Democrats terrorize White House with the general offensive


Posted on September 9, 2018 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The mid-term Congressional election is close that cause Democrats and its hand launch the general offensive to terrorize White House, actually, the main target is the potential Commander in Chief Donald Trump who makes America great again and also made the domestic thugs pain after getting the office on January 20, 2017. Therefore, the panic station of Democrats couldn’t hide when President Donald Trump succeeded the economy and the international issues as North Korea, Syria, and the others.


The Special Council of the long face man Robert Mueller turn trash, the malicious conspiracy is useless, instead of the taxpayer’s outrage with more than $USD 17 million wasted for the cheat investigation has never concluded. On the other hand, Mr. Robert Mueller has used the US taxpayers to terrorize America as President Barrack Obama who used the taxpayers to fight the terrorist and he also used $USD 400 million taxpayers for the terrorist’s ransom, nevertheless, President Barrack Obama created an opportunity for Islamic State founded and he also carried the will of Osama Bin Laden wanted the US troop withdrawal from Iraq.


The general offensive to be performed by the left media, the sharp terror’s media is The New York Times has struck the White House by the fake news and fabricated story about the opponents in administration, but President Donald Trump requires The New York Times provides the list, therefore, they couldn’t do because the fake news wrote under a form of OPINION. Certainly, any opinion is not news, it reflects the individual option but published in The New York Times, the worst cheat exposes the disgraced media. President Donald Trump requires Attorney General Jeff Sessions to investigate the fake news released by The New York Time. Everyone could recognize the media terror-struck by the fake news and fabricated story that attack the national interest, The New York Times acts as the treason.


After the media terror failed, the losers crazily terrorize President Donald Trump by the obsolete weapon is the mental health illness. In the passage of time, the bullshit professors of Havard and Yale University got lost the medical career, but they conspired to use the medical experts to remove President Donald Trump. Unfortunately, rear Admiral, Dr. Ronny Jackson destroyed the bullshit professors, psychiatrists.


Recently, after The New York Times terrorized unsuccessfully by the fabricated story, the left media terror has released there are a thousand Psychiatrists confirmed President Donald Trump is the mental health illness, despite they have never diagnosed President Donald Trump, how could the doctors conclude the illness without diagnosing a patient? Certainly, a primary school student could release “ a medical statement” in the kid game, the other hand, everyone can create a medical certificate themselves, not need the professors, doctors, psychiatrists come from Havard and Yale University. Once again, the left media uses the recycled tactic to terrorize President Donald Trump, the public want the left media release the list of a thousand professors, doctors and psychiatrists as soon as possible, if not, the media terror to be cracked down.


Former President Barrack Obama joins the general offensive, Democrats prepare the mid-term Congressional election. However, former President Barrack Obama becomes the worst president in the US history, his legacies are $USD 20 trillion in debt and he activated the gender war, racial war. The disgraced fetch Barrack Obama appears in the public with the students in Illinois, certainly, the adult doesn’t want to hear the bullshit speech to attach President Donald Trump. Despite, the worst president Barrack Obama attacks, but President Donald Trump has no interest, he said: ”I’m sorry U watched it, but I fell asleep”. The rumor lobbies former President Barrack Obama will challenge President Donald Trump in the election 2020. Therefore, the US people fear 8 years the country shattered, but, the Arlington Cemetery needs a political carcass president, so Barrack Obama could find a good place to do, he should be a first president of Arlington Cemetery, not White House.


When the election day coming closer, the heavyweight of Democrats and the left media terror rush the attack White House and President Donald Trump. Therefore, the great achievements win over the cunning tactics, the general offensive turns to garbage and nasty. The losers couldn’t change the situation, but the crazy attack that cost more damage when the US people love what Donald Trump did and hate whoever attacks the US interest. Democrats are turning the dead Donkey talking and cheating. After the former commander in thieves and commander in cheat Barrack Obama attacks White House, in the future, the US people will see the disgrace faces of Democratic high profiles as former President Bill Clinton, his wife Hillary Clinton, former Vice cranky President Joe Biden, Michelle Obama…to terrorize White House./.







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