China used money to buy Australian Politicians nearly two decades


Posted on September 3, 2018 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The threat of China communist in Australia couldn’t ignore, the country being endangered since nearly two decades, the cause comes from the innocent politicians, the hungry money’s political party in every election and the rapacious high profiles created an opportunity for China has cornered and colonized the largest continent of the Southern Sphere, the strategic position could help China controls the region. Nevertheless, Australia is the rich natural resourced, actually the Uranium mine interest China. The global hegemonic strategy has carried out gently as the boiling frog in a cold water’s pot, the water gets warmer to hot, eventually, frog cooked without reaction. A political donation is a high-level form of corruption, China’s financial espionage agents have exploited the bribery’s tactic to buy the policies. The well-known face is Chinese billionaire Chau Chak Wing who bribed the politicians in Australia and also the United Nations. When the politicians and parties accepted the donations, they would issue the policies serve for China communist’s interest. Moreover, the China companies as Huawei bribed the Australian politicians by the overseas trips and luxury accommodation, there were 12 politicians of the two main parties enjoyed the trips paid by Huawei.


The circumstance of Labor Senator Sam Dastyari who praised China illegally built the artificial islands and militarized in the disputed waters, it is just an iceberg floating and appears on the surface. Indeed, China’s political donations were massive into the Australian politics. From the year 2000 to nowadays, nearly 80% of the foreign donation came from China communist as the study of Electoral Commission revealed and warned.


As the sample recorded between 2000 to 2016, Chinese donated $AUD 12.6 million into Australian politics, actually, China communist donated to” comrade” Australian Labor Party much more any party. For example, from 2000 to 2001, Labor received $AUD 7.3 million while Coalition got about $AUD 5.4 million. Nevertheless, from 2013 to 2014, Labor received 27 times of China donation was up to $AUD 3.5 million. China communist party has played the double-cross game in Australian politics. Whatever, Labor or Coalition rules the government, China could influence the policies by the back door’s donation. Therefore, Labor closes with comrade China than the Coalition, so Labor government often deserved the facility policies for China.


The Australian Election Electoral Commission alerted the Coalition leader is Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull who vowed to stand alongside with China communist, although he was the mouthful opposed China and reacted the aggressive behavior at the disputed waters. Do not trust the leftist talk, let’s watch they did, so Malcolm Turnbull has the Liberal skin but Labor’s organ. Former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is the multiple millionaires, but he uses money wisely, when I just succeeded the coup, he increased the wage for himself $AUD 17,000 a year. Therefore, in the federal election 2016, he donated $AUD 1,750,000 for Liberals Party, the people doubt the biggest donation in the politics that should come from somewhere, not his money?


On the other hand, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is like Barrack Obama and Labor, all are keen to link with comrade China. Under Malcolm Turnbull’s rule, the massive foreign donations came from China. Nevertheless, the Australian people and intelligence agencies doubt the role of Malcolm Turnbull’s daughter in law, she is the Princess of China communist, her family is the hardcore of China communist party. China communist is keen to inject the red seed in the high profile politicians as Malcolm Turnbull and Labor Minister Kevin Rudd who has the son in law is Chinese.


The Darwin Port probes with the vague attitude of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. Obviously, after Chief Minister Adam Giles secretly dealt with the China’s communist company Landbridge Group leased 99 years with $AUD 506 million. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull agreed. Therefore, the intelligence raised the grave concern and the people reacted, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull kept quiet, instead, Treasurer Scott Morrison cited the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB), the lease was over $AUD 250 million, the federal government could stop. However, the national security’s concern sank down. Eventually, Landridge Group hired former Trade Minister Andrew Robb with salary $AUD 880,000 per year, he manages the Darwin Port under China communist commands. Therefore, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull did nothing, he should flag” comrade” China occupies Darwin Port. Nevertheless, the Merredin Airport in Western Australia discovered, China communist owned the airport in 100 years with one dollar lease. The media alerted, but Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull kept quiet. The Australian people question former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull about Darwin Port and Merredin Airport.


The major donation of China communist to Australian political parties has influenced the Australian policies. So Huawei and ZTE operated at least 15 years in Australian’s soil. Everyone recognizes Huawei owned by the People Liberation’s Army where is the lair of hacker and ZTE owned by China communist, both are the overseas companies of the inhumane regime. Recently, the Australian government changed, Prime Minister Scott Morrison banned Huawei and ZTE provide the 5G technology.


The people could understand the reason conducted the Labor Prime Minister Kevin Rudd established NBN, it is obsolete telecommunication’s technology, the taxpayers wasted $AUD 65 billion, the insulation cost $AUD 2.7 billion..all made the massive profit for China by the Australian’s taxpayers. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull continued NBN, his period is roll out the National Broadband Network, but the most telecommunication companies use the Router made by Huawei. The Router is a stupid design, when Router disabled, the internet and the home line couldn’t use, so the emergency calls are such as an ambulance, police, and firefighter could use, the life of Australian people risk, but Malcolm Turnbull didn’t care.


The study of Australian Electoral Commission raise the alert to Australian people, China bought the politicians of both main parties since nearly 2 decades ago and nowadays, China nearly  succeeded into the buying policies with the cheap prices, so the people have no surprise former Prime Minister Bob Hawke, Paul Keating and Kevin Rudd appeal Australian stand with China and staying away the long-term ally is the US. The Australian has been fallen into China’s orbit, the rapacious politicians plus the hungry money of the political parties helped China communist cornered the politics and bought the policies. Even though, under the rule of Labor government, Reserve Bank of Australia signed the currency swap with People’s Bank of China in 2012 is worth $AUD 40 billion or 200 billion Yuan. So when Yuan lost the valuation, the Australia dollar follows, it is the consequence of the government served for China’s interest. The RBA’s governor Philip Lowe strayed the truth, he slammed President Donald Trump causes it, but the people could know the Australian government deeply involved with China. The Australian people, intelligence agencies wake up, China’s threat is real and dangerous. After nearly two decades, China communist rooted in the Australian government and the politicians. Now the time to fix and watching out China.


The circumstance of Australia could happen somewhere else in Europe, actually, in the UK, Prime Minister David Cameron granted a license for China General Nuclear Power Corporation to build the nuclear power plant at Bradwell in Essex, despite the nuclear level of China doubt. Therefore, China could deploy an atomic bomb in the UK, if the accident occurs, British endanger and the radioactivity will spread to Europe. In the US, the political donation carried out successfully, President Bill Clinton sold the national interest to China, he received the donations from China in the presidential election of 1992 (super espionage agent John Huang)  and 1996 (financial espionage agent Charlie Trie), so under 8 years of Democratic President Bill Clinton, China grew quickly. The world wakes up the threat of China communist, the most malicious thug on the planet./.







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