China communist has menaced and bullied Australia


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The wonderful titles depicted about the relationship between China and Australia that is just a painting cover by the diplomatic language exposes on lip and tongue or the diplomatic statement of the national leaders of two countries. The warm handshake with a hypocritic smile of the high profiles form both sides that hide behind the untold stories about the threat and pressure of China communist on Australia.


In 2013, the Coalition claimed the landslide victory, there were only two days after sworn in the Treasurer Joe Hockey who came to Bali then a China official arranged to meet Mr. Lou Jiwei is the China communist’s high profile, he is the current chair of the National Council for Social Security Fund and he also chairman plus CEO of China investment corporation. Actually, he was formerly served as Finance Minister and Vice Governor of Guizhou. In the meeting, Australian Treasurer Joe Hockey found the ambition of China, nevertheless, the brazen attitude of  Mr. Lou Jiwei exposed the conspiracy of China” Why won’t you let me buy Rio Tinto?. Mr. Lou Jiwei also wanted to buy a 15% share of 200 top Australian’s companies and he wanted to ask Treasurer Joe Hockey authorizes for China buys multiple billion dollar shareholdings in Australia’s major banks…


Rio Tinto is the giant mining industry of Australia, China aims to buy a long time. There was not only Treasurer Joe Hockey recognized China’s ambition, but since 2009, China arrested executor is Mr. Stern Hu with the other three staffers, the simple reason was Mr. Stern Hu didn’s respond the request of China on steel’s price during the economy boomed. Mr. Stern Hu was imprisoned in 9 years, he just released on July 4, 2018. Despite Australian government has the trade ties, diplomatic relationship with China, but Canberra did nothing to help the citizen being detained in China, actually, the executive of giant iron company Rio Tinto.


The circumstance of Australia billionaire James Packer proved China is not good for investment. Mr. James Packer lost $AUD 4.2 billion in Cacau Casino Resort by the bush law of Red Emperor Xi Jinping. As the case of Stern Hu, China communist detained Australian’s Casino staffers in 10 months. Therefore, the Australian government has treated fairly with China companies operate in Australia as Landbridge Group occupied Darwin Port and now they are going to build the hotel costs $AUD 200 million. Moreover, Australia government has done nothing on the case of Chinese billionaire Chau Chak Wing who used the money to corner the politics carrying out under the donations.


Once again, China breached and snubbed the independence of Australia, author and professor Clive Hamilton’s book” Silence Invasion” hampered because of China’s menace. Obviously, Publisher Allen & Unwin agreed to publish, therefore, China pressured Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and its book canceled. Everyone knew Malcolm Turnbull has the daughter in law comes from the high profile’s communist family in China, moreover, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull vowed to stand with China. Eventually, the book” Silent Invasion” released on February 22, 2018, by publisher Hardie Grant (*). Australia is a democratic country, the constitution respect FREE SPEECH, but under the era of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, it is SPEECH FREE as smoke-free. The leadership spill on August 24, 2018, it eradicated the pro-Beijing Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull that is the right action of Liberals.


The Australian people have not known yet about China bought or not of 200 top Australian’s companies or the major banks fallen into Beijing’s hand. However, in 2012, under Labor government, Reserve Bank of Australia signed the currency swap agreement with the People’s Bank of Bank, so RBA stored $AUD 40 billion or 200 billion Yuan. When Yuan lost the valuation, Australia dollars followed and nowadays, the Australia dollar has struggled below $USD 0,7. Unfortunately, Governor of Reserve of Australia is Mr. Philip Lowe doesn’t tell the truth to the people, instead he shifts the loss of Australia dollar’s valuation for the US president Donald Trump who fights against the global economic terror of China. Australia seems fallen into the hand of China after the economy deeply involved with Beijing, actually, Australia’s companies should sell to China. When China cornered the economy, Beijing could control the politics, so the menace and bully of China that signs China dominated Australia’s economy after many decades had the trade ties. Moreover, the free trade agreement signed by Trade Minister Andrew Rob, now he manages Darwin Port of China owned company Landbridge Group with annual salary is $AUD 880,000.


The innocent politicians in Australia neglected the national security, actually, the short-term interest created an opportunity for China deeply involved and controlled the economy and finance.


Australia’s bloody lesson is the hard evidence warns any country relates with China communist, actually, the investors have operated in the mainland or collaborated with a China’s company. Nevertheless, any investor must learn Australia’s lesson before pouring the money into China or involve a company owned by China government. Australia’s circumstance should happen elsewhere, actually the poor countries, China treats the counterparts as the colonial territory or the vassal../.


Notes (*): In 2009, the writer sent the manuscript of the first book” The Dark Journey: inside the re-education camps of Vietcong” to Penguin publisher in Australia, but its book refused because it unmasked the inhumane regime of Vietcong, China…Ultimately,” The Dark Journey” published in 2010 by Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency, LLC in the US. I knocked the door more than 22 publishers. Later on, I discovered Penguin is the left publisher. Nevertheless,” The Dark Journey” favored and chosen by the Library of US Congress. Moreover, in 2011, I attended the Prime Minister Literacy Awards, my book” The Dark Journey” ruined by Arts Minister Simon Cream of Labor government. I also discovered the most judge panel came from the leftist and Penguin’s publisher. I would like the incumbent Arts Minister reviews the Prime Minister Literacy Awards in 2011 as the fair treatment to an Australian author./.


The dark journey: inside the reeducation camps of Viet Cong / Hoa-Minh-Truong.
238 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm


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HV9800.5 .T78 2010

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