A communist is born, firstly a midwife sees the mouth


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Communist has used the propaganda to poison the people’s mind and transforming the victims to be the human robot. When the human mind wiped out and replaced by the false information, the victim act without judgment is like the instinct of the animal. The massive massacre occurred in the communist countries came from psychological warfare. The social hatred, the people killing each other cause the propaganda that labeled the class struggle, socialism, social reform. The social purge destroyed the country to the grassroots and the human being.


The propaganda is the essential weapon of Karl Marx’s pupil including the left media in the Western and the democratic countries. The communist and left media are the siblings, all are keen to lie to the public. Therefore, in the communist countries have exercised the propaganda accords with the violence and the terrorization applies with the killing, jail, cutting the food, discrimination forced the people to comply with the inhumane regime. However, in the democratic countries, the left media couldn’t use the violence to force the people to obey the order, but the propaganda’s technic and the malicious psychological warfare have cheated the innocent people since the Cold War.


The lie is the essential character of communist and the left media, both are the global thugs, the enemy of humanity that conducts the war and social complication. The anti-communist experts warn:” do not listen to anything communist talk, let’s watch what they did” and a joke but it reflects the real face of communist:” when a communist is born, firstly a midwife sees the mouth”. The communist without a lie that is like the gun without the bullet, so the lie becomes the communist blood.


China and the Soviet Union were the perpetrators in the Cold War, actually, in the Vietnam War, both communist empires were the key provided the weapon for Vietcong operating the Red terror war in the region as Islamic State activates in the Middle East with the black flag.


The Soviet Union changed the regime in early 1990 and the total Eastern Europe Communist Bloc collapsed. Therefore, the communist threat is not over yet while in Asia, China still remains the communist regime, China pretended to open the bamboo curtain for survival and cheated the Western by the ugly economic pattern” socialism is led by socialism”.


From a half-century, China has exploited the trade ties, a free trade agreement to carry out the global hegemony, it calls the Chinese dream. The innocent national leaders plus the corruption helped China unofficially colonized the counterparts. The invasion of China is invisible, the people couldn’t recognize the conquerer disguises under the business, companies, diplomatic relationship and the academics…every political donation is the poison inserts into the government.


After the first visit of the US President Richard Nixon in 1972 and later, China communist leader Deng Xiaoping deceived the Western by the famous speech:” it doesn’t matter if a cat is black or white so long as it catches mice”. Nevertheless, China bought the best policies when they bought the national leaders. China grew faster after Beijing bought the US President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore by the illegal finance fuelled into two presidential elections in 1992 and 1996. It is the leadership trap that China just spent a little money but Beijing had an unofficial executor Bill Clinton in White House. The climate change curbed the Western’s product, WTO helped China infiltrated the free market and the Most Favored Nation policy of Bill Clinton made China took control of the US economy and cornered the global economy.


China stole the technology and the free market to build the” red empire” or Maoist, the Cold War still remains when China gathered the communist vestiges in Asia are North Korea, Vietnam, and Laos. The Cold War transformed to COOL WAR, it deceives the innocent national leaders and the people in Western. The theory of Deng Xiaoping really developed into the hidden signification” it doesn’t matter if a cat is black and white as long as eat stealthily”. Whatever, Deng Xiaoping or Xi Jinping or any China communist’s leader, the stolen technology is the tradition and the essential strategy of the den of the thieves-the hub of counterfeit.


Confucius is the radical reason to curb Chinese’s invention since its great ideology appeared from 500 B.C, Chinese people have believed the Confucianism is outstanding, so Chinese people didn’t need to invent, the Confucius’s teaching is enough, its causes China ruined the invention. Nevertheless, the communist reigned the mainland from 1949, China communist party has applied the Maoist by the obscurantism policy that destroyed the Chinese intellectual development while China communist urges to carry out the global hegemony, actually the economy, arms, and space race. All do need the high technology, it causes China communist advocates to steal the technology. Nowadays, China is famous the stolen technologic professionals. Whatever, China must steal the technology from the enemy, they call the capitalist, they have no shame. The stolen technologic tactic performs into the flexible forms are such as the espionage agents infiltrated the Western’s firms, the cyber spying activates worldwide, China’s giant telecommunication company Huawei exercises the business and also the cyber spying’s mission.


The stolen technology helped China developed from the loss of Western’s profit, China has money and technology to challenge the US and the democratic countries. The global hegemony exposes, China raises the brazen attitude rising the one belt and one road’s plan, nevertheless, China illegally built the artificial islands and militarized into the disputed waters despite the International Court disqualified the ownership of China. The sand built illegal islands provided by Vietnam, the close vassal of China, the islands become the piratical stations purpose to control the maritime way, annual goods transport estimates up to $USD 5 trillion. China is the most threat in the world and the perpetrator of global tension.


The golden time of China is over after President Barrack Obama expired the second term on January 20, 2017. President Donald Trump adjusted the tariffs and overhauls the trade with China. The war fight against the global economic terror ruined China’s economy, actually the export sector. The hard time of China being faced when the high unemployment rate hikes, it really threatens the red dynasty. China applies the arts of war from their ancient strategist Sun Tzu with the Stratagem:” make a sound in the east then strike in the west”

China covers the potential damages of the economy by intimidating to sink the US aircraft carriers, the psychological warfare aims to the US people scare off more than 10,000 casualties as China’s threat. Rear Admiral of the People’s Liberation Army Luo Yuan represents for China communist to menace the US, therefore, the military rule has no interested the declaration before the attack, it is the barking dog never bites. In the Second World War, on December 7, 1941, Japan attacked the Pearl Harbor without warning, so the threat of China’s rear admiral is the worst joke. On the other hand, Rear Admiral Luo Yuan exposes the illiterate knowledge and military experience including China communist party plus the People’s Liberation Army.


The phony psychological warfare of China rises the world laughing as before, the tension occurred between the US and North Korea, leader Kim Jong Un threatened to transform the US to the ashes and the sea of fire. The innocent politicians (the majority are Democrats), the chicken strategists and the low knowledge academics plus the left media panicked about the Third World, they imaged the massive destruction of the nuclear war, actually, the developed missile of North Korea. However, all the fear and wrong prediction are gone after the summit between President Donald Trump and North Korea leader Kim Jong Un at Singapore on June 12, 2018. President Donald Trump applied successfully the arts of the deal that killed the war and making the peace, actually, the tension eases into Korea’s peninsula.


As North Korea’s intimidation, the left media practices the mind terror’s mission, they raise the fear into the US people and also exaggerate the developed weapon of China as laser AK-47, the aircraft carriers…China acquired the dire weapon. The psychological war appalls the US people if China attacks the US aircraft carriers and the casualty will rise up to 10,000 sailors.


The propaganda purposes to pressure President Donald Trump eases the war fighting against the global economic terror. According to the experts in the Second World War, North Korea’s tension, the threat of China fears zero. China is like any communist party, obviously, the mouthful weapon forwards, but the real weapon doubts. China has bluffed the US about the weapon and intimidation while Beijing has suffered the potential damages of the economy and the domestic problem when a hundred million people lost the job, it causes the export sector declined, the Intercontinental Ballistic Tariff Missile of President Donald Trump struck right the vulnerability of the Den of thieves and the hub of counterfeit./.








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