Democrats cover the potential loss after midterm poll


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The US’s House of Representatives has 435 members, mostly, the members come from the two main parties are Republican and Democrats. The member of the House of Representatives belongs to the numerous of people in the electorate, so most members couldn’t experience the politics, the only term’s representative would lose the next election, it is normal. Democrats become the hub of complication contains the trifling politicians. The Donkey’s Head Party (1) recruited the Muslim representatives for getting more seats. Indeed, the US citizen has never needed the Sharia Law’s activists joined the House of Representatives. The Democratic fan blindly votes Sharia’s activists but they have never supported the gender discrimination and respect the Human Rights. Therefore, the Senate only has 100 senators, actually, every state elected two Senators and every state has one Governor. As the routine, the presidential candidates are the Senators or Governor as Senator John McCain, Barrack Obama, Governor Ronald Reagan…


The House of Representatives is like the General Practice (G.P) in the medical field, but the Senate is as the Specialist has a small number. The function of Senate commissions on the foreign policy and approval the most important positions as ministers, supreme judge…while the House of Representatives is like the domestic. So Democrats worry after Republican controls the Senate, it is a facility for President Donald Trump will nominate the officials to drain out the swamp. Attorney General Jeff Session fired and Mathew George Whittaker replaces from November 7, 2018. Democrats couldn’t prevent the new Attorney General Mathew George Whittaker, who holds the chief of staff of Jeff Session since September 2017 and acting United States Attorney General since 2018. The minor Democratic leader Chuck Schumer just told the new Attorney General recuses himself, but what for? It is the negative reaction of the Donkey’s Head Party. Certainly, Senator Chuck Schumer does nothing to stop the nomination of President Donald Trump as before he did with the turncoat Republican John McCain. The Republican controls the Senate that means commanding in the rule of government. In the future, the new Attorney General will investigate Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama and the other high profiles of Democrats, if among of the corrupted politicians are the members of House Representatives, so Democrats fear the disaster will come. Democrats control the House of Representatives is just the common sense of the checks and balances in the politics. Therefore, the Donkey’s Head Party loses the backbone is the Senate, the little victory proves the big loss of Democrats in the midterm election. Democrats and the left media cover the potential failure by the propaganda, it is the emptied cask makes the loud sounds.


The new Attorney General has the long critic Robert Mueller, so the Special Counsel is uncertain. The anxiety of Democrats and the henchman Robert Mueller have exposed by the CNN’s reporter Jim Acosta who colluded with Robert Mueller to indict President Donald Trump, so the reporter without a brain expelled from White House, the Secret Agent revoked the entry permission.


Democrats control the House of Representative after the outcome of the midterm election on November 6, 2018. Despite the numerous members are not enough to impeach President Donald Trump, it is the main purpose of Democrats. Unfortunately, Democrats just advanced a few seats, they could abuse the White House, but a bill has to pass through the Senate. The slight lead in the House of Representatives will not help Democrats retake the government by the impeachment that requires at least a 2/3 members, certainly, Democrats failed the main purpose. Although Democrats slightly lead in the House of Representatives, they couldn’t and will not impeach President Donald Trump. Therefore, Democrats and the left media expose the self-pleasure by threatening to remove President Donald Trump. The phony psychological warfare shows the kid brain in the adult mind, the public laughing Democratic high profiles as madam Nancy Pelosi who leads the Donkey’s Head Party. The Long face female politician (2) boss of Democrats in the House of Representatives who has the face is not different from pornstar Stormy Daniels, the Vietnam War traitor John Kerry, Robert Mueller…Madam Long face’s Democratic leader in the House of Representative intimidate to bring President Donald Trump down, but how will she do? She has the disgraced joke, but the left media chimes the funny menace and they are happy to do the impossible mission, except, it happened on the films of Tom Cruise.


The kid brain’s politicians of Donkey’s Head Party behave as an anecdote of Chinese people in the days of yore. A story depicted an absolutely loyal servant of the deposed prince, a loyal servant vowed to kill the enemy by anyway to revenge. Therefore, the enemy is a powerful king, so the servant does nothing. A day, he meets the king and explains the loyal heart of a blind loyal servant. The king understands the sympathy of the fallen servant, so the king agrees taken off his cloth then a loyal servant uses the wooden stick to beat the dress.


The most national important jobs to be done by President Donald Trump within a half-term of the presidency. Democrats couldn’t reverse the worker and company’s tax cut,  the border protection policy, actually, the foreign policy, the war fighting against the global economic terror belongs to the Senate. On the other hand, Democrats could exploit the slight majority in the House of Representatives to abuse the government as Robert Mueller has carried out from 18 months ago. Therefore, Democrats will face the reaction from the people and the next presidential election 2020, the people will not favor Democrats.


The close comrade of Democrats is the left media, the journalists without a brain, the reporters without heart and the media companies have no truth, they are the thugs of people, the foe of the public, the garbage of communication. They indulge the control of the House of Representatives as the great victory ever, indeed, the House of Representatives is a part in Capitol Hill, any bill must pass to the Senate before becomes the law. Moreover, the Republic controls the Senate, government and major Supreme judge. Democrats stand alone while President Donald Trump has three forces, but the historic victory of Republic in Senate to be concealed by the left media, President Donald Trump twittered as columnist Ben Stein analyzes:” There’s only been 5 times in the last 105 years that an incumbent President has won seats in the Senate in the off-year election. Mr. Trump has magic about him. This guy has magic coming out of his ears. He is an astonishing vote getter & campaigner. The Republicans are……..”.


The high profile of Democrats are such as the long face’s Congresswoman Nacy Pelosi who leads the Democratic Representatives and leader Senate is Chuck Schumer, they just favor the rivals, personal interest, but the national interest and the US people pushing away.  The abandoned border’s policy left over by President Barrack Obama, it threatens the national security, the worst economy left over by President Barrack Obama that obsesses the US people.


During the midterm election were campaigning, thousands of Democrats activated the Walk Away’s movement at the major cities, the impact has never happened in the Democratic record, but the left media ignored, therefore, the high technologic communication killed the concealment. The concerned Democratic fan wakes up, they recognize the Donkey’s Head Party is the undercovered communist in the democratic country, Democrats meet the formula 3D=Demagogy+Deception+Destruction. The record proved the Donkey’s Head Party could sell the national interest to exchange their favors as Bill Clinton and Al Gore received the illegal finance from China in two election campaign 1992 and 1996, Hillary Clinton sold 20% Uranium for Russia…./.



·                     (1) The Donkey’s word of the Vietnamese language calls” con Lừa” that implicates the stupid people. Lừa also means deception.

·                     (2) The buffalo head and horse face indicates the evil of the Buddhist, it is also the saying of the Vietnamese people expose the dishonest





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