Bill Clinton made China growth fast in 8 years


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Despite President Bill Clinton was no longer the US president after January 2001, therefore, his worst consequence has remained in the US and the world. Obviously,  the personality of Bill Clinton being controversial, he was a famous womanizer and sexual harassment, officially, there were at least 4 women accused the 42nd US president. They were Juanita Broadrick was raped in 1978, Kathleen Willey accused Bill Clinton groped in 1993, Leslie Mullwee was the victim of sexual assault in 1980 and in 1991 Paula Jones was the sexual harassment’s victim. Therefore, the sexual scandal of Monica Lewinsky globalized, but this scandal covered the biggest espionage scandal of super agent John Huang, so Democrats used Monica Lewinsky as the abatis to stray the investigation linked to national security.


China’s super espionage agent John Huang sowed Bill Clinton since he was governor at Arkansas. The secret relationship between Governor Bill Clinton and John Huang started from the trips to Hong Kong, certainly, agent John Huang took care of anything and Bill Clinton just enjoyed. When Bill Clinton and Al Gore were campaigning the White House race in 1992, China deposited $USD 150 million in Lippo Bank in Indonesia while Mr. John Huang was Vice-chairman of this monetary firm. Mr. John Huang fueled money from China provided to Bill Clinton’s campaign. After Bill Clinton won the election, John Huang became assistant of Under Secretary of Commerce, he attended at least 37 important meetings in White House, moreover, the death of Secretary of Commerce Donald Harmon Brown and also chairman of Democratic National Committee, he was killed by an accident doubted about the role of China’s involvement? After the espionage scandal discovered, the sexual scandal of Monica Lewinsky saved Bill Clinton and Democrats to avoid the devastation. Nevertheless, in the presidential election 1996, once again, the other China’s espionage agent Charlie Trie illegal fueled the money for Bill Clinton’s campaign, so after he won the second term, President Bill Clinton repaid for China, he and Al Gore planned to handle over the top military technology GPS (Global Positioning System) to China. However, the Congress stopped, if not, nowadays China acquired high technology in the arms race with the US.


Two presidential terms, President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore received the finance of China communist, so they repaid China by the US interest. On the other hand, Bill Clinton and Al Gore exchanged the national interest for the presidency and vice presidency. President Bill Clinton is the senior lawyer, he distorted the career in the politics, the money becomes the most important, he could sell the country for individual favor. President Bill Clinton is clever and cunning, he served for China that covered under the reasonable labels, so the US people and the world were cheated from 1992 to 2000, nowadays, his deception still promotes and globalizes.


1- The economic globalization: it was just a verbal demagogy of President Bill Clinton, indeed, Bill Clinton wanted to help China grew faster as the repayment of the privileges granted from China into two presidential elections. He gave a priceless gift to China, certainly, Beijing bought the US interest with the very cheap price in 8 years. The rogue regime China has applied the bribery’s tactic worldwide. The buying a national leader means buying the good policies for China’s interest. The circumstance of President Bill Clinton warns the democratic countries, China is keen to bribe the President, Prime Minister, Ministers, and politicians.


- In the US: President Bill Clinton deserved the facilities for China communist invaded and occupied the US market, actually, the Most Favored Nation’s policy was the treasonous conspiracy applied under Bill Clinton’s rule. This policy helped the product made in China dominated the US product and market while the US companies moved to China that created the job for Chinese people in the mainland, but the US people added more jobless. The left media terror propagated and praised the trade policy of Bill Clinton, they misled the public about the trade ties between the US and China.


- The international policy: President Bill Clinton promoted China deeply involved the global market or free market despite the communist regime doesn’t suit for the free market. In 1948, the first global trade’s firm established under the name is the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT). Therefore, from January 1st, 1995 the World Trade Organization (WTO) replaced the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade. President Bill Clinton prepared the road for China infiltrated WTO on December 11, 2001, and January 11, 2007, the close vassal of China is Vietnam became the member 150th of WTO.


President Bill Clinton lifted the embargo for Hanoi in 1994 despite the human rights violation of the China’s colony in Vietnam has never changed, even worsens. On the other hand, President Bill Clinton was the actual henchman of China, so in 2000, he visited Vietnam, the China’s colony warmly welcomed as the hero.


2- The hoax Climate change: the weathering study was carried from the 18th century, therefore, President Bill Clinton wanted to curb the Western’s growth and China could catch the gap. The hoax climate change globalized and influenced to United Nations, the climate change’s activists lie and cheat the people about the cause of dioxide released while the human and animal have contributed the major dioxide releasing, nevertheless, the jungle surface destroyed by the loggers with the machinery. The climate change politicalizes, the left parties used to cover the fallen policies of economy and national interest. Whatever the hoax climate change is the cunning conspiracy of Bill Clinton to help China’s growth while the Western declined. Nevertheless, the climate change’s opportunists are former Vice-President Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 and now he is going to be the climate change’s billionaire. The hoax climate change also created the job and money for China made the solar power panels sell the cheap price.


Nowadays, China communist becomes a global threat that comes from President Bill Clinton and later, his comrade Barrack Obama continued to make China growth again in 8 years in the office. The worst consequence left by President Bill Clinton that becomes the global disaster, Bill Clinton is the most cheater on the planet. President Bill Clinton sold the US interest for his presidency and money, he served 8 years in White House as China’s executor, his wife Hillary Clinton sold 20% Uranium of the US to Russia./.







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