Democrats deceive and destroy Democracy


Posted on October 7, 2018 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The malicious dishonest often covers the face under the nice label as the communist movement killed more than hundred million people and enslaved a billion people, but the Karl Marx’s pupil promoted the genocide, robbery with the beautiful titles are revolution, socialism, communist paradise…


Democrats appear the real face of the demagogic party, actually, they act like the domestic thug to attack the national interest. Democrats are Donkey Party’s formula is 3D=Deception + Demagogy +Destruction.


Democrats lie about the policy, they often promote themselves to take care of the people, indeed, any political party must serve for the people. Under the era of Democratic President Barrack Obama, the US shattered, actually, the high rate of unemployment pushing the social disaster. He created the jobless and the food stamp’s recipient across 50 states of the US. However, the Donkey Party couldn’t hide the real face after the US presidential election in 2016. Despite the Constitution consented Donald Trump is the 45th US president, but Democrats have conspired to retake White House by the cunning tactics. The malevolent party has tried to topple President Donald Trump by the legal technic, the key of conspiracy is 25th Amendment becomes the last hope. Democratic academics come from Harvard and Yale University distorted the medical career to state Donald Trump struck the mental health illness although, the psychiatrists have never diagnosed Donald Trump. The bullshit medical statements destroyed the reputation of the medical DOGTORS, not DOCTORS and the prestige of Havard and Yale University. Eventually, Rear Admiral, Dr. Ronny Jackson unmasked the bullshit medical doctors.


Democrats have never given up the attack to President Donald Trump, a minor leader in Congress is Nancy Pelosi and Senate is Chuck Schumer with Deputy Attorney General Rob Rosenstein created the uglily legal firm is Special Counsel with former FBI boss Robert Mueller who investigates the fake case of Russia meddled the US election in 2016. The political conspiracy cost the taxpayers $USD 20 million, actually, the left media terror’s lairs as The New York Times, CNN, CBS, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, and the other thugs have terrorized the White House and President Donald Trump by the fake news plus the fabricated stories. The domestic thugs have launched the total attack on the US interest, nevertheless, the mid-term Congressional election will be an opportunity for Democrats to impeach President Donald Trump if they occupy the Senate and Congress, moreover, China stands alongside with” comrade” Democrats, certainly, Beijing wants the war fighting against the global economic terror stops or hampers if Democrats control the Capitol Hill after November 6, 2018.


The other worry of Democrats when Mr. Brett Kavanaugh becomes the Supreme Court judge. From a day that President Donald Trump nominates Brett Kavanaugh, Democrats abuse and trying to stop, even eliminate judge Brett Kavanaugh in the nomination. The low-class action is the woman shield’s tactic, the vanguard is Dr. Christine Blasey Ford (or Dogtor Christine Blasey Ford) who falsely accuses judge Brett Kavanaugh about the rape. Therefore, the incident happened 36 years ago without a clue, its reason conflicts the career, so FBI rejected to investigate as turncoat Republican Senator Jeff Flake proposes. Nevertheless, during the Senate’s testimony and the Senate’s vote, Democrats used the woman shield’s tactic to protest outside as Vietcong and extremist have applied. Democrats outrage after the conspiracy failed, ultimately, Mr. Brett Kavanaugh has succeeded the supreme court’s nomination on September 6, 2018. Once again, Democrats and it fan did nothing to bar Judge Brett Kavanaugh. The Supreme Court will decide the fate of the wrongdoers and the felons have not indicted yet.


Democrats deceive the people, attack the national interest and destroy the Democracy in the US. On the other hand, Democrats are the thug of people, the enemy of democracy despite they have exploited the title of democracy for propaganda of the demagogic policy./.







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