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Everyone could distinguish between the evil and God, good and bad, black and white, hell and heaven, water and fire…certainly, the character of democracy is quite different from the communist and any dictatorial regime. Unfortunately, in the Western countries, the innocent national leaders issued the negligent policies as the Most Favored Nation to create an opportunity for evil communist infiltrated into the free market then communist assimilates the free market to socialism. When a dishonest does the business into the supermarket, the honest business alerts because the bad people always develop the profit on deception and fraudulence. In the Cold War, from 1949 to 1972, the free market was normal, therefore since China joined the free market, the complication currently occurred. China stole the technology and Intellectual Property and using the stolen technology to make the product and sold to the Western and the world, China made a profit on the Western’s loss. The global economy terror comes from the Den of thieves and the hub of counterfeit has threatened the world. Whatever, the presence of China communist carries out by the China product being sold into the counterpart market to destroy the local business and further, China will transform the countries to be the economic vassals, it is the first step to colonize the world


1- When the China product boomed: the worst consequence happened to the counterparts:


- The native factories shut down because the cheap prices of China made killed the local product. Even the strong economy in the US, under the era of President Barrack Obama, the companies closed and the ghost towns appeared.


- The job loses, actually, China gained the employment and the Red dynasty solved the vital problem. In the history occurred thousand years, the high employment rate, famine, corruption that caused a dynasty collapsed.


- The local product is gone, actually, China product submerged the supermarket. Nevertheless, the rapacious business persons don’t care the national interest and its people, they imported the cheap product from China, so after many decades, the local resident just have China’s product, so they have to choose to buy the other products come from the high quality. The rapacious business persons helped China colonizes their country to be an economic vassal.


2- When China product declined:

- The profit loses: after using the product made by China, the global consumer upset, even anger because of the product imported from China meets the poison, contamination, actually, the short life product as an electrical appliance. The customer must complain and replaced many times, it costs the shop owner paid for the workers.


- The owner must pay for storage and rental room in the supermarket, the cost of renting doesn’t cheap while China product couldn’t sell, the rapacious business lost the profit.


- The supermarket has to pay the mistake: When China product to be boycotted by the poor quality, the customers don’t want to visit a shop selling major product from China, so the other products also losing the customers.


- The productive credit loses: it is the important reason for any business that took the long term to build the people trust, but when the people disbelieve, the prestige would take a long time to recover, sometimes, the shops sell China product closed and many lost the profit, even the dress made in China causes the business ruined


Nowadays, the Western people often take extreme caution when they visit the supermarket. The household product including the electrical appliance made in China become the disaster for business owners while the customers staying away. Nevertheless, the food, meat, fruit, vegetable, seafood exported from China, all to be boycotted by the consumers. Despite, some supermarket owners cheated the consumer about the labels, therefore, some governments as Australia forced all products including the import must mark the original and the ingredients (*)


China product sells into the Western and elsewhere also raise the grave concern about the quality, hygiene process. The customers read carefully the labels, actually, the products made in China, the people completely doubt China communist could use the vassal as Vietnam packed the products of China then exported to the Western or using the backdoor of some nations to export. Moreover, the people fear the food comes from China because China has the eating human’s meat history occurred from thousand years and the medicine made from the unborn baby’s carcass. On May 21, 2016, China’s foreign ministry denied the allegation of Africa about the human meat canned exported.

China products could be made the fresh profit for the rapacious business persons but the chronicle damages remain long- term into the people trust. The consequence has to pay, actually, the China products cause the doubt of the global consumer when they visit any supermarket, nevertheless, a shop displays major products imported from China. The long- term damages conduct the loss of profit, so the Western business must overhaul the product made from China, actually, they could regain the customer’s credit by advertising and confirming the shop has no China’s product./.



Notes: (*) Australian Government- Department of Home Affairs issued the policy:

“ Labelling requirements

Certain goods must be correctly labelled with a trade description before they can be imported into Australia. Not all imported goods require labelling. Imported goods that require labelling, but do not meet labelling requirements, may be seized.

 The Commerce (Trade Descriptions) Act 1905 (the Act) and the Commerce (Trade Descriptions) Regulation 2016 (the Regulation) set out which goods or classes of goods require labelling when being imported into Australia, what label is required and where the label must be applied.

A trade description means any description, statement, indication or suggestion, direct or indirect, as to the how or by whom the goods were made, produced, selected, packed or otherwise prepared. The trade description must:

  • be in the English language and in prominent and legible characters

  • include the name of the country where the goods were made or produced

  • where required, include a true description of the goods (‘true description’ is not defined in the legislation so is taken to be anything that is a correct and accurate explanation of the goods)

  • unless a prepacked article, be in the form of a principal label or brand (including a mark, device, name, word, letter, numeral or symbol and a combination of 2 or more of those things) attached in a prominent position, and as permanently as practicable, to the goods – if attachment to the goods is impracticable, to the principal coverings containing the goods for wholesale or retail.”







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