The woman shield of Democrats has applied in the US


Posted on October 8, 2018 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



Commonly the left parties in the democratic country are such as Australia Labor Party, Labor Party in the United Kingdom, Democrats in the US and Greens are keen to promote the hoax climate change, the same-sex-marriage legislation, the asylum seeker covers under the label of Human Rights that turn Human Wrong…instead, mostly, the left parties have not the good policy on the economy, border protection, actually, the national interest has been driven into the rival or individual interest. Nevertheless, the left parties have applied the CHILDREN and WOMAN SHIELD to yield the political purpose.


In the Vietnam War, at South Vietnam, Vietcong and undercover activists applied the terror’s tactic as Al Qaeda, Islamic State, and the other terrorist organizations. Nevertheless, children and woman’s shield to be exploited for the political purpose. The communist as Vietcong and left parties have developed the psychological warfare, because, mostly, the society, democratic government, the human rights organization always respect children and woman. Moreover, children and woman could prevent any hit back of the army, security force when they have been attacked while the terrorist hides behind the children and woman. In South Vietnam before 1975, there was the well-known organization called “ the Movement of woman rights for living”. Two Vietcong’s undercover activists were Buddhist Nun Huỳnh Liên and lawyer Phạm Thị Thanh Vân or Mrs. Ngô Bá Thành. Both often gathered the innocent women to protest against the South Vietnam government. After Aprile 30, 1975, Vietcong claimed the unpredictable victory, lawyer Ngô Bá Thành and Buddhist Nun Huỳnh Liên appeared the faces of Vietcong.


Nowadays, in the democratic countries and the US, the left parties and the organization support asylum seeker often apply the children and woman into the rallies. Even the election campaign, the left parties are keen to use the children and woman to demonstrate against the opponent party. After President Donald Trump released the travel ban’s order, Democrats plus the left media’s terrorist used the children and woman to oppose the Presidential order then the Democratic judges made the court order to prevent. The border crisis, Democrats, domestic thugs, and the left media applied the children and woman shield, they propagated the children separated from parents. Pornstar Stormy Daniels carries out the woman shield with the false accusation aiming to President Donald Trump and now the dead card Stormy Daniels ruined.


In Australia, Australia Labor Party has the boxing Kangaroo opposition leader Bill Shorten who often used the woman shield,  he claimed about the numerous politician of Liberals doesn’t equal the male despite, the gender doesn’t matter, the nation needs the potential politicians. Moreover, Mr. Bill Shorten often uses the children shield’s tactic for the next election, recently, he has promised to finance $AUD 1.7 billion for three-year-old.


In the US, the Supreme Court’s nomination has turned nasty since President Donald Trump nominates Judge Brett Kavanaugh. In the general campaign, Democrats have exploited the woman’s shield to smear Mr. Brett Kavanaugh and trying to disqualify the nomination. The sharp arrow of woman shield’s tactic is Doctor (or Dogtor) Christine Blasey Ford who accuses the sexual assault without evidence, actually, why didn’t she report the police after the incident, but she has to wait until Mr. Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination then accusing after 36 years?. Nevertheless, Democrats could hire any woman accuses the opponents as President Donald Trump or Brett Kavanaugh. The woman shield applies with the false accusation would face the defamation and criminal charge.


Dogtor Christine Blasey Ford makes the noise and Democrats in Senate with Congress support plus the minor numerous women protest outside the parliament and later they gathered at Supreme Court after the outcome. Therefore, the Senate testimony did nothing to change when the accuser has no evidence and didn’t remember the incident. Nevertheless, FBI rejected the turncoat Republican Senator Jeff Flake who proposed FBI investigates. On September 17, 2018, Frontpage Mag is a website operated by David Horowitz Freedom Center reported the lawyer of Dogtor Christine Blasey Ford is Debra Katz holds the Vice Chair of Soros Fund Organization.


The people knew the leftist billionaire George Soros backed Hillary Clinton in the presidential campaign. The lawyer of Dogtor Christine Blasey Ford links with George Soros that creates more suspicion about the accuser. Nevertheless, after the Senate voted with score 50-48, Mr. Brett Kavanaugh to be confirmed the member of Supreme Court, the women shield applied at the Supreme Court and police arrested someone raised the violence then the left media propagates. Actually, when the crazy women arrested, Democrats could turn the face away. Once again, the woman shield’s tactic of Democrats failed, the situation has not changed. The impact of the Supreme Court’s nomination unmasked the cunning conspiracy of Democrats, it counteracts the effort of the anti-Trump campaign, nevertheless, the US people, the undecided voters and the waken Democratic supporters will vote for Republic in the mid-term Congressional election will be held on November 6, 2018./.







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