presidential election in 2016 after recognized the US worsened ever while the nation faces the peril, the domestic enemies shattered the country and the offshore enemies threatened. The appearance of talent Donald Trump responds to the country demand, the people need and the world’s leader to confront with the thugs appear everywhere. The presidential nomination’s battle that told the US people about the capacity of the futuristic commander in chief. A billionaire Donald Trump defeated 16 heavyweight Republicans, they were the senior Senators, former governors. The last battle was a presidential election versus the opponent was Hillary Clinton, the senior lawyer, two terms held the first lady’s title, Senator and also Secretary of State. Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton always prided her political record and snubbed businessman Donald Trump, she claimed Donald Trump doesn’t fit the commander in chief. Moreover, she received strong support from the left media, the leftists and the offshore enemies. Eventually, Donald Trump won with the landslide victory on November 8, 2016, Democrats and the left media trashed, all the believing overturned.


After getting the office, around Mr. President facing the hostile opponents, are Democrats, extremist, illegal migrant, China and even turncoat Republican John McCain while offshore, North Korea often threatening by missile launch and the bomb test. Therefore, the domestic and outside enemies to be defeated, the people live in Korea peninsula ease the tension. Sun Tzu left his great works to the world, actually, Chinese people pride their ancestor. The Thirty-Six Stratagems are the basic lesson for the leader, commander.


Sun Tzu wrote” The Arts of War” was suitable for China being fought between the nations in the region, the sphere of Sun Tzu limited in the region. However, the war is the last solution after the most efforts failed, it causes the death, material damages, and much worst consequence. The Thirty-Six Stratagems of Sun Tzu teaching and developing the war’s tactics to win over the enemy. Therefore President Donald Trump wrote” The Arts of The deal”, so the conflicts could be solved by the deal, not the war, it is the arts of peace, so Sun Tzu couldn’t compare with Donald Trump who conducts the deal would avoid the war. On the other hand, Sun Tzu emphasized and advocated the war, instead, President Donald Trump supports the peace and the war could avoid by the deal. North Korea’s tension has occurred since the end of the war in 1953, the United Nations, the countries in the region and the US presidents have not solved yet. Therefore, President Donald Trump made the peace, the historic summit in Singapore on June 12, 2018, it eases the tension and dictator Kim Jong Un promised no more missile, he destroyed the test sides. Therefore, from 1995 to 2008, the US paid $USD 1.3 billion ransom, South Korea leftist President Kim Dae Jung paid $USD 500 million for the meeting with Kim Jong Il but the tension didn’t stop.


President Donald Trump has the” stratagems” while dealing with the enemies and the opponents, actually, Democrats gathered the expert lawyers and the legal loophole’s professionals, but they couldn’t impeach President Donald Trump. Among the great works of Sun Tzu, his famous quote is timeless “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle”.


President Donald Trump overturned the quote of Sun Tzu when the enemies underestimate, mostly they snub a businessman has no political experience. Therefore, all wrongly judged about a successful businessman couldn’t fit the potential commander in chief, it conducts the failure of the thugs. The enemies have not known what Donald Trump plans and they couldn’t judge the operation. President Donald Trump doesn’t scare what enemies did and will do, but he attacks what the enemies fear. It doesn’t quote in the arts of war of Sun Tzu, so the descendant of the great military strategist of China communist being faced the mayhem.


When a successful businessman becomes the US president, the economy decides the battle. Sun Tzu advised in his Stratagem” Defeat the enemy by capturing their chief”. President Donald Trump defeats the enemy by making their tummy emptied. The tariffs imposed into the China products forced the thug of global economic terror declined, the domestic situation is complicated, actually, the jobless threatens the communist regime in Beijing. Sun Tzu quoted” wait at leisure while the enemy labors”, President Donald Trump uses the economic upper hand and the credit of currency dollar to force China communist regime being swum in the quagmire of economic peril. The strength of US tells the loss of China in the battle fighting against the global economic terror.


Sun Tzu taught the arts of war, it suits for China communist carries out the global hegemony, therefore, Donald Trump advocates the arts of the deal, it is the fair treatment between the counterparts. China communist leaders like the Red empire Xi Jinping just learn from his great ancient strategist Sun Tzu teaching the arts of war, instead, the greatest strategist of our era is Donald Trump who devises and also practices the stratagems, so the communist party will be ruined when they face the master of strategist Donald Trump.


The last stratagem of Sun Tzu reflects the last action” if all else fails, retreat”. Therefore, Donald Trump doesn’t, he learns the mistake and finding the way to fight back. It is the difference between Sun Tzu and Donald Trump. The arts of the deal is high level than the arts of war, anytime and anywhere in the planet, the world and people hate the war, so the arts of the deal suits for humanity and the peace.


While President Donald Trump seeks the fair trade but China communist cheats by the unfair trade with the counterparts. President Donald Trump applies the deal in the fair trade, instead, the descendant of Sun Tzu in Beijing wants to invade the other countries as the conquerors in the old days invaded the other countries, wiped out the culture and annexed into the empire. The successful applicant’s Thirty-Six Stratagems were the handbook for the invaders in China history. Nowadays, the arts of the deal of the greatest strategist Donald Trump conducts the peace, fair and avoiding the war. President Donald Trump is the potential commander in chief, the excellent commander in billionaires (his cabinet gathered the billionaire in the US) and, actually, he is the commander in peace./.



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