China Town is a form of The Silent Invasion


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The global hegemony of China communist has carried out into multiple forms are a global economic terror, one belt and one road’s project, nevertheless, the so-called China Sea has to correct as the Indo-Pacific’s proposal because China has no ownership in the disputed waters. The Lunar new year renamed China New Year, it is Lunar New Year made in China. Actually, the China Towns appeared around the world, it reflects the silent invasion. China communist has exploited the multiple cultural policies of the democratic countries to spread the hand, the offshore China Towns embrace the Chinese dream and also the global hegemony.


The undercover activists of China could use the money, the bribery, and the strength of community to buy or convince the offshore government to place the name” China Town” into the central cities, although, there are many ethnic sharing the business as India, Vietnamese, Thailand…moreover, the local government (city council) easily to approve the title China Town when the councilors, mayors have been cornered by Chinese business. The most city council ignored the national interest, they just take care the small territory and sitting above the Constitution, so some city councils in Melbourne voted to scrap the Australia Day and protected the African gangs because the mayors and councilors want to get the ballot. The negligent concern of the local government created an opportunity for China Town born.


In Australia, under the rule of leftist Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull led Liberals, who has the daughter in law comes from the hardcore China’s communist family. In 2015, federal Tourist Minister Richard Colbeck proposed to translate the roadside to Mandarin, therefore, his idea faced the strong reaction of the public.


The most China Towns appeared in the democratic countries, including the Western becomes the tiny nations silently grew. Almost, the Chinses business in China Towns used the language Mandarin label, the Confucius and propaganda spread, the communist’s propaganda, moreover, where are the places for the shadow activities including the espionage networks. Nevertheless, China Towns discriminate the native resident, the Mandarin-speaking could have the special prices and special treatment. Almost, the government couldn’t know well the shadow of China Towns. They just know the business, food and dragon dancing in Lunar New Year (*) with fireworks.


In the reality, the China Towns threaten the national security and economy, but it is among the global hegemonic strategy of Beijing. The Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad has the right concern to scrap the great project of China funds up to $USD 100 million and not grant the visa for the futuristic resident of Malaysian. The Forest City County Garden Pacific View will have the numerous resident is up 700 thousand will live in 20.2 kilometers square as Macau. The price of each unit is not cheap, the local resident couldn’t afford, but the major resident is the wealthy family migrate from the mainland. They legally invade and also bring the toxic communist to Malaysia. On the other hand, if the Forest City County Garden Pacific View completed, this place will become an offshore territory in Malaysia. A day, the city should claim the independence under China’s support or the city is like Hong Kong, Macau in Malaysia.


The invasion conspire of China has appeared somewhere else, that warns the innocent counterparts and the negligent governments. The long-term vassal of China is Vietnam communist regime projected leasing three economic zones are Vân Đồn, Bắc Vân Phong and Phú quốc in 99 years. Nevertheless, in Vietnam had many China Towns and a million Chinese people migrated. Sri Lanka is the debt’s victim of China, so this country handed over Hambantota port to China with the lease is 99 years with price is $USD 1.3 billion.


Australia fell into the trap of China, under the rule of the left Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull who led the conservative party. Obviously, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull agreed the Chief Minister of Northern Adam Giles who secretly dealt with China company is Landbridge Group to lease the strategic port in Darwin in 99 years with price is $AUD 506 million. Moreover, during in the power, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull vowed to stand with China (he lost the top job after the leadership spill on August 24, 2018). The Darwin port’s lease conflicts against the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) because the price is over $AUD 250 million. Despite Treasurer Scott Morrison raised the grave concern, but the Darwin Port is forgotten under Malcolm Turnbull’s rule. Now Darwin Port is controlled by Landridge Group, China Communist hires former Trade Minister Andrew Robb with annual wage is $AUD 880,000. Nevertheless, since 1993, the airport at Merredin, in Western Australia leased 100 years for China with one dollar. Unfortunately, the local government and business are happy because China’s trainee pilots with thousands of Chinese people bring the money, but they ignore the cunning conspiracy of China.


The China Towns and foreign assets are interesting China Communist, China exploits the negligent immigration policy of the counterparts, the people from the mainland legally invaded and they gathered at the China Towns, the port, airport. The world alert, China communist is malicious and dangerous./.



Notes (*): More information, please read the fifth book of author Hoa Minh Truong published in 2015 in New York. This book is available on the global bookstores as Amazon, Barnes & Noble….


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