Darwin will be an offshore territory of China


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The innocent and short mind plus the corruption’s politicians could support China communist regime into the global hegemony, China communist does need them helping Beijing colonizes their country. Nevertheless, the limited term of government and the fresh interest couldn’t confront with the long-term conspiracy of China communist, the leader changes but the policy remains.


Northern Territory is the favored land of China, actually the strategic position of Darwin Port where was the US military bases. Actually, the Darwin Port is the strategic location that China does need to expand the power in the region and its port becomes the important support base for the illegally artificial islands into the disputed waters, nevertheless, China could use the Darwin Port for the spy on Australia’s soil while the federal government spent a hundred million dollars to fight the cyberspy.



Obviously, China exploited the innocent and low gear’s security concern of the Australian politicians are such as Chief Minister of Northern Territory Adam Giles (Country Liberal Party) who secretly dealt with China communist company is Landbridge Group leased the Darwin Port in 99 years with $AUD 506 million. The deal was occurred during the era of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull easily agreed and supported, because Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is the leftist but he was the leader of Liberals, he vowed to stand with” comrade” China as former Labor Prime Minister Bob Hawke, Paul Keating and Kevin Rudd. Moreover, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has the daughter in law comes from the noble class of communist family in China. So China communist does need Mr. Malcolm Turnbull rules the Australian government. Nevertheless, Mr. Malcolm Turnbull is the professional lawyer, in the formality, he opposed China as the demagogic tactic but inside he stood alongside with Beijing. Therefore, after the lease made, the people reacted and Intelligence concern then Treasurer Scott Morrison cited the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB)’s rule because the Darwin Port was over $AUD 250 million. But the Darwin Port silently sunk down and being forgotten while Malcolm Turnbull held the top job. Later on, the Australian people knew the former Trade Minister Andrew Rob manages Darwin Port for the Landbridge Group with annual salary is $AUS 880,000 and now Darwin Port held by China communist. The federal government must apply the FIRB to take back the Darwin Port as soon as possible, the lease is illegal and conflicts against the national interest and national security.


The Landbridge Group has not stopped the ambition at Darwin Port, the China communist owned company stepping forward, recently, they collude with the Northern Territory government to build a new luxury hotel in Darwin, the project estimates $AUD 200 million, it will start to build in next two months. Vice-President of the Landbridge Group is Miked Hughes tried to convince the Australian people, he told the media about the project will create more than 500 jobs and somewhere around 150 long-term jobs. Mr. Mike Hughes, former Trade Minister Andrew Rob and chairman of Huawei in Australia Mr. John Lord are the Australia citizen but work for China communist companies as the communist’s principle is” the local manager takes care the company-The offshore communist company controls under the leading of communist party”. China communist needs the henchman to reduce the people react and the local managers do a good job for Beijing. Its tactic has applied in Vietnam with Vietcong’s communist party, Secretary General Nguyễn Phú Trọng, Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc and the other high profiles in Vietnam government are the henchmen of China.


The luxury hotel’s project includes the cruise ship and the ship has the authority to dock in CBD of Darwin and somewhere else in Australia. As the previous Chief Minister Adam Giles of Country Liberal Party, now Labor Party’s Chief Minister Michael Gunner flags Landbridge Group to occupy the national asset, he told the media” We’ve got 250,000 people across 1.3 million square kilometers” and he tries to protect the land to sell for China communist:” We can’t do it alone – we’ve got to do this in partnership. We actually have to have private sector investment in the Territory and that includes foreign investment.”…


Darwin has the large territory, the population is just 250,000, so China communist favors and gently occupied while Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad scrapped the China’s project is the Forest City Country Garden Pacific View that costs $ USD 100 million, China conspires to migrant multiple hundred thousand Chinese from the mainland. Therefore, the Australian government, actually, the local and state government ignored the danger of the Red Empire as the busiest location is Port of Melbourne could sell to China Investment Group with the price is near $AUD 10 billion and China communist develops the Giant Garden with 363 hectares located at city west of Melbourne (Victoria state), China invests more than $AUD 400 million. The resident of Giant Garden could have about 20,000 to 25,000 residents, the wealthy communist’s family to be welcome because they bring the money.


Despite China faces the mountain debt is up to $USD 30 trillion and the strategic project one belt and one road being engaged the financial problem, therefore China expands the offshore territories that is the global hegemony. If China succeeds the offshore lands, Beijing will migrate its people from the mainland and corner the counterparts, nevertheless, China communist is keen to bribe the politicians and buying the local henchman. The offshore territories of China are also the prepared plan as Chiang Kai Shek build Taiwan, he predicted a day, the mainland would be lost and he still has the place to live. China communist is the inhumane regime won’t remain forever as the most dynasties in Chinese history, so the offshore territories will be the places after the regime collapsed and the Communist descendant will have the safe places. Actually, the China Towns and the purchased assets overseas are like the Hundred Flower Campaign of Mao Tse Tung, now China communist applies into the counterpart’s soil.



The Northern Territory has been invaded gently by China communist, a day, China communist company as Landbridge Group will expand more projects and Chinese in the mainland migrate, so Darwin will be a state of China in Australia’s soil. Nevertheless, China communist and espionage agent could use the Darwin for spy and China could buy the local politicians to protect China’s interest as the circumstance of former federal Labor Senator Sam Dastyari. The Australian government watches out the Northern Territory, actually, the traditional landowner couldn’t ignore China has taken control of their ancestor’s assets. There is not anyone authorizes to sell, lease the land or national assets, those belong to the people and the country. The circumstance of Australia warns the world about the threat of global hegemony, actually the countries deeply involved with China communist ./.







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