Democrats have no policy in the midterm election


Posted on October 25, 2018 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The midterm congressional election’s campaign, the favorite policies are the main subjects conducts the US voter. Mostly, Democratic President Barrack Obama with his close comrades Hillary Clinton, John Kerry plus the Democratic Congress and Senate left over the terrible consequence for the US, they made America worst off ever. Nevertheless, the Obama Scares became the nightmare for the people with the mountain debt is nearly $USD 20 trillion, the border unleashed cost hundred billion dollars of the taxpayer and so many disasters that shattered America.


However, there are only under 2 years in the office, President Donald Trump completed the major promises, he makes America great again, it sends the strong message to Democrats and the US people in the midterm congressional election will be held on November 6, 2018. The great achievements of President Donald Trump conflict with the fallen policies of Democrats, so Republic wins over the people trust on:


1- The domestic:


- The border protection and the national security improved. Despite Democrats and the domestic thugs have tried to hamper the policies of White House, but they failed and transforming the outrage to attack President Donald Trump, family and the administration.


- The job created that pushed the unemployment rate hit the lowest record since 1969, jobless dropped to 3.4%, the factories revived, the ghost towns disappeared after 8 years boomed under the rule of President Barrack Obama who boasted the slogan” yes we can”. The SATAN’S era of Obama recorded, a high tide of” yes we can”, the jobless increased by nearly 11% (from Forbes information).


- President Donald Trump cut the tax of worker and company while President Barrack Obama increased the tax and took the money to help the asylum seeker, paid the ransom for terrorist and enjoyed hundred million dollars of the taxpayers for the luxury vacations. President Barrack Obama destroyed the US from A to Z while SANTA’s era of President Donald Trump who gives the US people getting back the track of great America, actually, he serves the country without salary.


- President Donald Trump unmasked the left media terror, the domestic thug often attacks the people mind by the fake news and fabricated story, the thugs in media misleads the public and poison the people mind since the Cold War, and now, they left media thug must pay the consequence, they lost the people trust and also the profit.


2- The international issues are going to solve: North Korea, Middle East, Syria war, Islamic State to be pushed into the mountain. President Barrack Obama destroyed the US prestige by the weak policy, instead, President Donald Trump restored the credit from allies and the world, the allies respect and enemy appalls. Nevertheless, the war fighting against the global economic terror of China adjust the fair tariffs after more than a half-century, China bullied and abused the counterparts, including the US.


The great achievements of President Donald Trump that threatened more loss of Democrats in the midterm congressional election. China also wants to hamper the US to impose more tariffs, it is the vital vulnerability of the inhumane regime in Beijing. Democrats, China, extremist, and the left media terror have tried to gain the majority in the Senate and Congress, the midterm congressional election is the crucial battle and also the last hope of Democrats and the offshore thugs. Unfortunately, Democrats have no policy, instead of the attack swoops for every word, therefore, the political battle is not like the boxing arena, whoever has the best policy for national interest and the people, they will convince the ballot.


Democrats, the domestic thugs, and the offshore enemies fear the loss of midterm congressional election that aggravates the situation if Republic controls the Congress and Senate. However, Democrats are the vanguard force in the election, but they have not the favored policies, almost, President Donald Trump did.


The negative reaction of Democrats exposes on the weak and boring policies plus the crazy attack, the dull critics, propaganda plus the false poll as the election in 2016. The old tactics repeat without the public interest. Therefore, the most excellent policies of Democrats are:


- The hoax climate change has launched by former Vice President Al Gore, an opportunist won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007. In 1999 he had $USD 6,000 but in 2017 his assets estimate $USD 300 million. The hoax climate change has changed to business, they stray the cause of national disaster by the industry and energy, indeed, the surface of the jungle clearer that is the culprit of the climate change.


- The illegal migrant: Democrats propagate and attack the border protection of President Donald Trump since January 20, 2017. Democrats have applied the HUMAN WAVE’St TACTIC of their beloved comrade Mao Tse Tung in the Korea War, Vietnam War. The human wave’s tactic carried out by the illegal migrant that shattered Europe and the human wave’s tactic repeats in the US. Obviously, the border crisis became the propaganda of Democrats with the so-called children separated from the parent and now the Migrant Caravan’s wave emerges during the midterm congressional election being campaigned in the last stage, it is the favored tactic of Democrats. The illegal migrants are traveling from Honduras, Guatemala to Mexico, the numerous alien estimates 7,000. President Donald Trump has no surprised on Twitter:” The Caravans are a disgrace to the Democrat Party. Change the immigration laws NOW!”


The left media and someone attacks the border protection of the US’s government by the human rights but it turns human wrong. Democrats attack President Donald Trump and White House raise the grave concern inside the illegal migrant, there are the felons, the gangs, terrorist and the dishonest…it is the responsibility of the US government into the national security and border protection. Democrats and the left media have no responsibility for the national security and the national interest.


Democrats and the left media telling no evidence of the reason of White House warns the dishonest, the felon and the terrorist inserted inside the asylum seeker. Therefore, how do they know all the illegal migrant are all good? The terrorist infiltrated inside the illegal migrant in Europe that warns the US national security. The illegal migrant expose into the migrant caravan is the last tactic of Democrats, but the Donkey party couldn’t use the racial shield into the human wave’s tactic to gain the ballot while the major population in the US scare the illegal migrant invade and created many social complications, actually, under the era of Satan’s Barrack Obama, the USA shattered and the thugs threatening the national security. Vote for Republic is vote the job, but vote Democrats are a vote for the mob./.







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