Democrats has swum into the quagmire of Russia


Posted on December 19, 2018 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



After the potential loss of the presidential election in 2016, Hillary Clinton and Democrats have transformed the deep woe to desperate revenge by the fabricated story attributes Russia meddled the US election and Democrats collaborated with former FBI director Robert Mueller plus Deputy Attorney General Rod Jay Rosenstein to bear the legal monstrosity dubbed Special Counsel to investigate Russia intervened the US election.


The Special Counsel becomes the legal terror’s cell led by the commander in legal terrorist is Mr. Robert Muller. The people doubts about the dossiers and recently the former British Intelligence agent Christopher Steele has admitted the dossiers hired by Hillary Clinton. It is clear to confirm the Special Counsel involved in the deep conspiracy of Democrats. Therefore, Mr. Robert Mueller has tried to protect the inappropriate spending is more than $USD 30 million of the taxpayers using for the political game, it is the most legal cheat in the US history. FBI needs to investigate the fabricated dossiers and indict Mr. Robert Mueller who lies with the FBI, the US government, Congress and the people. Indeed, Hillary Clinton sold 20% Uranium of the US to Russia, it is the treason, but Mr. Robert Mueller ignored.


The legal terrorist Robert Mueller is a senior lawyer’s background, he tries the develop the loopholes and the cunning tactics of the career could stand alongside with a plaintiff or a defendant to make a profit from the legal fees. Mr. Robert Mueller finds the way to escape the people question, actually, the audit and the Justice Department should investigate the cheat investigation of the horse face man.


However, Mr. Robert Mueller is clever but not intelligent, the legally disgraced magician Robert Mueller displayed the gaffes to the public. He grabbed the unrelated targets to avoid the investigation should apply to the Special Counsel and himself. The deception unmasked after the rant’s coffee boy George Papadopoulos in the campaign confessed the cheat, the short term campaign’s manager Paul Manafort targeted, actually, Robert Mueller got his lawyer colleague Michael Cohen, the former lawyer of billionaire Donald Trump. Mr. Michael Cohen exposed the character of the LAWYER 30, it means an easy turning face’s lawyer could betray a former client, even stabs in back after a client paid 29 days, but the day of 30th didn’t pay.


The collaboration performed between Robert Mueller and Michael Cohen is the disgraced sitcom. Lawyer Michael Cohen helped his lawyer colleague Robert Mueller remains the taxpayer worm’s job and also revenges his former client is President Donald Trump who didn’t use a lawyer in White House after winning the election, actually, President Donald Trump recognized the betrayal face of his lawyer.


The 3 years sentenced in prison of Michael Cohen is just the personal conviction as the tax evasion and telling a lie. After the obsolete drama performed on the left media terror’s dens, the dirty conspiracy appeared to the public. Mr. Robert Mueller uses the payments of the women who blackmailed and extortion President Donald Trump as the essential evidence for “ Russia meddled the US election in 2016”. What does Robert Mueller investigate? According to the Uncensored released an article’s headline:” NY Times: Clinton & Soros paid women to accuse Trump of misconduct”. This article opening:”


Dirty money tied to George Soros and Hillary Clinton was used to pay women to falsely accuse President Trump of sexual harassment, according to a bombshell New Year’s Day report in the New York Times.”. The New York Times is the left media, but they couldn’t conceal the truth when the public knew, it is the worst time of Democrats and Robert Mueller.


    Whatever, the private payment of Donald Trump when some women exploited the presidential election’s campaign didn’t relate Russia meddled the US election or the false accusation of the misconduct that conspires to impeach President. Actually, President Donald Trump is the victim of the extortion money of pornstar Stormy Daniels, why didn’t Robert Mueller indict the extortive culprit Stormy Daniels instead he attacks the victim? Mr. Robert Mueller applies the bush law in the US legal system.


    Former FBI director James Comey is the dead man walking, he exploits the inform of lawyer Michael Cohen to attack President Donald Trump paid the ransoms, he revenges Mr. President fired a traitor and the henchman of Democrats, moreover, James Comey closes the relationship with Clinton Foundation. Nevertheless, Mr. James Comey was the FBI director during the election campaigning, but he had not any clue about Russia intervened the election, so he follows Robert Mueller in the case of Michael Cohen that is a farce. FBI and the Justice Department need to indict Mr. James Comey who misused the FBI director’s position to waive the twice indictments applying on Hillary Clinton about the emails in the elections, he broke the law to conceal the crimes.


   Democrats and its fan being fallen into the entire hopelessness after all the attempts to impeach President Donald Trump failed while the swamp in White House is draining. The efforts are vain, Democrats, the henchmen, actually, Mr. Robert Mueller have swum in Russia’s quagmire. The rescued float is the fake dossiers wrote by Christopher Steele, it is sinking down into the crimes of lie and cheats. Democrats have no way to escape, any move that aggravates the more worst situation. The US people and the world feel so sick and vomit for every hopeless action of Democrats, Robert Mueller, James Comey appear on the left media terror’s bases.


    During FBI is opening the Hillary Clinton’s emails and Clinton Foundation being unveiled after Chief Financial Officer Andrew Kessel provided 6,000 pages of the most scam charity’s organization in the US and the suspicious crimes, corruption, and treason are waiting for the justice. Democrats and the henchmen panic, actually, the legal terrorist Robert Mueller purposes former General Michael Flynn, the former national security adviser. Certainly, Mr. Robert Mueller didn’t have any document linking from Kremlin to Donald Trump, so the case of Michael Flynn is just an old cheat. The obsolete drama to be reacted by Representative Darrel Issa (R-Ca) predicted the conviction of Michael Flynn that arrayed by Robert Mueller. Representative Darrell Issa said:” the FBI tricked him into nit having a lawyer when, in fact, he was not only a suspect but a target and they had transcripts”. Anh he expressed:” I would not be surprised a bit that the conviction of Flynn is overturned because of the Justice Department and the FBI’s misconduct, and that, in fact, we go potentially all the way to Supreme Court with new protections when the FBI and the Department of Justice lies to somebody and tricks them into making statements, and then charges them with a lie that they entrapped them in”. The left media propagates the case of Michael Flynn, but they have not released the truth to the public. Democrats turn folly, they attack Donald Trump’s charity organization that retaliates Clinton Foundation and the emails being opened. The physical reactions of Democrats and the henchmen as Robert Mueller, James Comey, and the left media are like all kind of insect being struck by the pesticide, before falling into the motionless state, the wrongdoers reflect./.







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