Democrats versus the patriotic wall of Trump


Posted on January 1, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The wall is the last test the patriotic exercise of Democrats, whatever, Democrats always betray the US people and the real face appeared to the public. Democrats reflects the formula 3D=Demagogy+Deception+Destruction. The mouthful rhetoric of professional cheaters as Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, John Kerry, Bernie Sanders, and the others could not deceive the US people and once again, the wall proves the treasonous faces of Democrats.


The domestic thug has disguised the hoax patriot, therefore, the Donkey’s Head Party unmasked the Karl Marx’s pupil. Do not listen to what Democrats told, let’s watch what they did.


Everyone, including Democrats, recognize the national security is the most important policy keeping the enemies and the criminals out the country, the society safe. However, Democrats favor the factions, individual interest than the national interest and the people safe. All put behind the party and Democratic high profiles, actually, the most Democratic president misused the power and exploited the taxpayers to enjoy the luxury vacation as President Barrack Obama and family spent more than $USD 100 million within 8 years in White House. The tax worm’s family Barrack Obama always wants to pinch the people’s sweat with the life pension although former President Barrack Obama became a millionaire while President Donald Trump who volunteers to serve the country without the salary, he makes America great again, his patriotic heart rewarded the major people support.


The wall does need to protect the border, therefore, under the era of Democratic President Barrack Obama, the border seemed unleashed, the boom time of illegal migrant plus the drug syndicates, terrorists and the felons infiltrated, it created the social disorder. Nevertheless, annually, the illegal migrant cost the taxpayers more than $USD 130 billion, therefore, the wall just costs $USD 5.7 billion but Democrats stopped the funding that causes apart of the government shut down.


The wall becomes the live hostage to blackmail the government and Democrats also using the cost of living of nearly a million government workers for the dirty political game. They have no heart nor patriotic concern, instead, the brazen and snooty attitude of Democratic Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer while discussing with President Donald Trump that causes the people anger and abhore Democrats. The wall belongs to the country, it is not Donald Trump’s wall as the left media and Democrats distort. The wall is the common property of United States of America, President Donald Trump wants the country safe, the border completely protected. Therefore, Democrats hate the wall, they stand alongside the illegal migrant and the offshore enemies.


The wall costs not much but it ensures the border security in the long term. The Wall is also the border protection’s strategy. Israel built a wall to prevent the terrorist and its country’s security improved, certainly, Palestine and terrorists strongly reacted and opposed the wall. In 2017, Turkey completed the 700 kilometers wall at Syria’s border. So the wall at the US border and Mexico guarantee the security, why do Democrats prevent?


There is only the Vietnamese overseas sent money to family in Vietnam plus holidays provided to the Vietcong’s inhumane regime more than $USD 20 billion a year to build the” socialism” for the rouge regime. The wall is very cheap, instead the benefit is great but Democrats deleted the wall in the budget, they expose the treasonous attitude.


Democrats are shameless while a disabled veteran Brian Kolfage lost 3 limbs in Iraq battle, but volunteers to raise the fund to build the wall, he is a hero, the patriotic symbol of United States of American. Brian Kolfage’s patriotic spirit destroys the treasonous Democrats for every dollar he collected from the patriotic citizen. The wall solves the border protection and also the last test of the Democrats.


The asylum seeker becomes the global peril, the people smuggling, terrorists, drug syndicates and the felons have exploited the humanity of the Western to invade under the label of Human Rights of the United Nations. Therefore, the character of asylum seeker and refugee are quite different as the python and tiger snake including the Cobra, although all are the reptiles. The innocent Westerners considers everyone fled the country, they are the refugee, so the Human Rights turn Human Wrong. In Australia, within 6 years ruled by Labor Party, there were more than 50,000 asylum seekers, it cost the taxpayers tens of billion dollars and the problem is not over yet, the asylum seekers become the political game of Labor plus Greens Party (Garbage Party). Europe shattered by the asylum seeker’s wave, it is among the causes British decided the Brexit and now, the asylum seeker still threatens the security in Europe.


Democrats advocate the illegal migrant for their ballot, so behind the migrant caravan’s wave has the Democrats and the left media currently terrorizes the mind of the people by the scenes of children, woman and the asylum seekers on their media terror bases in the US and offshore countries propagate. The children, woman tactics applied in the human shield exposed the cunning conspiracy of Democrats. Nevertheless, the Democratic judges misused the attorney power to issue the court order against the border protection’s order of President Donald Trump. It is very hard to believe the senior judges are illiterate law, the court order just applies to the criminal, not presidential order, on the other hand, the legal thugs exercise the bush law in the US legal system. Certainly, the Democratic judges are the treason, they didn’t release the court order to stop the illegal migrant invaded the US under the era of President Barrack Obama.


The government’s shutdown as long as the conspiracy of Democrats, whatever, the wall must build from the major population and it reflects the national security. The people power is invincible, Democrats and the henchmen couldn’t swim against the people. The wall’s fundament build on the patriotic spirit and the national demand, President Donald Trump makes America great again, the border safe ever and the people live on the security while Democrats denied, even opposed all the national interest. The treason must pay the high prices when they lost the support from the grassroots. The wall crashes Democrats and trashed the Donkey’s Head Party.


The US people wall activates to build by President Donald Trump, he offers the patriotic gift to the United States of America, Democrats has lost the people trust and the treasonous face appeared. On the other hand, Democrats commit suicide and to be crushed down at the people wall./.







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