China puts the Global Hegemony above the money


Posted on September 19, 2018 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



Why did China spend a lot of money offshore during the major population is engaging the poverty and the deep debt increases?. China communist regime ignores the massive spending on their targets, the global hegemony puts above the money. Nevertheless, the offshore battle becomes the essential target aiming at the “capitalist enemy” that performs by the financial espionage agents hide under multiple forms as business persons, companies, social club, and the academics.


China’s espionage agents try to access the highest government level, actually, the high profile politicians such as President, Prime Minister, Minister and the head of the important firms to be favored. The political donations are the corruptions in the democratic country, but China communist regime develops the rapaciousness of some politicians, the common corruption is the overseas trip plus the luxury accommodation and money paid by a Chinese company like Huawei or a Chinese wealthy person. China could buy the politicians serving for China’s interest with the cheap prices but great efforts.


Chinese history cited a man who did the king’s business, he invested in his pregnant wife for a deposed prince and he used the money to promote. Ultimately, the prince became the king and his son was the famous emperor who built the Great Wall. The historic lesson experiences China communist to use the money buying President, Prime Minister and the most important persons in the country. Moreover, any national leaders as Prime Minister who has a son in law or daughter in law come from the hardcore communist in China that warns the embryo of super-espionage into the top job.


The circumstance of President Bill Clinton is a hard evidence of China’s conspiracy. Bill Clinton evaded the military service in the Vietnam War. Meanwhile, millions of young people joined the war fighting against the global communist bloc in Vietnam’s battlefield with Vietcong was an early terror’s organization. Vietnam War was the war fighting against the terror as nowadays, the world fight against the extremist, Islamic State and the other terror organizations.


China established the contacts with Mr. Bill Clinton since he was Governor of Arkansas, China communist sent super espionage agent John Huang, he paid the overseas trips and enjoyments in Hong Kong for Bill Clinton. The relationship between Bill Clinton and John Huang helped China gained the benefits and drove Bill Clinton to be an unofficial executor in White House.


When Bill Clinton was campaigning the presidential election in 1992, China deposited $USD 150 million to Lippo Bank in Indonesia while John Huang was executive director. The Bill Clinton and Al Gore received the illegal funding from China, so after winning the election, President Bill Clinton promoted John Huang held the Assistant Under Secretary of Trade. The suspicious death of Secretary of Trade Ron Brown still remains in the myth. President Bill Clinton exchanged the national interest with his individual interest, the Most Favored Nation’s policy helped China developed.


Once again, the second presidential election in 1996, China communist illegally fueled the election fund by its hand was Charlie Trie. In the second term, President Bill Clinton intended to give away the top defensive technology GPS (Global Positioning System) to China. If Congress didn’t prevent, nowadays, China acquired the high technology and the US will be threatened by China or North Korea missile. President Bill Clinton carried out the global hegemonic strategy of China.


After the Second World War, the most Democratic Presidents have favored the communist, they are the same stance. From Jimmy Carter helped China joined the United Nations, Bill Clinton served for China’s interest, he also lifts the embargo for Vietnam, the close vassal of China. President Barrack Obama flagged China occupied the archipelago in the disputed waters, now China threatens the region and the most important maritime entering Asia.


In 8 years the US ruled by President Bill Clinton, China developed fast and nowadays, China challenges the US in arms, the space race and threatening the world’s peace. President Bill Clinton who ruled the government in 8 years as an unofficial executor of China communist in White House. The national interest lost in the hand of China, actually, the US economy created the opportunity for China made the huge profit. The Most Favored Nation’s policy throve China’s growth and forwarded to control the US economy. So the US gently became the economic vassal of China. Former President Bill Clinton who sold the national interest for his wealthy family. Nowadays, the hoax charity Clinton Foundation is the outcome of his family.


The Western countries do not ignore the strategic target of China is to control the world, Beijing aims to long-term target while the democratic leaders serve in the limited term and the strategic concern could change when the government has a new leader. During more than a half-century, the Western countries have been fallen into the malicious trap of China. The lures expose the trade ties and free trade agreement that conduct the counterparts gently belong to China’s economy an finance. China could use too much money to exchange the global hegemony, it is the final target of Beijing to colonize the world. The obvious step is transforming the counterpart to be an economic vassal and the next step is controlling the domestic politics.


President Donald Trump recognizes the most dangerous threat of the global economic terror comes from the Den of thieves, the hub of counterfeit and the center of a hacker, so the war fighting against the global economic terror is like the war against the extremist hidden in Muslim and the left media terror attack the people mind with the fake news plus the fabricated story.


President Donald Trump makes America great again and also makes China Communist regime declines the global hegemony, actually, the global economic terror purpose is to transform the US to be the economic vassal and further, China will control the US, it is the most target of China’s dream. Once again, the war fighting the global economic terror is not the Trade War as the left media label to protect” their comrade” China communist, indeed, it is the war fighting against the economic terror. China and its vassal as Vietnam communist in Hanoi fear President Donald Trump which launched the Intercontinental Ballistic TARIFFS Missile striking over the pocket of Beijing, so in Vietnam, the propaganda machine appeals Vietnamese people live in the US vote for Democrats in the mid-term Congressional election will be held on November 6, 2018. If Democrats control the Congress and Senate, they will cease the war fighting against the global economic terror of their “comrade China”. The reason explains China, Vietnam an the other vassals propagandize for Democrats. Nevertheless, China’s espionage agent could use the money to hire the left media attack President Donald Trump and The Republics during the election campaign./.







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