Democrats have applied the rigged election


Posted on November 11, 2018 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



Democrats are keen to deceive with the demagogic policy, among the cunning tactics, the rigged election is the professional career of the Donkey’s Head Party, it is the tradition of the left and communist party. Whatever, Democrats could find anyway, including the legal loopholes and technology to cheat the election. The rigged election could carry out from the multiple forms:


1-The left media is the vanguard of Democrats, the cheat and false polls mislead the public as a French proverb” le mouton de Panurge” has operated. The false poll’s tactic could change the outcome of the election, actually, the undecided voters could follow the cheat polls. Therefore, after many times cheated the public by the fabricated polls, the people have no trust when an opinion poll has released coming from the famous fake news media companies, the people doubt the polls, the credit must take a long time to create, it is the consequence of the cheat polls and the fake news have to pay.


2-The technical cheat, Democrats could exploit the voting machine to change the result, so in the midterm election in 2018, there were at least 13 states faced the voting machine being engaged the malfunction, the Democratic fan is the culprit.


3-The human cheat: Democrats could rig the election by the tactics:

-One person voted many times: mostly, every election, the cheat voters to be arrested and facing the criminal charge, Democrats should hire the fraud’s voters


-The dead people could use to vote. The presidential election 2008, the dead people helped Barrack Obama gained more ballot.


-The electoral commission could change or destroy the ballot: the midterm election 2018, at Florida, the rigged election has discovered. The Political Insider published an article of Matt on November 9, 2018” Trump: Law enforcement looking into Florida election fraud”. This comment wrote:” Last year there was a scandal in Broward County, FL when their elections chief Brenda Snipes was caught destroying ballots to help rig local elections towards Democrats. Despite the three lawsuits that fraud sparked, Snipes is again the center of a voter fraud scandal, this time at the national stage. Yesterday Rick Scott, whose Senate victory could be contested as a result of Broward country’s inability to produce a vote tally, filed a lawsuit against Broward for their effort to “steal” the election through “rampant fraud.” And now, President Donald Trump is turning up the heat, threatening to get law enforcement involved in this “big corruption scandal”. And President Donald Trump twittered”Law Enforcement is looking into another big corruption scandal having to do with Election Fraud in #Broward and Palm Beach. Florida voted for Rick Scott!” The rigged election discovered so the court of Broward’s county in Florida announced Democrats breach the Constitution. The fraud’s election has found somewhere else,  the outcome being argued.


After the midterm election, the controversy is inevitable, actually, Democrats are the hub of the rigged election, they have tried to steal the result and claim the victory. Certainly, the law could apply, the members of Democrats in the House of Representatives doubt after the rigged elections discovered with the hard evidence.


Democrats claim the little blue wave in the House Representatives, but incumbent Congresswoman’s leader Nancy Pelosi and the left media exaggerate as the great victory, certainly, Democrats failed to impeach President Donald Trump after they have not got enough a 2/3 members in the House of Representatives the most important purpose has never succeeded. Republicans expand more seats in the Senate, it means the government easily to select the supreme court, ministers and the other important officials.


The Senate is the backbone of the government, so Democrats lost again into the control policies. The Senate is the place to protect the national interest, the foreign policy and the power of government while the House of Representatives takes care of the domestic. Democrats control the House of Representatives with the small number means nothing to change the national security and foreign policies. Certainly, Democrats control the House of Representatives is like a butler manages a property but the land title holds by Republicans.


According to the record of the midterm elections occurred. In 1994, Democratic President Bill Clinton lost 8 Senators and 45 seats at the House of Representatives. In 2020, once again, Democratic President Barrack Obama lost 6 Senators and 63 seats at the House Representatives. Therefore, the left media conceals the news, they propagate Democrats manage the House Representatives as the great victory.


There are just a few days boasting the victory, the position of madam Long Face Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi to be threatened by her comrades. So the Nancy Pelosi should not retain the House Speaker. The anti-Pelosi are Jason Crow of Colorado, Abigail Spanberger in Virginia and Conor Lamb in Pennsylvania while the Pelosi’s rival has not enough the number to keep her leading job. The Democratic domestic battle is starting, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi is the vestige of Barrack Obama, her face couldn’t interest into the new era. Democratic politicians divided by the rivals, including the concerned Democrats could help the government again the national interest policies ./.







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