Democrats play the Kid Game in politics in Kavanaugh


Posted on September 30, 2018 Hoa TruongPosted in Published Articles



Almost Democrats are the adult but they act as the kid lost the lolly with the bullshit tactics carried out by the garbage icons. Democrats are the thug of people, they always show the hostile attitude against the national interest to the public, it is not an opposition party’s function but the enemy of the country. The hostility of Democrats opposes the national interest, actually, the most policies of President Donald Trump carrying out the national security, border protection, the economy, and the others issued, the Democrats crazily attack as the thug.


As the manner, the Supreme judge’s nomination to be opposed strongly from the Donkey Party. Supreme Court’s judge Anthony Kennedy is going to retire in July 2019, President Donald Trump nominates Mr. Brett Kavanaugh to replace but Democrats oppose. Nevertheless, they abuse Mr. Brett Kavanaugh by the malicious tactic, the sexual harassment applies to defame and eliminates the nomination.


The new vanguard is Dr. Christine Blasey Ford who accuses Mr. Brett Kavanaugh alleged the sexual assault her 36 years ago. Every questions Doctor or Dogtor (*) Ford, why didn’t she accuse after 36 years?. Nevertheless, the accusation has no evidence, without witness, it is a farce of Democrats, the party turns to garbage and losing the people’s trust. On the other hand, Dogtor Ford sold her reputation and personality for Democratic conspiracy, she is shameless as pornstar Stormy Daniels who made the false accusation President Donald Trump. She must know the false accusation is a crime and it should face the criminal charge. Moreover, the defamation’s compensation cost a lot of money. Obviously, Dogtor Christine Blasey Ford loses the people’s sympathy and her face is ugly when she appears in the public. The most raped victim doesn’t want to see the culprit, but Dogtor Christine Blasey Ford prides to meet Mr. Brett Kavanaugh.


Democrats go too far, they pressure the congressional testimony, the Democratic Congress couldn’t find a clue as Dr. Ford accuses, it is 100 % false accusation, but Democrats try to abuse and delay the nomination. On EnVolve, Doyle Alexander wrote:” Stop EVERYTHING.


A man has just come forward stating that Dr. Ford’s allegations that Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her may, in reality, be misdirected.


The man has yet to be named but has admitted to being the real person whom Dr. Ford encountered.


Democrats fail the Congressional testimony so they turn to the other tactic, the FBI investigation raises and the turncoat Republican is Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona requires while the Senate continues to vote for the Supreme judge’s nomination. Senator Flake puts the individual interest above the national interest because he is going to retire in the next election, actually, he hates President Donald Trump as Hanoi Songbird Senator John McCain. The FBI’s investigation takes the time and spending the taxpayers as the bullshit Special Counsel of the former disgraced FBI boss Robert Mueller investigates Russia meddled the US election in 2016, the taxpayers wasted more than $USD 20 million. Therefore, Democrats don’t care, they just want to abuse and delay the Supreme Court judge’s nomination.


The hostile attitude of Democrats show the Donkey Party doesn’t represent for the US people, but the rivals putting above the country. Despite, all Democrats are the adult but they play the kid game and self-pleasure the cunning conspiracy./.


Notes (*) my word “Dogtor” is a rant academic who distorts the doctoral degree for politics, individual interest or the other purpose.







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