Vietnamese overseas deal the long way to fight for democracy


Posted on September 4, 2018 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



After South Vietnam lost on April 30, 1975, the Vietnamese people fled the country for freedom and democracy.  Nowadays, the numerous offshore Vietnamese estimates more than 4 million people live in the Western countries as the US, Canada, Australia, Europe, Japa an and somewhere else. Almost, the Vietnamese lost the country, they always fight against the inhumane Vietcong regime in Vietnam.


There are many organizations plus the scam governments as Self-proclaimed Prime Minister Nguyễn Hữu Chánh, Đào Minh Quân, Hồ Văn Sinh, Lê Trọng Quát and more” the hoax leaders” as Tạ Phong Tần, Cù Huy Hà Vũ, Nguyễn Quang Duy …call for uniting to fight for the country. Mostly, the anti-communists organizations call the US help, but they do nothing.


In the reality, Vietnam’s freedom is the Vietnamese people’s responsibility and the Vietnamese decide. There is no one or the foreign nation, including the United Nations, they could not help its people and force the Vietcong regime returns the democracy. Instead, the Vietnamese people must stand up and remove the ruthless regime. So, since 1975, Vietnamese overseas have not succeeded the purpose. It is so sad for Vietnamese people and the democratic activists for Vietnam’s freedom. Some prominent persons as Doctor Nguyễn Đ́nh Thắng who succeeded to get funding from the US’s government with SOS Boat People. It founded from 1980, actually, after the refugee camps closed from March 14, 1989, no more boat people, therefore, Dr. Nguyễn Đ́nh Thắng still gets the funding from the US’s taxpayers. The essential function of SOS Boat People is petition and activating Hanoi regime releases the prisoners; mostly, the hoax political prisoners as Vietcong Cù Huy Hà Vũ, Điếu Cày (Nguyễn Văn Hải), Vietcong police captain Tạ Phong Tần came to the US, but captain Nguyễn Hữu Cầu (South Vietnam army) who was imprisoned 37 years still lives in Vietnam. It is a farce of hoax for political prisoners, the US needs to overhaul the false prisoners and help South Vietnam’s political prisoner Nguyễn Hữu Cầu.


Vietnamese overseas appeal to fight for democracy, freedom and human rights for Vietnam and call the US helps. Therefore, annually, there are more than 800,000 Vietnamese refugees returned safely to where they escaped for freedom, even many people succeeded in the business. The returned Vietnamese refugees and the other offshore sourced brought more than $USD 20 billion a year to help Vietcong regime remains and Hanoi regime continues to violate the human rights.


The circumstance is like President Barrack Obama, he called fighting against the terror, but he paid the ransom for terrorist through Iran and Obama flagged Hezbollah running the Cocain syndicate, laundering money in South America.


It is the real problem has occurred in the Vietnamese overseas since 1975 while Myanmar improved the democracy. The negative fighting for the freedom in Vietnam is the farce, so Vietcong regime still governs the country and Vietnam communist party is going to hand over the nation to China, the historic lesson repeats. It is the shame when Vietnamese overseas call to fight against Vietcong’s regime, but 800,000 offshore Vietnamese contributed the money to feed the inhumane regime./.







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