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The language is innocent and separates from the politics. It coincides the eating’s method that reflects into the language: the most European use Latin’s alphabet and eating with the fork and knife while the Arab language’s people, Indian eat by hand and China or Japan, Korea eats by the chopsticks. Therefore, Vietnamese people changed the course after Catholic Missionary Alexander de Rhodes translated the Vietnamese language or Nôm written by China’s way to Latin’s alphabet, so nowadays, Vietnamese people use Latin’s alphabet but eating by the chopsticks. Therefore, under the Vietcong rule, the inhumane regime has attended to use China language into the educational system, nevertheless, Vietcong regime flags Doctor or Dogtor Bùi Hiền to destroy the Vietnamese language by the new writing language.


In the prominent era of the colony, France and England spread the land worldwide. Therefore, France and England treated differently the occupied territories and the outcome remains until today as someone did the bad thing, they will receive the consequence. After the colonial era was gone, the most countries occupied by France fell into the communist as Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia…instead, the former colonies of England escaped the communist.


Almost, France applied the cruel policy to the occupied land, so the people hated France plus its language. The Vietnam War deeply caused by terrestrial rapaciousness of France, after the Second World War, although France still suffered the damages, therefore, the French government tried to keep the Indochina, so the Indochina War occurred from 1945 to 1954 between France and Vietnam communist party covered under the independent label. France needed to keep the colonies and Ho Chi Minh needed France to gather the Vietnamese people under the title of Independence and oust France, but the key purpose of Vietnam communist party served for the global communist Bloc’s interest, actually China and Soviet-Union. Both France and Vietnam communist had the same interest, so Ho Chi Minh invited France coming back with the Sainteney treaty signed on March 6, 1946. Therefore, when France landed the first troop to Vietnam’s shore, Ho Chi Minh appealed all Vietnamese people fighting against colonial France. If British occupied Indochina, actually in Vietnam, the wars from 1945 to 1954 and 1954 to 1975 didn’t happen, because the British opened the mind, they returned the independence as British did in India, Malaysia….so Vietnam War didn’t occur. Nevertheless, the British created Hong Kong, but colonial France created the hatred of the former colonies as Vietnam. The deep cause of the Vietnam war came from the terrestrial rapaciousness of France. (*)


The French language is among the global speaking, there are about 274 million people speak France but the world favor English, officially, the world has more than 1.5 billion people speak English, but the numerous English speakers spread worldwide. In China has more than 300 million Chinese people speak English. Nowadays, even French diplomacy must speak English. It causes the cruel policy of France applied in the former colonies. France lost the influence plus the language into the former lands, therefore, the French leaders have tried to revive the language. On November 14, 1997, French President Chaques Chirac attended the summit at Hanoi, Vietnam, but after the impact, mostly the Vietnamese people have no interest, moreover, the old generation deceased, they brought the French language along.


On October 12, 2018, once again, French President Emmanuel Macron and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau attend the 19th  Francophonie Summit at Yerevan, capital of Armenia, although, among 3 million people, there are about 10,000 people speak France. Nowadays, despite the colonial era was gone, but the British still has the Commonwealth gathered 44 nations and Commonwealth Games expose the sympathy of the former colonies while France seemed lost the influence from the former colonies. Nevertheless, France didn’t create the occupied lands as Hong Kong or Macau of Porteguse, actually, after Hong Kong returned China in 1997, but the Hong Kong people want its territory remains the freedom as the period being managed by England.


The French language just remains some former colonies in Africa, but English becomes the global language. The consequence comes from the mistake made by the French people in the past. The cruel policy of France has to pay the consequence./.


Note: (*) The information about the deep cause of the Vietnam War wrote in my fifth book” A humble Vietnamese Woman” published 2015 in New York. This book is available on the major bookstores in the world like Amazon, Barnes & Nobles and also Walmart

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