Democrats and the left media blunt the tactic


Posted on September 13, 2018 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



Almost, the impeachment’s conspiracy failed badly, as the boomerang hit back a thrower, the left media, Democrats, its fan and henchman are the cause of the public hatred, they appeared the thug of people. Therefore, the losers apply the guerrilla’s tactic, they snoop, watch and attack President Donald Trump, White House, the US government.


The Democratic fan turn kid with the bullshit critic on President Donald Trump’s writing as she taught grammar to students, she applies the teacher career into the wrong place. 17 years teaching grammar Yvonne Mason analyzed the word by word of the letter written by the US president. Therefore, President Donald Trump is the author of the books as The Art of the Deal, but an excellent grammar’s teacher couldn’t tell the public the book that she published.


Recently, the left media in the US has launched the campaign for mid-term Congressional election. The New York Times struck the first attack with the fake and fabricated story about the opponents in White House. President Donald Trump asks the Department of Justice to investigate. A political fetch or the political carcass talking is Former President Barrack Obama boasts his legacy that President Donald Trump inherited, everyone knew Obama destroyed the US from A to Z, but he has no shame to talk garbage as a kid lost the lolly, he talked garbage.


ABC in Australia is the Television network funded by the government, but ABC is traditional left since the Vietnam War, so the victims of Vietcong names ABC is Australia Broadcast Communist. Despite ABC doesn’t operate in the US, therefore, they join the Democrats campaign, they aim the US citizen living in Australia. ABC has a show with a dictionary’s worm, he showed the people the incorrect pronunciation of President Donald Trump. English is the international language, the speaking belongs to the region, accent and the other reasons. The English in England’s speak and write have some difference, Hong Kong, India, Australia… even the Irish has their own language. No one could claim the correct English’ speaking, so an Australian’s dictionary worm couldn’t be perfect, he is a rant and snubs the public.


ABC is like the most left media as CNN, they dislike President Donald Trump, so ABC invited Hillary Clinton to slam the US president. The weekly program is Planet America performed by two disgraced clowns are John Barron and Chas Licciardello, they often used the left media, the leftists and the anti-Trump persons, they distort the media to smear President Donald Trump. Whatever, the cunning tactics couldn’t change the situation, certainly, whoever attacks President Donald Trump by the kid games, they must review themselves, actually, the bullshit English’s grammar teacher, the dictionary worm and the other anti-Trump couldn’t have the success of Donald Trump.


- He is a billionaire, he dares to sacrifice the wealthy life for the country.


- The US people elected after defeated 16 expert politicians of Republic and transformed the wonderful dream of Hillary Clinton to the nightmare.


- He denies the salary and volunteers to serve the country.


- President Donald Trump makes America great again. The enemies fear, allies respect, the domestic thugs step down and the people trust.


If whoever has not the conditions above, please shut the mouth and finding somewhere to hide as an a..hole./.







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