Democrats apply the tactic of Communist in midterm


Posted on October 31, 2018 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



Nowadays, Democrats fully appeared the ugly face of the fake democracy with the demagogic policies of society, actually, the social welfare pauperized the US people, the economic development conducts the food stamp that replaced the job that shattered America. Democrats adore Karl Max and trying to insert socialism into the democratic country. After 8 years the country destroyed by Democratic President Barrack Obama, it is enough and enough the US people, including the concerned Democratic supporters and the Democratic honest to rethink the endorsement the Donkey Party.


The most iconic Democrats are Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Barrack Obama, Michelle Obama, and the others put the personal and rival favor above the national interest, they ignore the people and they are keen to sell the national interest for the foreigners. China bought President Bill Clinton in 8 years, so the US economy lost, the company moved to China, the US lost the job, Hillary Clinton sold 20% Uranium to Russia and many corruptions have not indicted yet.


President Barrack Obama activated to tear off the US by the gender war conflicts between the major natural couple with the minor homosexual couple, Obama also dug up the civil war. After Barrack Obama left the office, the mess remains in the US. The thug of people colludes with the left media to attack the country, they are the domestic terrorists. The domestic thugs don’t want the economic growth, the people get the job, unemployment rate downs, but they want the offshore enemies transforming the US to be an economic vassal while President Donald Trump did anything that Democrats hate.


Democrats transform the loss of election 2016 to revenge by the cunning tactics, mostly the impeachment failed, but Democrats received the damaged of punters James Comey, Robert Mueller, the academics of Havard and Yale University plus the pornstar Stormy Daniels. Nevertheless, total left media unmasked and to be granted the death certificate” fake news”.


The domestic thugs have been eradicated from the grassroots, certainly, they fear more loss in the elections in the future. The midterm congressional election is going to poll on November 6, 2018, that is the crucial battle of Democrats. The domestic thugs and China hope the chance will come if Democrats control the Senate and Congress. Therefore, the situation raises the grave concern for the thugs when the great achievements of President Donald Trump could convince the people to vote for Republic, it is a vote for the job, but vote for Democrats is voting the mob. Vote for Democrats means vote the illegal migrant, the corruption and support the treason. There is no one favor the thugs, except the same kind. Democrats are the thugs of people, so the concern people plus the waken Democratic fan could turn the ballot again the thug.


The midterm congressional election proves Democrats being weak, so the communist tactic applies in the campaign. The communist used the violence plus the propaganda to establish the regime. In the US, Democrats do the same, actually in the midterm election showing the communist tactic. The migrant caravan copies the Human Wave’s tactic of Mao Ste Tung in the Cold War, actually the Vietnam War and Korea War. The explosive devices sent to at least 12 high profiles of Democrats, it is the kid game, the culprit is Cesar Sayoc, he is a decoy of Democrats. In the formality applies the cunning tactic, Mr.Cesar Altieri Sayoc pretended to support Donald Trump in the presidential campaign, he decorated the signs on his white van then taken the photos. Indeed, Mr. Cesar Altieri Sayoc works at the hardcore owner’s company of Democrats, the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Florida strongly support and financing for Democratic campaign’s elections. Mr. Cesar Aliterie Sayoc to be promoted by this company, his position is marketing specialist. As the routine, any company supports Democrats has not promoted an employee endorses Donald Trump, even a Trump’s supporter to be sacked. Nevertheless, suspect Cesar Altieri Sayoc also worked at Altra Gentlemen’s Club in West Palm Beach, Florida, the same working place with pornstar Stormy Daniels who made the false accusation of President Donald Trump.


The incidents of the fake bomb are still investigating then following the shooting’s Synagogue at a suburban Pittsburgh left 11 deaths and 6 injuries, the gunman is Robert Bowers, 46-year-old is arrested by the police. The deep reason of shooting aims to the prevent President Donald Trump campaign into the stronghold of Democrats. Certainly, the Democratic candidates recognize the peril will come in the election. Even President Donald Trump and family will come to this place for the funeral, but the Democratic supporters prepare to protest. The left media exploit the shooting to propaganda, actually, they try to shift the responsibility to President Donald Trump./.







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